The emperor’s beard #84: He googles a lot

84 he googles a lot


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  • Yaoi Marines.. did someone say Emperor’s Children?

    • MikeHollstrom

      So f-ing kawaii

      • Hedwerx

    • nurglitch

      I would have thought that would be the Blood Angels.

      • Vicente Sampedro Burgos

        They are not the Dark Angels?

        • nurglitch

          Only the Blood Angels have a reputation for being beautiful.

          • euansmith

            Captain Bishonen of the Blood Angles swept his lustrous fringe from his deep, sensitive, haunted eyes and sighed a heart-felt, lovelorn… um… sigh… and with, perfectly modulated tones, he said, “No matter how much I brood, I will never be able to brood like a Broodlord broods.”

          • Hedwerx

            I thought that was the Pretty Marines.

          • Jay Mort

            Perhaps, but when they get angty, they don’t mope and whine…

            They rip your arms off, tear out your heart, pop out your eyeballs, and use your braincase to drink whats left of your blood…

            Not exactly teeny-queer emo material.

          • nurglitch

            You’ve clearly been watching the wrong anime.