RUMORS: Orcs Coming Next to Age of Sigmar

Orc Boyz

One old reliable rumormonger is on the case – and it’s lining up with everything else we’ve been hearing about the greenskins:


via Darnok 3-28-2016

Some kind of late Easter Egg here…

According to one of my sources, the former Orcs & Goblins will get their “AoS-ification” at the end of April. The first release is set for 30th of April, with advance orders up on the 23. In no particular order, there will be: a monster kit, a new unit of cavalry, a new unit of infantry, plus some clampack characters. Apart from the characters (no details here) the other new kits are about Ironjaws (former Black Orcs).

We’ve been hearing for months of the last unseen faction “Destruction” coming up on the heels of the Stormcast & Khorne updates.  There has been talk of multiple kits including some type of large mounted monster (a wyvern).

If the dates line up that gives us something like this:


April 2nd – 

Unknown Pre-orders

KhorneMinis / Order Battletome ships

April 9th – 

Unknown Pre-orders

Unknown ships

April 16th – 

Unknown Pre-orders

Unknown ships

April 23rd – 

Destruction Minis (monster, cav, infantry, characters) Pre-orders

Unknown ships

April 30th – 

Unknown Pre-orders

Destruction Minis ship (monster, cav, infantry, characters)


Completing the Puzzle

Now that seems like a LOT to release in a single week, and there will be a Destruction Battletome in there as well. Under the current Darnok rumors, we are left with 3 weeks between now and then of mystery releases.  Another solution is that the Destruction releases will be spread out over several of those missing weeks, as we have seen with all the recent Age of Sigmar releases such as the Fyreslayers, Everchosen, Stormcast Eternals and the others.

Earlier rumors over the last month indicated a Destruction rampup shortly after the Sigmar/Khorne releases.

via mikhael on 2-28-2016


 It’s a Orcs / Orruk only release.
The Orruk / Destruction release will Start in late March and last into April.
Orruks are a three weeks release
Before this we will see some repacks for the AoS Chaos fraction.

Then of course we have the White Dwarf teaser for next week (April 2nd):



“The Realmgate Wars Continue in Beastly Fashion”

That sounds a lot like the ramp up for Destruction to me.

Full Destruction Rumor Roundup


  • Geko747

    About time they gave some love to some other faction, only so much Khorne a guy can take.

    • dave long island

      Me so Khorney! lol 🙂

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s like everyone forgot about the dwarf release, but that’s pretty understandable when looking at the minis.

      • Geko747

        Yup. I didn’t forget them, they were just plain rubbish. And without the rest of the dwarf line coming out there is no point buying any of them. I’m wanting a full release of a new faction. Not just a few random models.

        • ZeeLobby

          I think most AoS factions are going to be that small to start though. I don’t see the Ork release being any bigger.

          • Geko747

            What I meant was they should have released them on the back of the full duardin release rather than just throw them into the wind. If we saw the full army and what was cut, round based them all then the fyreslayers would probably have got a bit more love from the community. But no one will want a full army of those naked things. Would look dreadful.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha, I’m definitely not arguing that. Just saying that I think Khorne and Sigmarines are obviously the poster child. I wouldn’t be surprised if they received report throughout the year, and other factions not being fleshed out until round 2.

  • minowaman

    Oh boy.. Yay.. That skirmish game with the space marines is getting some orks.

  • Tyris

    It will be interesting to see what they can do with the Blorcs’ poses when not constrained by the need to rank up.

  • LordRao

    Orks, not Orcs? Really?

    • James Mcclennan

      or Orruk’s?

      • Erik Setzer

        Yyyyeeeeaaaahhh… As a lover of all things Orc/Ork, I will NEVER use that ridiculous word for Orcs. It sounds like someone belching. I don’t think they even read, much less tried to pronounce, the stupid names they came up with to throw copyrights all over everything.

        My Warhammer-based greenskins will always be Orcs. I don’t use the term Duardin or Aelf to describe Dwarfs or Elves either, but they don’t sound nearly as stupid as Orruk.

        • Dan Wilson

          I just go with greenskins.

        • Xodis

          Seems like a respelling of LotR’s Uruk-hai, without the -hai to me.

        • Zack Seiders

          I just call them orcs and goblins. Or in terms of the 3 flavors of orcs; basic boyz, feral boyz and kill joys. Goblins similar deal; basic gobbos, night gobbos and spider gobbos.

      • Drpx

        Cease and desist inbound. ETA 15 seconds.

  • zemlod

    So better get your named characters now, before they’re sold out next week… Animosity is gone already…

    • Tyris

      Heh. Got ’em the minute AoS was announced. When it’s your favourite army, why take chances?

    • Zack Seiders

      Only bad thing with orcs and goblins in aos is their bravery stinks. With animosity gone you do not have to worry about the units attacking each other, just get units that syncs with each other. mainly the hero units with respected orc/ goblin unit save for warboss on boar/wyvern “he is good for all orcs”

      • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

        No, you do not get to see them attacking each other we were never worried

      • zeek203

        I think he was talking about the model.

        • Zack Seiders

          tomb kings, bretonnia and every faction that had old models are either marked as a generic model or removed entirely. Worried that the squigs are going to be gone.

        • zemlod

          Yup. I think most people used that as a unit filler; a bit harder to do now with everyone skirmishing.

          Well, they solved that conundrum in typical GW fashion…

  • Tirelion

    Welp, it’s ok. I heard from a guy, that knows a dude, that dated the sister of another dude who had a cousin that was roomates with a guy who talked to another dude who was best friends with a homeless guy who lives behind GW headquarters who can say definitively that a new CSM book will be out last quarter of 2015.

  • Rasmus Høgh Nørskov

    I suspect that they want to make all alliances into their factions, so everything has been integrated in AoS before Age of Sigmar´s anniversary.

  • Zack Seiders

    5 bucks say the cav unit is the black orc equivalent of boar boyz. (orcs answer to vanguard and kommodo dragon mounts)

  • TweetleBeetle

    The four Grand Alliances have the cleaned up rosters of what is surviving. Then the sub-faction books detail specialist ranges and fluff. It will be nice to see some of the races like Orruks and Aelfs get their AoS-ification.

  • Tim Currey

    So this weekend is only the next realmgate wars book, the following week is dedicated to the space marine anniversary, then we roll into the Orruks release

  • ZeeLobby

    I wonder how many muscles they’ll have.

    • bobrunnicles

      Paging Rob Liefield, stat!

  • I look forward to seeing some of these other factions getting new models.

  • Sweetirony

    …so brettonia is legit dead?woooow

    • Drpx

      Along with Wood Elves and the freaking Tomb Kings.

  • Marky

    They might be good for Kings of War, but I don’t wanna encourage GW to keep up this AoS nonsense, so I will probably buy something else for my orc army.