GW: New Releases 3-26-2016 “First Looks”


Looks like Games Workshop is gearing up for Lost Patrol – and Order has a new Grand Alliance Book on the way!

via Games Workshop

Lost Patrol

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Grand Alliance: Order

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Gorechosen Champions

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It’s a good week for Age of Sigmar players – Order has a TON of stuff packed in there including Aelfs, Duardin and Sigmar’s Devoted. And Khorne is getting some great looking new character models as well! And lets not forget about Lost Patrol making a comeback…although you might want to check the actual delivery time on that one (hint: it ships in June).


Have at it folks!

  • zeek203

    Hope there’s some decent fluff in the new book.

    • Erik Setzer

      If you mean the GA book, there’s not going to be much. I’ve got Chaos and Death, so far there’s some relatively small descriptions of some of the factions, and that’s it. The books are mostly collected game references. For that purpose, they work rather well, especially at the price. (And they’re solid quality, too, so you *can* do solid quality and lower price.)

  • Bran D

    Hey BoLS…you guys missed something Friday but I got you covered…”SPOTTED Forgeworld monster Warscrolls are available! Are Skin Wolves OP!”. You’re welcome.

  • Glad that the Grand Alliance book is releasing just in time for a ton of models to go off sale.

    • Rob

      I’m actually surprised and pleased by how many kits will remain in the new setting.

      • There’s no guarantee that they will. The units may potentially remain, but the kits? I doubt it.
        It is simply a collection of previously PDF’d warscrolls with little to no additional effort involved, and not a guarantee of anything remaining available in the long run.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the current dumpings are just the first wave for those factions, those they were lowest on stock on.

  • Mud_Duck

    You know, for Khorne troops, and ones with ‘gore’ in the name: There’s a surprising lack for gore or blood in those paint jobs.

    • kingcobra668

      Then remedy that yourself.

  • zeno666

    Did GW even bother to update the art on the tiles at all in Lost Patrol?
    It feels very 90’s.

    • memitchell

      Did you notice the tiles have different shapes. Making for different maps.

  • Andrew

    That Lost Patrol box is ridiculous value for GW standards. You basically get the whole game for £2!

    • ted1138

      £2 you say? Is that including post and packaging?

      • Andrew

        Well you’ve got the Scouts which cost roughly £15 and the Genestealers for £18. You get all of the game contents like the tiles and book for £2 extra. If you’re looking for scouts and/or Genestealers there is hardly any reason not to buy this. Unless you really don’t care for the game that is.

        • Ben_S

          It’s twelve Genestealers in the box, according to earlier reports, so it’s actually a saving if you happen to want those models.

  • Damistar

    So are the Lost Patrol the Space Marine Scout set and the Genestealers from the 5th ed starter? I ask because the ground pieces (brood nests?) look familiar.

    • Inian

      Looks like it yes.

    • Ben_S

      No. I don’t recall there ever being Scouts in a 40k starter – certainly not 5th edition, though I take it you mean 4th.

      The infestations are on the regular Genestealer sprues.

  • MightyOrang

    Disappointing to see standard scouts and bugs models. Good that they’re trying more — but doesn’t appeal to the collector in me (vice DEATHWATCH, which has me thinking I need a second box).

    • Inian

      I’m a bit surprised by the bugs actually, here they have the standard 25mm base, in Deathwatch they came on 32mm bases and the models looked much better.

      • euansmith

        Roomy bases are cool.

        • Inian

          Indeed, I was sceptical when they were first introduced but once I saw them on a few marines I was hooked. Speaking of hooked, Genestealers have very long grabby arms and the extra base size would make them hook on to each other much less.

      • Ben_S

        To my knowledge, they don’t have 32mm slottabases and the Genestealers need slots.

        • Inian

          Hm, that’s a very astute observation. The old models need slots and the models in Deathwatch don’t. Maybe Lost Patrol is a way to quickly get rid of old Genestealer stock? Then again, optimism doesn’t really suit me, but here’s to hoping!

          • Ben_S

            I doubt it’s old stock, because they’re coloured plastic.

          • Inian

            Are they? Because that would sink my hopes with ironclad logic… which would suck since that’s my one weakness. 😛

            I can’t really tell from the pictures if it is coloured though. It does look darker than sprues usually do but that may just be the lighting. I guess they could be a purple-ish colour?

            The scouts are definitely not old stock since they are obviously red.

          • Ben_S

            The unboxing video from GAMA described both sets I believe as coloured plastic. You’re right it’s hard to get a good view, but it doesn’t look like the usual grey that old stock would be.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            the old genestealers were on colored sprues. Usually blue!

  • BaronSnakPak

    I’m lovin the look of the Gorechosen Champions, but there’s no way I’m paying $90 for 3 characters.

  • jasonsation

    I have the Battle for Macragge set, Space Hulk, and plan to get Overkill and Lost Patrol. I hope I can field a Genestealer Cult army from all that!

    • Balazra

      I have the same sets 😉 you should be able to, all that is really needs is a mini cult codex to allow us to field larger no of genestealers.

  • euansmith

    This made me think of the advertising hoardings in “They Live!” What is the subliminal message on this cover?

    • Inian


    • zeno666

      The message I see is “We didn’t even bother to pay for art.”