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White Dwarf 97: Inside the Covers

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Dec 6 2015



Don’t miss this awesome guide to the Horus Heresy, and the new rules for Archaon’s Knights in White Dwarf #97!

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The Knights of Ruin cometh! White Dwarf 97 arrives like a herald of Archaon, the clatter of black hooves around it the sound of his Varanguard and their terrible charge. Who are these dread Knights of Ruin? We have answers, plus a complete painting guide in Paint Splatter and the full warscroll for Archaon’s most faithful. We’ve also got a look at the Scions of House Thiel (this month’s Army of the Month from Warhammer Visions) and the first part of an extra-special feature on the Black Library’s Horus Heresy series. Yes, that’s right, we bring you the first part of a complete, comprehensive over of the series and how the books all fit into it.

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