40k Showcase – Space Marine Dusk Raiders


A blast from the past – Space Marine Dusk Raiders!


Hello BoLS readers!

First off – Discover Exactly Who the Dusk Raiders Are

A little blast from the past while I finish another massive project – some Dusk Raiders from exactly this time last year.  This is on the smaller end of the projects I do, but still enjoy the tournament sized armies for variety in my painting schedule. These were painted to match an existing army I had done about a year before that, these models being important new additions to the army list.  I love hand painting red like this on vehicles and infantry alike, so this project is remembered fondly.

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~When even the Heresy-era Death Guard are too boring – you can always go Dusk Raiders!

  • Zingbaby

    These guys do such nice work… I might have to price them out!

  • Severius_Tolluck

    They look very good. nice scheme! I also love your display board that I have seen in a couple of your presentations!

  • Loggbert

    Great painting!

  • Don Lindsey

    Very impressive.

  • PinkTerror

    Kudos for not copping out and painting over the canopies. The models look so much better when you can see the pilots.