Outside the Box 02-21-16

tabletop-fix-wideHere we go again, with news from Infinity, Guild Ball, Malifaux. Bolt ACtion and much more – Enjoy!

Corvus Belli published a preview of the ITS 2016 exclusive miniature:
wYwMt6P–> More Infinity News

Wyrd Miniatures
Thsi week’s preview is the Hodgepodge Emissary:
static1.squarespace.com–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Warlord Games
The Free French get their own army list in Bolt Action:
French-0-600x485 And rather surprisingly, new releases for Terminator Genisys:

Spider-Tank-1-600x508RH-TG-120-Resistance-Command-and-Support-Squad-1-600x395–> More Warlord Games News

North Star Military Figures
North Star Military Figures published a first picture of the plastic Gnolls for Frostgrave:
12742738_1202864009742499_368517450622092687_n–> More North Star Military Figures News

Reaper Miniatures
Finally new Mouslings!
03740_p_1_ab_rb03744_p_1_ab_rb–> More Reaper Miniatures News

Hungry Troll
Fantasy Football is better with Hotdogs:
GHotd–> More Hungry Troll News

Perry Miniatures
Perry Miniatures offers a new range of Napoleonic Danish-Norwegians:
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And British Infantry 1877-85 is coming:
–> More Perry Miniatures News

Puppetswar added the Crusade Bikers to their range:
574-2060-thickbox–> More Puppetswar News

Hasslefree Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures presents new previews:
12705479_1734355723450872_5111473911279642901_n12717819_1734355986784179_3957208237546168755_n–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

LaserCutCard presents a concept artwork for a SciFi bus / truck:
–> More LaserCutCard News

MOM Miniatures
A new range of human soldiers is in the making:
12744003_1655518768002066_7993499539749825372_n–> More MOM Miniatures News

Guild Ball
Two new Guild Ball Players caan be pre-ordered:
12742786_1111891322195657_4991324520799250058_n 12742537_1111891482195641_2206654922884261695_n–> More Guild Ball News

Westfalia Fantasy Battles
Westfalia Fantasy Battles present a new Halfling Thief:
12705465_488418994677553_7326600674058074764_n–> More Westfalia Fantasy Battles News

Soad Pop Miniatures
The Shattered Swords Castellan Mecha will be released on February 24th:
shattered-sword-group-crop1-900x676–> More Soda Pop Miniatures News

Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models published new pictures of their Soviet SPGs:
12744750_1678667655719929_2698944676111896760_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And Flytrap Factory announced more details about their Sand Tomb range:
12741915_989490907806311_1638735574481916144_n–> More Flytraap Factory News

It seems like its crowdfunding season:
Vesper-On Games – Fanhunter: Urban Warfare
Acheson Creations – Dungeon Worlds Part 2
Modiphius Entertainment – Robert E. Howards Conan Roleplaying Game
DGS Games – Traazoriet Crusaders
Fur vs Scale – A Fantasy Card Game with Arcade Fighter Themes
Pinnacle Entertainment Group – Weird War I: Savage Worlds
Menhir Games – Fantasy Champions Set Three
Feldmaster – Miniature Carrying Case on Indiegogo
Shieldwolf Miniatures – War is Coming: Shieldmaidens Re-Boot
Privateer Press – Widower’s Wood Boardgame

Demented Games – Twisted Steampunk Miniatures Game

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Those plastic Gnolls are coming along very nicely…
  • dinodoc

    I love that Spider Tank.

  • euansmith

    That new mini from Wyrd is astonishing.

    It looks like Frostgrave’s Gnolls might be worth picking up. Gnolls are a personal favourite of mine anyway (less over used than Orcs) and that mini looks pretty neat and tidy.

    Laser Cut Card continue to do cool things with paper and light.

    • Dave

      yeah, that will be a hard one to resist.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Halfling thief 🙂

  • BloodAngel

    The mouseling with the hood looks like an ewok.

  • BloodAngel

    The Hasslefree miniatures woman with a gun looks like Rosita from The Walking Dead. looks more like Rosita from the comic rather than the show.

    • Dave

      That was my thought also. The fig is “dead” on. heh

  • BloodAngel

    I know the Warlord Walking Dead game is going to be based on the Comic, so they probably won’t make this, but someone should make Daryl, Just because he is so cool in the show. I would LOVE to see them write him in the comics some how.

    • Dave

      I feel like on the show, Daryl is Abraham from the comics. I can’t see them bringing him in now. They should have in the beginning.

    • euansmith

      “Walking Dead” is from Mantic; Warlord are doing “Project Z” which is a reboxing of Wargames Factory’s zombie line plus a set of rules. Project Z does have a motorbike gang sprue, so you can probably make a Daryl.