Space Wolves: The 13th Company Returns!?


Next week’s White Dwarf has been spotted and you Space Wolves Wulfen fans better GET IN HERE NOW!

OK, now sit down and get ready Grimdark Fans!’s Dark Warrior reports:

From White Dwarf 105

In the Original German:

“Hab den White Dwarf vom 30. gesehen. Darin sind neu:

Repack von vielen Chaoskrieger Modellen, Ritter und Barbarenreiter sind jetzt 10er Boxen, Rest gleich, Preise stehen nicht dabei.

Dann erscheint eine Armeebox, Lord Heldrath’s Chaos Deathtide, zwei Streitwagen, 5 Ritter, 10 Barbarenreiter, 16 Krieger, Lord auf Mantikor. 145€.

Das nächste Kampagnen Buch, Balance of Power. 304 Seiten für 60€.

Dann noch Wardens of the Everqueen, eine Novelle, sowie das Space Wolves Audio Parting of the Ways.

Teaser lautet; Nach 10.000 Jahren kehren die verlorenen Brüder zurück. Könnte auf Wulfen bzw. 13. Kompanie zielen?”

Translated into English:

‘Many repacks of old Chaos Warrior models, including knights and barbarian riders, who are now 10 per box, rest remains the same.

A battalion, Lord Heldrath’s Chaos Deathtide, 2 chariots, 5 knights, 10 barbarian riders, 16 warriors, 1 Lord on Manticor, for 145€

Next campaign book, Balance of Power, 304 pages, 60€ (in line with previous AoS campaign books)

Wardens of the Everqueen, a novella, and Space Wolves Audio drama, ‘Parting of the Ways.

Teaser: “After 10,000 years the lost brothers return.”

Wait WHAT!!!

“After 10,000 years the lost brothers return.”

Everything is pointing to the Space Wolves returning in February – and sounds a LOT like we are looking at the return of:

The Space Wolves 13th Company



~On three – HOWL AT THE MOON!

  • nurglespuss

    That’s it… Well they were nice models (the wulfen).

  • Joseph Boyd

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! lost brothers from the warp return.

  • Spiderpope

    I just felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a million recasters on ebay cried out in anguish as one of their cash cows is replaced and were suddenly silenced…

    • There are actually 3-4 recasters from China, and rest of them are just resellers on ebay. And hardly they are sad, because new recasted models will be 3 weeks later. Actually they are starting taking orders even BEFORE gw releases new model, just after prices are anounced, often with 20% GW prices.

      On recasting forums everyone is sh*ting on GW. People just want lower prices and everyone knows that GW is very greedy in it’s pricing model – because there are basically no recasts for iInfinity, Bolt Action, and very few for Warmahordes.

      • Yellow Sigmarine

        Link to recasters

        • Timothy Kennedy

          /r/yoyhammer and work it out

          • Yellow Sigmarine

            My man!

      • Andrew Webb

        Probably a popularity issue with recasting……

      • Badgerboy1977

        They just target the most popular as that’s where the profit is, if GW were to go under or one of the other companies became more popular they’d soon switch.

        They are not doing you some sort of service, they are purely making money from other people’s creativity.
        They can only offer it at such a low price due to not having to pay UK wages and overheads or the designers or distribution or artists or any number of other things that GW have to.

        Not saying that GW can’t be expensive (though if you actually compare properly, many of their kits are more than comparable to other companies in price) but that’s entirely up to them, it’s their product. They created the demand and employ the people who design them, if you think they’re too expensive then just don’t buy them. Simple as that really.

        • Spiderpope

          Well said. Counterfeiters drive legal stores like mine out of business.

          • Davor Mackovic

            I think you are wrong. GW has no worth. So people don’t want to pay that much for something that is not so worth it.

            If GW wants people to buy their products and keep the high prices, GW needs to make their product worth the high prices. GW says they are a “premium” company, but the products they sell are not “premium” quality.

            Also do you have proof? I mean you have 1000 customers in your area who are not buying at your store because they are going to recasters?

          • Spiderpope

            So GW have no worth…so people will buy recasts.

            You realise what you said makes no sense?

          • georgelabour

            So your excuse for resorting to petty theft and purchasing from scum who use child labor, and even more abomindable practises is,

            ….GW is a bad company that doesn’t make the toys you want.

            Why then are you giving asian children lung cancer for 10 cents an hour if the toy isn’t worth it?

            Also why do you feel the people who originally produce an item and have full legal right to how it is sold should have those rights taken away because of your personal whim?

          • Chris. K Cook


        • Luca Battisti

          I agree with your post in general. However this is just wrong:

          “They just target the most popular as that’s where the profit is, if GW
          were to go under or one of the other companies became more popular
          they’d soon switch.”

          The profit is where you can make money. A counterfeiter sells his goods for less than the original company.
          Then he has to choose a product that sells for a price a lot higher than the production costs to make his counterfeited product attractive to clients. Of course he has also to choose a product that sells enough so that he can sell the products he produces, but that’s secondary because normally a counterfeiter will not be a big complany (because that would mean that the original producer has no choice but to shut you down with legal action and other less nice means, like lobbying for additional taxes on importations if the counterfeiter is located in another country).

          If GW would sell at no monetary gain there would be no money to be made counterfeiting its models. If GW would reduce the prices less counterfeiters would choose its models (because they would be able to get less clients and make less profits). There are mathematical rules modelling this type of behaviour and there’s a sweet spot (not necessarily unique) that allows you to make the most gain considering also the losses from counterfeiters. I guess that GW’s marketing department knows about that however and the actual prices are considering this (also the products having more and more detail helps fighting counterfeiters).

          • Badgerboy1977

            Oh I agree that they’ll also choose those with a higher mark up, I’m guessing you don’t see counterfeit tactical squads etc for that reason.
            But those higher mark up models are generally ones that sell far less and there are certainly equivalents in other companies that the re casters would target if the market for them were as big as GW’s.

          • Spiderpope

            Counterfeiters exist no matter the price of the real deal. Because it will always be cheaper to produce a copy than manufacture and distribute the original.
            One need only look at other items that are easily copied. An mp3 of a bands track can cost less than 50 pence, but there will always be those who torrent it instead.

          • Davor Mackovic

            People who buy counterfeit products are like people who download torrents. In most cases they would have never bought the product in the first place are would have never been a sale in the first place.

            Want people to buy your product, make a reason for people to buy it. Lately GW has done everything for people to stop buying their product.

            Looks like end of January 2016 GW might be changing. Time will tell if GW has changed their practices.

          • Spiderpope

            And shoplifters would never have bought the goods they steal, so I guess I can switch off my CCTV.

          • Luca Battisti

            No. If you sell a copy of bread it’s still bread. If you sell a copy of an iron bar (of comparable quality) it’s still an iron bar.

            There are products that are not connected to a development cost because they’re so basic that they’re considered primary goods. Okay, let’s say they’re mildly related because there are still patented production processes to consider, but still they are completely different than a game model.
            Wargame models are not such a product. They’re a luxury product and in this case they’re also strongly related to a proprietary IP and counterfeiters gain money on the fact that they don’t have to sustain the development cost of the product (and its associated rules, backstory, etc.).
            But there’s a massive difference between selling a physical product and an mp3.
            An mp3 can be copied and distributed at virtually no cost, while a physical product still costs something. So it’s likely that a share of people buying from counterfeiters would’ve bought from GW if not cheap option was available (not as many models of course, because they cost more). So couterfeiters ARE causing a damage to GW. Not a massive one probably, but still it has to be accounted for.

          • Luca Battisti

            Manufacture is a deceiving term because its etimological meaning is “producing something by hand” and is used to describe the general process of creating a product (including all production costs, like the development of the product). However it does not involve deployment costs (like distribution and marketing costs, the latter includes writing the background and the rules in GW’s case). The difference between a copy and the original is that the copy has a lower production cost by having the same reproduction cost and a lower development cost.

            If we take for example common bread or an iron bar it makes little sense to counterfeit it. Because there’s nothing “special” to counterfeit. Almost all the production costs are reproduction costs.

            GW on the other hand is very attractive to counterfeiters because their price estimates an high added value in their development and marketing costs (which the conterfeiters don’t really have because it’s a double edged sword for a counterfeiter to advertise and he can simply present the product in the same way as the original to the same audience).
            So counterfeiting products for less money due to the development phase could prove less attractive and would attract less counterfeiters. In the limit case a product that has no additional costs for development and marketing (raw materials come to mind) cannot be offered by counterfeiters at a lower price for the same monetary gain. Essentially the bigger the development and marketing costs the more you have to worry about counterfeiters. If you have none then counterfeiters have no advantage over you. Of course it doesn’t make sense for most businesses, but that’s what copyright and patents are for. Registering them and enforcing them of course costs money, so you need to evaluate when it’s worth it.

        • Konrax

          Shipping a box of plastic around the world is quite expensive, everytime they do a repack it goes back to the UK, gets repacked, then shipped back around the world. Along with many other really bad business decisions they’ve made, which I won’t go into detail about, means I will be buying as much used stuff as I can.

          • Badgerboy1977

            No problem with used models, they’ve already been bought and paid for once.
            Counterfeiters on the other hand are just making money from others hard work and creativity without any of it going to the originators and that’s just plain wrong.

          • Davor Mackovic

            Hard work? Really? Who’s hard work? The people who make the sculpts from what I know, don’t get a dime (or what ever the UK equivalent is) for each mini sold.

            GW from what I see doesn’t treat their workers well.

            Also the hard work you mean from GW making rules? You telling me Cruddace who has a PHD is working hard making codices? 😛

          • Badgerboy1977

            The people who design the models get paid a good salary for doing so, also care to show your actual evidence for people working at GW not being treated well?

            I’ve personally chatted to quite a few employees (designer’s, painters etc) face to face and they all seemed pretty happy with their jobs. If they weren’t they’re more than talented enough to find work elsewhere, yet they continue to work for GW.

          • Davor Mackovic

            Proof? Simple quite actually. One man stores. What company who had multiple people to work in their stores bring it down to one man only stores and then get rid of them if their sales are not high enough?

            First you FIRED all those people who worked for you. Then you close the stores, and put that store out of middle of no where and then expect people to walk into those stores and have high sales?

            That doesn’t speak of a company treating it’s employees very well. You are sick you either have to work, or close the store. You need to eat or go to the bathroom you need to close the store. So if you don’t sell enough because the store is closed you get fired?

            Yeah that speaks of Treating your workers fair.

          • Hedwerx

            No figure sculptor that I know works on a royalty scheme. It’s all working for commission, or in-house on a salary.

            I guess Chinese recasters treat their people like royalty. All the latest and very best in health an safety. Models cast in the highest quality resin. Everyone on good wages with a pension plan.

            Or maybe it’s cheap resin, no safety, and low wages that help create a lower prices for recast items.

            So while you throw out excuses as to why you buy knockoff products. I’ll sleep sound knowing my figures didn’t give some guy a lung condition. From pouring cheap petroleum products in some dingy warehouse in China.

          • Davor Mackovic

            I buy knock off products? Prove it. Maybe the only 40K Non Citadel mini I bought is Forge World. So where do you get off telling me I buy knockoffs. I get my minis except for the FW one from GW stores or FLGS so where am I buying knock offs?

            Also I am not promoting knockoffs so not sure why you are attacking me. Again, nerds and geeks who have to attack a fellow nerd and geek.

            I made a comment about hard work. The person said hard work and the money going to them. The sculptors are NOT GETTING the money from their hard work, that is GW getting the money and GW didn’t do any hard work.

          • Hedwerx

            Well you post seemed to be putting out an excuse as to why recasting was ok. But fair enough.

            As for the Hard work bit. The sculptors get paid by GW. That’s how they get the money for their work. By being salaried, because they are part of GW. Then GW puts up the money for the tooling. Pays the wages of the casting staff, Pays for the buildings to house the tooling and injection machines, pays for the Fuel (Gas electric etc) to run those buildings. Then you’ve got the shops to pay for too.

            So as for GW not doing any of the hard work. you talk like the management and staff of GW are seperate entities. They’re not. They’re all GW…

          • Davor Mackovic

            I am not saying the sculptors are not getting paid. They might be getting paid very well, I don’t know and that is not my point. The thing is, they are paid and done for. It doesn’t matter if the mini sells 10 million units or 10 units. They get paid the same, so “their hard work” doesn’t matter since the money is going to GW not them. That is the point I was trying to say. 🙂 Sculptors did the hard work, GW is just reaping in the money.
            Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought when “hard work” was mentioned it was going to the sculptors.

          • Luca Battisti

            “The sculptors are NOT GETTING the money from their hard work, that is GW getting the money and GW didn’t do any hard work.”

            Well, then I guess they like to work for free. After all they DID concede the copyright to GW. I would take a risk here and say that they got paid for it. I doubt they get a percentage of the sale price and I’m sure that they don’t get royalties because they sold the intellectual rights to GW and by doing that you renounce to royalties.

            I don’t know how much they did get or if they get payments based on the success of the resulting miniatures etc. so I can’t decide if the pay is good or not. But most of them continue to work for them and some do not even work on commission, so I guess they DO think so or they would do something else with their lives (at least I like to think so).

          • Davor Mackovic

            Of course they don’t work for free my friend. I guess I can’t explain myself properly, and yes that is a shame, but I didn’t say that did I? All I said was sculptors don’t get any minis being sold . Someone said “hard work” and yes Sculptors did the hard work, but it’s GW who is getting the money and they did not do any hard work.
            I guess when I say GW I am saying Kirby didn’t do any hard work and he is getting the money thrice. One for working for GW, two for getting shares, and three for his wife getting 4 million pounds for her wife’s internet company who made the web site. 🙂

          • georgelabour

            So this excuse boils down to ‘I buy from people who engage in child labor and unhealthy business practices because…corporations make money thanks to the people they employ and that is wrong…’

            Tell me again how much your child slave labor is getting paid to make your counterfeit toy soldiers?

            Oh and how much did these counterfeiters pay the original artist for his work? You know, before they stole it and called it their own…

          • Spiderpope

            Which absolutely no one has any issue at all with.

          • Luca Battisti

            Actually I wouldn’t be so sure that they produce the packages in the UK.

      • Spiderpope

        You’ll forgive me if I place no value in the opinions of thieves.

        • Konrax

          I choose not to reward games workshop for what I consider one of the most poorly run businesses in the world. What do you think buying used models is also theft from GW?

          Maybe if they didn’t have to ship every item from the UK and actually had some small workshops throughout the world it would dramatically reduce their shipping cost?

          There is no reason a plastic kit which costs $0.75 should be sold for $170, that right there is theft.

          • Badgerboy1977

            I’d say you don’t actually understand how business works if that’s your genuine take on it….

          • Davor Mackovic

            We don’t need to understand how business works do we. We are not giving our money to GW, simple as that. 😛

            Sadly I just gave GW some money, buying 2 new starter sets. So who knows, GW maybe changing or just gave me cheap crack again. 😛

          • Spiderpope

            Used models have been paid for. The manufacturer has been recompensed for their work.

            Counterfeiters on the other use the work of others and pay nothing to said workers. That is theft.

            If you disagree with the price of an item, the answer is dont buy it. Not steal it.

          • georgelabour

            Have you reported GW to the police then? Certainly if your legal system considers that as theft they’d be rounded up and tried right?

          • Badgerboy1977

            The amount of plastic used may cost that little but the moulds didn’t, neither did the designers wages or the wages of the people that produce the kits or the business overheads all of which and more are all based in the UK which has much higher wages and standards than the countries the counterfeits are produced in, then there’s distribution costs, store and website costs, packaging etc the list goes on and yes I’m afraid a company does need to make a profit on their goods otherwise what would be the point in them making them and there’d also be no money for expansion or creating new products.
            Being a luxury product, as in not necessary for life, they can set the level of profit to what they think the public will pay. If you feel it’s too much then don’t buy it, but don’t be naive enough to think that the only cost to GW of producing a model is its material costs as that is just idiotic nonsense quite frankly.

    • Badgerboy1977

      I’d be happy if they all disappeared as they only harm the industry but unfortunately that’ll only happen if people stop buying from them and there’s too many blinkered folks who do so it probably won’t happen any time soon.

      • Spiderpope

        The metal wulfen are one of the most counterfeited miniatures on ebay, far beyond the supposed “3-4” mentioned below. Plastic wulfen will hopefully put a dent in that. Especially since said recasters are selling fakes for £50 plus.

  • latro990

    i wonder if they get to ride thunder wolves? maybe they just give each other a piggy back?

    • That would be really cool. Maybe a named 13co Captain?

  • Matthew Rahme

    I honestly think its talking about the novel coming out, the Parting Ways one

  • benn grimm

    Plastic Wulfen would be pretty cool. Pretty expensive, but still pretty cool.

    • frank

      ever try buying the old ones on ebay? pretty spendy as well.

      • benn grimm

        Well they’ve always been expensive, the limited availability certainly didn’t help. I bought 5 a few years ago, already dreadfully painted and they weren’t too bad (comparitively) tbh, though I don’t doubt i got a bit lucky at a time when the wolves were in a, lets say slightly less popular position as an army.

        • Spiderpope

          I sold a full set not long ago for £75, and that’s not the highest I’ve seen people pay. The plastic wulfen are one of the few instances where ita cheaper to buy from GW.

  • BrotherCaptain

    Am I the only one kinda frustrated that Chaos are being bypassed yet again in favour of yet another power armoured loyalist faction whose codex really doesn’t need an update?

    • Spiderpope

      I’m pretty sure GW just dont know what to do with Chaos. Daemons didn’t sell, powered armoured chaos isn’t doing much better. They need a lot of work, churning out another mediocre codex would only harm them further.

      • BrotherCaptain

        I wonder how possible it would be to merge the marines and daemons into one book? Implement summoning like in the Khorne Daemonkin book, psychic summoning for Tzeentch daemons and something similar for Nurgle and Slaanesh. If they did that, and fixed some of the broken units, that would be one awesome codex imo.

        • Luca Battisti

          Oh, I wouldn’t like that. Seriously, there’s codex CSM for that, I expect a loyalist chapter (even a deranged part like the wulfen) to be at odds with the chaos powers, not to summon and worship them.

          • BrotherCaptain

            Perhaps I worded that badly… When I said marines I meant Chaos Marines, not the Space Wolves 😛

          • Luca Battisti

            Then I would like that. Especially if they tie it in with Tzeentch (because I like Tzeentch most and historically Space wolves are at odds with Tzeentch servants).

    • Warrior_of_Sound

      well hopefully other parts fo this rumor are true and the 13th are returning in a campaign not a codex… their natural nemesis being all that they fought in the warp

  • This would have been really cool if the Space Wolves Chapter had gone missing. I mean the whole Legion/chapter. An EPIC return.
    Wolfen Metal models are about 3 times more now than they cost when they came were released. New Plastics would almost be affordable.

  • Necro Alienerd

    Come on BoLS the new pictures of the wulfen are up! Get with it boys, wargaming journalism doesn’t sleep!!

  • Davor Mackovic

    I don’t know nothing about Space Wolves. Why would this be the 13th Company? Couldn’t that be any Space Marines since they are all brothers?

  • Alhazred TheMad

    At the risk of sounding pissy did we really need these guys right now? I mean before Chaos?

  • nurglespuss

    Uh oh.

    • BrotherCaptain

      Aw jeez…

    • Hedwerx

      God I’m so glad I dropped SW before the yiffing started.

      • nurglespuss

        I’m with you. No like.

    • Badgerboy1977

      Awful image but they look like they could be good, reserving judgement for now.

    • Captain Raptor

      Oh no, something has gone horribly wrong, the ugly is strong with these. Are we sure these aren’t new Dark Eldar Grotesques?

  • Spacefrisian

    Hmmm…GW wouldnt throw us a half codex in form of Wulfen like Halrequins to us would they?….

    • am1t

      I hope it comes in a ‘limited edition’ version as well …