Infinity Seminar – Upcoming Minis 3d Sculpts


Corvus Belli showed off a lot of upcoming minis in development for Infinity at Adepticon 2016.  Take a look:

Images via Corvus Belli and InfinityWarcors:

First off we see new Imperial Service Yu Jing units:

ImperialServiceStarterPack ImperialScene2

Then off to the seminar’s upcoming minis in 3d sculpt status:


reverandhealer-boardingshotgun yaogatstrikeinfantry miyamotomushashi clausewitzuhlans magharibaguard kazakspetsnaz miyamotomushahi2 foxtrotrangers


~Have at it Infinity fans!


  • Shian Arcselia

    Really glad to see new Celestial Guard, but where is the new Keisotsu?

  • Neal Schwartz

    Yeah definitely getting this new imperial service army.

  • Fernando Alves Pacheco Lima

    A new addition to my Yu Jing… That “Mushashi” (pretty sure it should be Miyamoto Musashi) is going to be an awesome additoin to my JSA….

  • BaronSnakPak

    Yu Jing will be my 2nd army for Infinity, they have such awesome minis.