KoW: Forces of the Abyss – Elite Troops Preview


Mantic Games shows off more Forces of the Abyss with a look at the Cream of the Crop. Come see the new Succubi and Molochs!

You don’t get to rule in the Abyss by being a mere foot solider. You’ve got to go deeper and sometimes that means getting your hands dirty. These next fiends aren’t afraid to do just that…

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Impossibly vast, the circles of the Abyss are home to many worse creatures than the foot soldiers they employ. Within the Third circle dwell the beguiling Succubi. These demonic temptresses are the embodiment of mortals’ basest desires, both beautiful and terrible. They like to lure and play with their victims, treasuring lust and torment in equal measure. The powerful Chroneas who share their realm manipulate time itself to prolong their captive’s suffering for all eternity.


The Succubi are new multi-part plastic models. The sprue contains a huge variety of vicious weapons. Each comes in a pair, although you can mix and match between these as much as you like, as all arms can be used with all bodies. There’s even a set of ships and an which is beckoning new victims – a nice touch! As with the Lower Abyssals, there are components to build a standard bearer and musician and a pair of imps which you can add to swarms.


On the tabletop, Succubi are fast and deadly. They have a high speed stat and a lot of attacks, as well as really good skill in melee. Their drawback is having low defence – those skimpy clothes don’t protect much! To make up for this, their beguiling nature is represented by the Ensnare and Stealthy rules – these make it hard for the foe to land blows. With all of these benefits, they are costly, but you won’t regret fielding a unit of them!

TheAbyss KoW


The sixth circle is the second deepest realm of the Abyss and has never been seen by mortal eyes. This is the realm of the brutal Molochs and the dread Archfiends. Second only to the wicked ones themselves, these being act as enforcers for the infernal hordes, while the Fiends lead them into battle.

Forces of the Abyss Molochs

The Molochs are a multi-part metal kit. Each set contains three ogre-sized models, with a selection of weapons and heads to arm them with. These are all equally huge in scale, some of them measuring twice the height of a Lower Abyssal. The models are covered in detail from tortured flesh, to spiked armour and skulls. The Abyssal Mega Army contains six of these brutes with component to add a standard bearer and musician, too.


There’s no question about it, the Molochs are the hard hitters of the Forces of the Abyss. A single regiment has 12 attacks with Crushing Strength (2) – that’ll unhorse most heavy cavalry and take care of heavily armoured troops. They have slightly higher nerve than normal, they will be tough to get rid of. Add to that the Brutal and Fury rules and you have a lot of punch in one package!

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at the leaders of the Forces of the Abyss; the dread Champions, magical Efreet and monstrous Archfiends!

The Molochs and Succubi are available for Pre-order now and will be shipping at the end of February! Both of these units are found in the Forces of the Abyss Starter Force and Mega Force.

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There you have it! The vile temptress Succubi and the brutally harsh Molochs. The Forces of the Abyss are shaping up to be a real threat to Mantica…which side are you on?


If you stare long enough at the Abyss – The Abyss starts feeling self-conscious about itself…

  • Zingbaby

    Their miniatures are just terrible… with so many good sculptors around I’m surprised by this frankly.

    • Purple-Stater

      Fortunately, for people more interested in display models than how they look 3-4 feet away on the table top during actualy play, there are other manufacturers around to meet those needs.

      The sculpts and kits are done well, though some might not like the aesthetic. Just as with other manufacturers products.

    • Chris. K Cook

      These are actually good for Mantic…

      • gibdef

        Not the Molochs. Those are, IMO, the worst models they have made to date(other bad examples are the trolls.)

  • DeadlyYellow

    Always love to see chubby units.

  • Heinz Fiction

    I like the Succubi a lot. Not sure about the Molochs though…

  • ChubToad

    Not even the artowork is appealing to me. I think I’ll pass.

  • Ben_S

    I’m liking these more than I like most Mantic miniatures. Not looking to start KoW but, if they sell loose sprues, I might be tempted by a couple of demons and imps for Frostgrave.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Again they remind me of infernals from Heroes of Might and Magic! They are not the greatest or too original but they are cheap which is I suppose a plus if you wish to merely have tokens for a game! I’ll stick to what I have from other Vendors for models for now.

  • John Traupman

    Where can I get that 3 headed dog from the first picture? I want to use them as flesh hounds maybe

  • Richard Mitchell

    They are not ugly, they just need to drop a couple of pounds, and they are loyal. We all heard the song “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never let a pretty women be your wife, take it from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you”. Beetlejuice man, I love it. I am going away to repeat it three times in the mirror.

  • surfpenguin

    For years KoW has essential been ‘Like warhammer, but not.’ I’m glad to see that the game is starting to develop its’ own personality…

  • Agent OfBolas

    They looks like from Heroes of Might & Magic… I love them!