Birds Eye Battle Report: Chaos Vs. Eldar – Series Finale

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Checkout how Chaos does against Eldar again! Our newest “Madden Style” battle report that takes you inside the mind of a 40k tournament player is here!

The latest Long War battle report is here, and we’re changing things up a bit with a new THREE part series called Inside the mind of a Tournament Player.

Now you can see in nearly real time the decisions that go into a real 40k tournament game, and how sportsmanship and pre-gaming your army goes miles to making every game fun for both sides. Every game features Madden style commentary and our new eye in the sky view helps bring home all the action of each game!


New Birds Eye View

Game 3 War For Tots – Inside the Mind of a Tournament Player: Eldar Vs Chaos


Bad Assault Moves Leave the Eldar Flatfooted


Chaos presses the advantage and comes up aces


Eldar rallies, but is it too little too late?

If you loved those in game shots, checkout all the exciting action in our newest battle report below!

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  • Spacefrisian

    Already seen it but just wondering…who was it that said Chaos Spacemarines couldnt work? Must be the same person who keeps insisting that Dark eldar cant work… those vids tell a different story.