40K Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Blood Angels


Will the Sons of the Lion be able to beat back their old foe, or will the Sons of Sanguinius stop the Unforgiven?

The battle for the lost xenos technology on Kaiserslauten IV rages on. Librarian Pertius continues to lead his Dark Angels force in pursuit of the tech and the clues to the location of the Fallen he believes lie within. During their actions they encounter a Blood Angels contingent on the planet. Discovering known associates of the Archtraitor in the vicinity of clues about the Fallen seemed too coincidental to Pertius, so the battle was begun.

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  • Andrew Webb

    Known associates of the arch traitor? WtF are you guys on?

  • Master Avoghai

    Actually, when I see nude tables like that, I’m not surprised reading that shooting army dominate the meta…

    • nurglitch

      Yup. So empty.