BoLS Overview: Kings of War – Uncharted Empires

KoW Uncharted Empires

It’s the book Mass Fantasy Combat fans everywhere have been waiting for – It’s Uncharted Empires for Kings of War!

Hey BoLS Readers! Yes – the book is out and we got our hands on it for a really fast rundown! Let’s take a look at the book for all those “Missing In Action” armies that may be refugees from past systems:

Let’s be honest – this book is exactly what you want it to be: A replacement for your stack of Warhammer Fantasy Army books in one easy to carry softcover. If you have any of the armies that went “missing” in the great cataclysm and were looking for a new home this is the book you NEED. It’s 70 pages of army lists, rules and the  “stuff” you need to dust off your old Warhammer Armies. So go pick-it up:

Kings of War: Uncharted Empires £ 12.49

KoW Uncharted Empires

The heat shimmer that ripples above the parched earth does little to mask the horrors that lie assembled before you. You must focus on the task ahead. No plan survives contact with the enemy and the army you face is a howling, ravening horde of death that will test you to the limit. Today will be recorded in history but only one side will write it. Do you have the skill and courage to ensure it is you? Go. The time for war is now!

Welcome to Uncharted Empires, an Army Supplement book for Kings of War, the massed combat tabletop fantasy game set in the magical realm of Mantica. In this book, you are going to find:

  • Nine brand new Kings of War armies giving budding generals a whole host of new options and dastardly tricks to outfox and out-fight their opponents, including The Brotherhood, Salamander Armies, The Herd, The League of Rhordia, The Trident Realms of Neritica, The Empire of Dust, Night-Stalker Armies, Ratkin Armies and the Varangur

  • New special rules to further enrich your playing experience.

  • Lots of new background information on all the armies and the units within them.



  • Drpx

    Is there a Terracotta Army? I was bummed that WFB ended without a Cathay book.

    • Béla

      I’d say you could use them as a Kingdoms of Men army, maybe allied with undeads.

    • eldarconvert .

      9th Age has the Terracotta army!!!

      • euansmith

        Does it include the Vimto Monks?

    • Tyr

      Not really, its a pretty specific thing to want… Though you could try the Empire of Dust list, which has something similar: enslaved guardians, enslaved guardian archers and mummies – Enslaved Guardians are basically spirits bound to armour, large infantry, pretty tough and pretty strong. Bit closer to Ushabti than terracotta warriors though.

      Alternatively, th KoM list in the main rulebook can be used to represent quite a lot of stuff.

  • Heinz Fiction

    I have the book and I like it. However: KoW is not Warhammer and while the lists are intend to be used with your existing Lizardmen or Beastmen or whatever model pool they don’t always play or feel like the army you are used to.

    • Erik Setzer

      Kind of impossible to do that without having WFB rules. It’s a nice move for people who have their armies and want to play a continually updated rank-and-file fantasy game, but I don’t think we’ll ever have the feel of WFB again without WFB coming back. Even if someone produces another detailed game, it still won’t be WFB. Still hurts that it’s gone. 🙁

    • taithays

      Let me guess… Maybe it is because it is not Warhammer !

      • Heinz Fiction

        True. But not everyone might realise it and then be disappointed if their chaos worshipping beastmen are portrayed as a neutral force of nature in KoW.