Forge World: Win a Titan Contest!

Forge World Titan

Anyone interested in winning a Forge World Titan? Well one is up for grabs – Come see the latest give away from Forge World!

It’s not every day that Forge World gives away a Titan but for the Month of March, you’ve got a chance to actually win ONE of FOUR Titans. Forge World is giving away two Warhound Titans, a Reaver Titan and a WARLORD TITAN! Check out the details* below:

via Forge World

Yes, really. Do you want to win a Titan? How about winning one of FOUR Titans? That’s right, we’ve got four colossal god-machines to give away; two Warhound Titans, a Reaver Titan, and… take a breath… WE’RE GIVING AWAY A WARLORD TITAN!

What do you have to do to win one of these glorious, towering war machines? Place an order of £100 or more and then email us with your order number and answers to the following:

1.    Choose a name for your Titan.
2.    In 400 words or less, tell us how your Titan earned its glorious or infamous name.

Send your answers to and make sure you include your order number as the subject line.

You’ve got until 31st March to place your orders; and every order you make of £100 or more earns you another entry to the competition. Email your entries to us by Sunday 3rd April, and then the Forge World Panel of Judgment* will commence their deliberations. You’ll find all of the details along with terms and conditions at

Each Titan comes with the weapons of your choice; and if you win one of the Warhounds or the Reaver Titan you can even choose to have an Imperial or Chaos Titan.


For a full list of the rule details check out the link below:

Forge World: Win a Titan Contest

Here are couple of key things:

  1. To enter, place an order of £100 or more on between 4th March and 31st March 2016. (between 01:00 4th March 2016 (GMT) and 23:59 31st March 2016 (GMT); )
  2. Email  with:
    1. A name for your Titan.
    2. 400 words or less, tell us how your Titan earned its glorious or infamous name.
  3. Please include your order number as the subject line of your email.
  4. Multiple entries are permitted. One entry may be placed for each qualifying order placed.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, one entrant is eligible to win one prize only.
  6. Worldwide excluding Quebec and the states of Colorado, North Dakota and Arizona.

There is also a full price breakdown if you’re the type that likes to read the fine print. But this is a pretty cool contest with some VERY big prizes up for grabs. If you were holding out for some Forge World now is a great time to make the jump and place an order. Don’t forget to make sure it’s over £100 and get ready to stretch those creative writing skills!

Good luck – may the Forges of Mars be with you all!


Now I just need to find £100 of Forge World to buy. Horus Heresy page, here I come!

  • Beefy

    ahahaha, silly frogs in quebec. No one likes you lol. But wow, If i had the dough to drop on FW.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Actually it’s because of our stupid laws concerning giveaways or else they’re just poutine-haters!

  • generalchaos34

    Soooo, why do Colorado, North Dakota, and Arizona not like Titans?

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      Well, the climate in those states is particularly hard on Resin, and Forge World wants to make sure that if they’re sending out a free kit that kit’ll arrive in good condition. Nothing more embarrassing than having to send out a second free Titan because the first got damaged during Warp translation.

      …not really. Probably a state law governing giveaways/contests/lotteries prevents it, I’d assume.

  • Satu Patel

    In those 3 States any form or giveaway, contest, or free I thought was considered gambling and therefore against the law. Also I though US laws sites that when something is stated as free giveaway or in a contest no purchase is required. Yet they require 100 pounds of purchase from forgeworld.
    Not a layer by any means, but contests are treated quite differently here.

    • arkhanist

      In the UK, there’s a few ways of doing it without it being classified as gambling; the usual is a ‘free draw’ competition where there has to be an option to enter free of charge (bar the cost of a stamp or cheap call) – you’ll usually see details of that entry route in the fine print – as long as free entries have the same chances as paid entries as part of a ‘buy this, get a free entry into a raffle too’ deal.

      In this case, I believe they’re going for a ‘prize competition’, where there has to be a genuine exercise of skill – where a significant number people will be deterred from entering at all, and only a small number might win. (i.e. tacking a ‘what’s 2+3?’ question onto a premium phone line to enter isn’t enough). In those circumstances, you can tack them onto a requirement to purchase whatever without it counting as gambling and needing a licence.

      Presumably having a 400 word essay on your titan’s backstory that will then be published if you win is considered sufficiently hard under UK law, but not Quebec Colorado, North Dakota and Arizona law!