GW BREAKING: New Orruks & “Wyvern” Spotted!


The Forces of Destruction are coming – thanks to some AWESOME new kits from Games Workshop.

via Games Workshop


The Green Horde!!!


Ohh, look what that Megaboss is riding up there on the left.



You can get the Megaboss on his trusty Maw-Krusha mount, or on foot in his terminator armor…


Well, it looks like the Mystery of the Maw-Krusha is solved!  It turns out the rumormeisters were correct, and Forces of Destruction are next on the chopping block.  The Orruks and Ogors will round out the last unseen faction for Age of Sigmar, and almost certainly be accompanied by one last round of old product cancellations.


~Wow, those Orruks would make PERFECT 40K Snakebike Clan Orks!

  • Zingbaby

    WOA Totally unexpected, very cool though!

  • Christie Bryden

    good, this is more of what we need, new age of sigmar stuff that isnt khorne or stormcasts.

  • Robomummy

    Good to see that the general aesthetic for Orks hasn’t changed much.

    • Seienchin

      Irony? This looks NOTHING like warhammer fantasy. Its a great mini for 40k though. Probably cross compatible if you attach a gun

      • Robomummy

        Not saying that it doesn’t look different, just that they kept with the whole feral savages similar to warhammer fantasy. it’s got heavier armor but that is really all that is different.

        • BaronSnakPak

          Yep, aside from the yellow paint (which is bold) and the lack of helmets, I don’t see how it’s drastically different from the Black Orcs:

          More of an evolution than a huge departure. But where there’s AoS, there’s a pile of salt soon to follow.

          • Zack Seiders

            Just hope the goblins get something out of this as well. “they already have the giant spider but you get what i mean.”

          • BaronSnakPak

            Haven’t there been rumors about the Goblins supposedly getting some AoS attention? That’d be cool. If I recall correctly, the emphasis will be on the Night Goblins.

          • Zack Seiders

            Only thing i do see going are some old goblin models being gone, some of the old fine cast siege weapons are probably gone, and i doubt the future of the squigs.

          • Laurence J Sinclair

            Squigs are a unique GW creation that don’t require any contortionist re-naming to keep to themselves – they should be fine!

          • Zack Seiders

            Best case scenario the squigs MIGHT get new models some time down the road.

          • blackbloodshaman

            goblins in plate armor now THAT i can get behind

          • Jooster

            Night Goblins make sense, Fanatics are still by far one of GW’s most recognisable non-marine units.

          • kloosterboer

            Felt the same way about the Fyreslayers – an evolution, rather than a departure.

      • Rasmus Høgh Nørskov

        It looks nothing like warhammer fantasy.

        But it fits perfectly in AoS! 😀

      • Drpx

        Or just say, “these sticks are guns because the Orks believe they are.” Nobody can argue with you.

      • taithays

        Warhammer fantasy is dead so it’s a good thing 😀

  • nurglitch


  • mumblez

    I am so looking forward to this release! I still haven’t painted my Moonclan and Spiderfang grots, or my Beastclaw ogors but I’m definitely picking up some orruks. I need to expand my force of Destruction!

  • Adrien Fowl

    I am so glad to see that they are releasing something else apart from Stormcast and Chaos.

    I was expecting a major aesthetical change but I guess it hasn’t been that big. In any case, I am looking forward to seeing more new models!

  • Orangecoke

    They kinda look like they are wearing terminator armor? Interesting look….

    • Brian Griffith

      Fantasy equivalent of Mega Armor Nobz, I assume.

  • Talos2

    The wyvern looks a bit like it’s in some kind of invisible bowl

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Okay, they look pretty cool but does EVERYTHING in AoS have to be wearing hilariously huge plate armour?

    • Cylux


      • euansmith

        I’m waiting for the AoS version of the Centurion; a Stormcast in armour wearing a bigger suit of armour.

        • Cylux

          They’ll be in the ‘Stormcast Eternals Ruination’ battletome no doubt.

        • Aezeal

          You just didn’t pay attention, retributors are slightly larger and have extra wounds and attacks. They are also very good models (busy putting together the armies from the box for my kids now AND very pleasantly surprised about the models even though I’ve seen dozens of pics.

          • euansmith

            But they are just big Stormcast; they need an extra suit of armour over their armour to go full Centurion. 😉

        • rtheom

          They’ve already done that. See: Dreadknight

          • euansmith

            What; you can field Dreadknights in AoS? Do they have a War Scroll? 😉

    • knightsanguis

      Apparently so.

    • Rasmus Høgh Nørskov

      Ofcourse they have to. It looks awesome!

      • Dave Linx

        look like big poop are you blind m8

        • Rasmus Høgh Nørskov

          No, but it seems we have different tastes 🙂

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Bloodreavers are shirtless.

      • Erik Setzer

        Hmm… the young guys trying to prove themselves are wearing less armor. Where have I heard that before?

        Oh, right, Space Marines and their Scouts. (Except Space Wolves, of course.)

        • standardleft

          Or Chaos marauders/thugs, on which the space marines were based? (spacemarines created to latch on to chaos warrior love)

  • Jooster

    That space marine’s looking a little green around the gills, if you ask me.

  • shyvax


  • Heinz Fiction

    This Mega Boss looks like those very old Bad Moon Bosses in mega armor. Only not as good.

  • nurglitch

    I also like the AoS force organization chart there.

  • Why are the monsters in AoS look so good? xD

    • Zack Seiders

      Want to finish khorne daemonkin. Maw krusha make it so hard.

  • BaronSnakPak

    From what I can see (tiny pics hurt my eyes), they look awesome.

    That Megaboss is especially cool, with the giant skull for a pauldron that is reminiscent of the savage orcs affinity for using bones/skulls as armor.

  • Countdiscount

    Love these models, from the tiny pictures. I reeeeeealy want to see an close up look at those Wyverns

  • generalchaos34

    Anyone notice in the very top picture that the Warboss is wyvern surfing?

  • MikeHollstrom

    Tbh I was expecting Over the top savage orcs. But these, naybe in a less bright paint scheme, will look amazing 😀

  • Krizzab

    so there go the orks when the tellyportas have malfunctions….

  • standardleft

    So as a low fantasy Orc, these are Absolutely horrible. Pants. How do they make such advanced armour, Might be cool if it was painted to resemble crudely put together stormcast armour, or made by the chaos dwarfs.

    As High fantasy they are really cool, I really like the chubbier boar riders and squig/wyvern thing.

    So now, what current game system does low fantasy best?

  • MikeHollstrom

    So this is an Ironjaw Orruk faction? Are there any hints on more? Like the dwarves with fyreslayers and steamguard duardin?

  • Nicholas D Western

    Why are there mega nobz?

    • gordon ashacker

      They would make pretty good Mega Nobz. I might try that…..

  • Dave Grimes

    Does this mean the aelves will just look like eldar? Cool wyvern tho. I like the orcs but not the shoulder armour. Looks a bit too 40k for me personally but you cant please everyone. Btw, Still scanning the web looking for boxes of bretonnian knights of the realm. Anyone know of anywhere that might still have them? (Besides ebay)

    • bobrunnicles

      I got an email from GW, apparently they are going to be doing a limited run of some of the stuff that went OOP *extremely* quickly – Knights of the Realm are on the list I believe, along with the Bretonnian battalion. Get thee to the GW site and look under AoS for the ‘last chance to buy’ and click on the ‘send me an email when this comes back into stock’ for the knights and be ready to hammer that keyboard on Monday 18th April.

      • Dave Grimes

        Yea i got that message too. With a bit of luck ill hopefull be able to get a bix or two!

  • Hamish

    Hate the new aesthetic. Look like rugby players. Azhag’s true WAAAGH! will never end, nor be cheapened by stuff like this.

  • Alexander Slizewski

    You know, I actually really like it. At first I was afraid when they said they were going to bring out the “savagery” of the orukk; I was under the impression they would have a large release of Savage boyz or something similar. But I really like the armor design, maybe a little more flat on the shoulder pads could of made it a must buy for me, but other then that I’m really happy with it. I might pick up a box or two depending on the rules.

    • Zack Seiders

      Looks like anything NOT black orc is getting next to nothing. Though the orcs and goblins in aos is a horde synergy army than anything else. “still have the regular waagh ability the mega warboss gets so list involving savage orcs are not screwed over. Good news virtually everything I predicted came true and more. (black orc boar riddahs)

      • Alexander Slizewski

        Regardless, I still think they look really nice. Black Orcs have always been a favorite of mine, so I guess I can’t complain; however, I would be interested to see a few goblin releases. Savage orcs already have a wide range of miniature that look sexy, and have enough variety to complete their own battle force. It would be nice to see a supporting goblin unit, perhaps skirmishes with bows or something.

        • Zack Seiders

          or plastic siege weapons. One thing the orcs and goblins are lacking in age of sigmar is actual range weapons that can help when going up against something like a star drake or worse nagash.

          • Alexander Slizewski

            yea but I feel that the lack of siege weapons is a legit drawback to the Orcs and Goblins. They already have an excellent source of melee staying power and cavalry, in addition to decent support damage in the form of goblins. With the added benefit of the FMC their getting I can see them closing the gap pretty quickly on star drakes and Nagash. Maybe not killing them, but holding them in place long enough to essentially tarpit them.

          • Zack Seiders

            True. With animosity gone In age of sigmar lack of siege weapons and bad bravery are the only 2 cons of said army. Which makes sense, long as you get the proper hero to support said units they WILL swarm what ever they charge. Regard to the black orcs getting some love, looks like I might have a reason to take a small break on daemonkin to pick up some of the new models. Lets hope the wyvern’s wings are nowhere near as awkward as the star drakes wings “blemish in an otherwise awesome looking model”

  • rtheom

    Not sold on the Wyvern, but I’ll wait to see a larger image of it. I do like the trophies on the boss’ shoulders though. Those will make for good nid skulls to decorate tanks.

  • Andersp90 .

    Mega boar riders!

    Also, will the maw-krusha replace the wyvern?

  • Justin Thomas

    So dwarfs who are traditionally metal workers and smiths go around in nearly nothing but their beards and orks get full plate armour?

    • nurglitch

      It’s pig iron plate armour.

    • kloosterboer

      Dwarfs are fully armored…? Except for slayers, as it’s always been, since the dawn of WHFB.

  • JJ

    So very disappointing.

  • 3dken

    Love the dragon. It looks like the Orks… er, Orruks looted the Stormcast’s armor! Sigorruks!

  • Chris. K Cook

    Sonice of GW to bring out a new Ork Warboss in ‘Aevy Armour.

    What? Thats not what that dude is?

  • gordon ashacker

    I waited a year, for this? Orruks and Ogors? Surely AoS cannot get any worse….. What will the new Skaven look like?

    • They already got big rats with plate armor and nipple lasers, didn’t they?

  • Commissar Molotov

    I only come to look at the new AoS releases for the lulz.

    • Charles Covar

      cool story brah.

      • Commissar Molotov

        u kno it brah

  • Andrew Thomas

    Because yellow enamel paint is readily available in whatever Realm(s) Gork and/or Mork are rampaging through?

  • Byungwook Kim

    Wow that fat dragon would punch right through the sigmarine primarch and slaughter half the army in a single turn!!

  • Erik Setzer

    I’m an Orc player. Love Orcs/Orks.

    But these… they make me feel weird.

    They don’t feel like fantasy Orcs. They look like good ‘Ard Boyz Nobs and MegaNobz. The pics aren’t great quality but the Boars look really weird. The Wyverns’ size feels like they’re trying to one-up releases with every new release (why are they as big as, or bigger than, Archaon’s mount?!?), and the rider surfing on them feels weird.

    I think there’s plenty of potential for 40K conversions here, but as Warhammer Orcs (no matter what stupid – totally, completely stupid – name you use for them), they just look wrong. But heck, for conversions’ sake at least I’ll get some.

    • To note, these are likely the uber Black Orc faction – they haven’t gotten rid of Savage Orcs yet…


        yep and theres a start collecting set for the older style/ savage orcs, im pretty certain they are going nowhere and these guys are effectively supplemental ‘ard models.

        • I can see a Savage Orc-Goblin alliance happening soon

    • standardleft

      Almost like they are going for a new aesthetic for a new game?

      But really these do look terrible as ‘old’ orcs. I think we can say at this point, the aesthetic themes of the old world have gone.

      Shame really, I quite like some of the dark fantasy tropes. But ill give the new thing a spin.

      I think with a more grungy paintjob they would look a bit nicer, but I guess they want bright and simple paint schemes for bringing in younger players.

      • Erik Setzer

        A new aesthetic for a new game I could understand, but right now that aesthetic seems to be applying the “make it all bigger and covered in more armor,” or huge with more scales and more angular edges rather than smooth organic shapes if it’s a monster. The monsters don’t feel right, which might be CAD, but seems more likely to be inexperienced designers.

        But the armor and all… it just feels like too much. Chaos was always kind of that way with certain models. Then they did the whole Sigmarine army that way, but hey, that’s the Sigmarines’ thing, right? Makes them unique, even if it’s not that interesting to some of us. And now we have Orcs who seem to be running off of that same design concept? The only army that isn’t doing that is the Dwarf Fyreslayers, and they were designed to be dancing around with weapons that aren’t usable (and the occasional Rob Liefeld inspired model, like Chaos now has).

        It feels like they’re trying too hard to wow the young’uns… and that’s a terrible idea when you’re still jacking up the prices even as sales fall in order to make a more niche product, because parents become less likely to spend that kind of money, so you’re left with people with jobs that pay decent money, who tend to be 30 or older.

        • standardleft

          I think its all relative. At the moment, we are in a transition stage. Lots of old models and lots of new ones. Like any Skaven army, the models don’t sit too well together.

          If we look back to the release of the Stormcast, they were very jarring. Huge 40k overtones, very big and very armourey. Nothing like the old fantasy we loved. I couldn’t see them working at all.

          Now these orcs, in relation to the Goretide and the Stormcast don’t look so off. They fit in a more mythical, high fantasy environment, and share the same visual overtones. The Stormcast (for me) feel more grounded in the universe now, with actual character and charm.

          However we still have a lot of old models. The new Orcs don’t really fit the same overall themes of realistic, grungy and medieval. And don’t have the old savage orky flavour.

          When the Aelves are released, I feel we could make a more accurate judgement. How do our typical fantasy races compare, and how do we feel about the world as a whole. Until then, I’m willing to hold my judgement.

          Though from a glance, I like them more than the Fyreslayers. Better anatomy, and more dynamic poses.

          In regards to the sculpts. Having assembled a lot of the newer models and having quite a bit of Zbrush experience, they are designed to be built and painted easier, in exchange for detail. Larger with lots of big clean areas using some really interesting snap fitting.

          I love the newer style and though not to everyone’s tastes, the Stormcast are a real pleasure to build and paint.

        • BaronSnakPak

          Black Orcs from WHFB had more armor than these guys. These are the evolution of the Black Orcs, so it makes sense that they’d be armored up. Just like how the Fyre Slayer Dwarfs are the evolution of the WHFB Trollslayers so they are near-naked, and the Bloodreavers are an evolution of the WHFB Marauders so they’re muscled up.

          Like em or not, they HAVE been pretty consistent in respect to evolving previous WHFB designs into AoS and not just throwing the baby out with the bath water like some people are claiming.

          • Erik Setzer

            I have a boatload of Black Orcs (intended to do Grimgor’s army back in Storm of Chaos), and these guys aren’t really Black Orcs evolved.

            They’re more like 40K Orks. But the thing that feels weird to me is how the armor seems a little too much like Sigmarine armor. That feels off for Orcs. It feels stranger when it’s mixed with things like the iron gob, mixing a savage look onto a more streamlined look.

            These aren’t supposed to be updated Black Orcs, either. They’re supposed to be new, BIGGER Orcs. Which is kind of annoying, because in their quest to make Age of Biggening, the Black Orcs – who are still around – have lost their spot, the thing that made them special. Just so they could make new big Orc models, a whole army of them. It’s one thing if it’s a unit or two, but this is supposed to be hordes of massive Orcs… who are wearing really nice armor designed to look way too much like the Sigmarines.

            I suppose on the plus side, I no longer have to convert Black Orcs into Orc versions of Sigmarines (kind of as a joke, but also because the converting could have been fun). We already have Orcmarines!

          • BaronSnakPak

            I have a load of Black Orcs/Savage Orcs too, as well as a load of 40K Orks, and I think these fall closer to the WHFB school of design. Like I said, these orcs are actually LESS armoured than the Black Orcs, they don’t have helmets, gauntlets, thigh armor, chain mail, and two-layered pauldrons. So I don’t get the “these are more armoured” point of view that some people hold. They also have less, and completely different armor than 40k meganobz.

            Do they have rounded pauldrons? Yes, but why is that suddenly “sci fi” or exclusive to Stormcasts? The Black Orcs not only had somewhat rounded pauldrons, they also had rounded belly armor. These orcs seem (I can’t tell 100% from the small pics) to have a single piece full-torso plate, which doesn’t scream “sci fi” or Stormcast to me either, just better protection. The Stormcast pauldrons are long and have a shallow curve with a symmetrical “lip” around the outer 3/4, these Ironjaw pauldrons are much steeper, with asymmetrical features.

            I’m not a fan of the bright yellow paint though. I think once they’re painted up in a Goff scheme the Black Orc theme will be more apparent. Yes, the Black Orcs are still around, in so much as they have a data sheet and are still being sold, but they currently aren’t being sold in AoS packaging with 32mm round bases. The only current AoS orc set is the start collecting box, which has boyz, boar boyz, a boss, and a chariot, which makes me think these Ironjaws are a supplement to the main army, and not an army in and of itself.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Yellow isn’t exactly an easy color to paint though!

        • standardleft

          Yeah, I had considered that. I think these really need a good painting tutorial.

          Yellow’s not as impossibly hard to do as many believe, but a good paint and step by step guide is essential.

  • More and more like Age of Dragons…

  • Crablezworth

    Orruks? Are they high?

  • Dave

    I think it looks cool, certainly a bit futuristic. I really like that bulky Wyvern as well. I just hope the model’s wing positions are different and the rider is seated. The position in that painting looks unnatural and a bit goofy. Who stands on the neck of a giant flying lizard engaged in ferocious combat (in full plate no less)?

    • Axis Mundi

      Who? A Megaboss of course! Sitting is for wusses!

  • Squighopper

    2015: you gunna play orcs now in AoS ?
    Me: probably not but I bet they will make cool models for my Free Bootas army…

    2016: yep.

  • dave long island

    All the Orruks have gone surfiiiinnnnn… Surfin’ USA bop bop bop

  • Dave Linx

    my God I thought it could have been worse, but no GW know better 🙁 🙁

  • Zachary Alvarado

    those orcs look…awful. imo, of course… -_-

  • Inco Gnito

    Y’know… After reading many comments here, saying that the new Ork looks alot like a 40K Ork, I started pondering:
    Could it be possible, that the new AoS miniatures are specifically designed to be cross-compatible with 40K? I mean look at the AoS miniatures.
    -Stormcast Eternals can all be very easily converted to become true-scale Space Marines.
    – Khorne guys can very very easily be converted to become Khorne Berzerkers, while the barbarians are simple Cultists.
    – Dwarves… eh ok, you got me there.
    – Now Orks and the first mini we see from them, many people would agree on, looks a lot like a 40K Ork.
    Maybe this isn’t coincidence or bad miniature design, but a ploy to try and cut out those pesky alternative miniature suppliers…

    • Sady Sa

      I don’t see any similarity apart the color of the armor. Not even the armor is similar to 40k

  • Geko747

    Awesome looking models, about time destruction got some attention. If I didn’t have so much to paint already I would definitely pick up some of these. Cant wait to see the rest of their line.

    That new Wyvern looks pretty beastly, shame it looks so round. But then GW have a knack for taking the worlds worst pictures to feed out to the masses.

  • Sady Sa

    So… Yellow make the orcs futuristic? Guess hater need to hate.

    • Well, Red makes stuff go faster so yellow…maybe shows the wealth? Or maybe it’s meant to be the colors for Ghurr?

      • Drpx

        Bright yellow makes them invisible, just ask Snikrot.

  • Dan Wilson

    Will look much better in lead belcher. Will also make great snakebite clan for 40k orks.

  • finonius

    are they some new heavily armoured boar cav top left corner of the Green Horde pic?

  • finonius

    are they some new heavily armoured boar cav top left corner of the Green Horde pic?

  • Ben_S

    I actually thought I was looking at 40k stuff until I looked more closely.

  • Kenneth Portner

    Nice to see new Orc models after 20 years.

  • SundaySilence

    I like the look of the plate armoured infantry and boar riders but am curious about what that thing is to the right of the red wyvern, next to the boar rider.

    • Zack Seiders

      Need better picture. Best case scenario we might be getting an new orc shaman “thought black orcs hate shamans”

  • Oza

    A nice change from all the other rubbish of AoS. GW if you ever read these threads hire me to design your models and write your lore. I can do a better job than the rubbish you’re making right now (AoS only, loving the stand alone board games like deathwatch).

  • Alexander Golmen Berg
  • Sady Sa

    theres more skin showing on those new orcs than on blocs. Just saying..

  • Douglas Burton

    So essentially this is just another release of a line that you “can” use it for AoS but its primary aim is to make it more compatible with 40k. Got it.

  • minowaman

    I may use one as a dreadball keeper i guess.

  • Moose

    megaboss…. lol whut

    • Zack Seiders

      Take this is the fantasy equivalent of mega armored warboss. Much how the black orcs are basically nobz.

  • Moses Jones

    I don’t think I will be buying any of those.

  • JL

    I thought ridiculous shoulder pads was a Warcraft thing.

    • euansmith

      It is circular; Warhammer to Warcraft to Warmachine to Warhammer…

  • Grumpy Scot

    Really don’t like them. That monster is stupid looking, especially the rider.