GMM Showcase: Building the Boat – The Kraken


Hello BoLS readers!  Today it’s time to RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Recently on my Instagram page I have been running a series on past large displays for Adepticon – big monsters of miniature I have been doing over the years.  They decorate my house well, but it feels good to dust them off and get them out there in the world again.  Plus it is a good opportunity to go over points I never shared, and revisit the past.  When making something so big under time pressure, it leaves a lasting imprint on a person. Can still hear the Alestorm and taste the Kraken rum late into a cold March night, plugging away on this beast.  I want to share that with you, the love and experience of building something at the edge of one’s abilities. So sit back and enjoy – crack open the Kraken and pour a little out for my man Coleridge.


Kraken time!  Starting with wire forms, I posed the legs to interact with the units and fit within the space.


Progress on the legs.  Unfortunately no step by steps of the legs, but they are several steps of DAS clay over the frame and then green stuff suckers.  A final thinned layer of clay blended the suckers into the “flesh” of the legs.


The flying Outrider models were perfect to be mounted over a leg.  With that in mind this one was sculpted directly onto the boat, without wire frame.


Once dried, it was sawed along the base lines to separate.


Leg sections, crates and Outriders all pinned together.


Shot of the action. Easter egg in the back for those that have been around a while.

And with that, time to move on!  Next time it’s back to the boat.

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Thanks, and until next time!

  • dave long island

    This is freakin’ sweet but how the heck are they gonna get that Marienburger Land ship off that boat?

  • Deacon Ix

    Awesome work – but I’m sure that Cephalopods have tentacles.