GMM SHOWCASE: Heresy Iron Hands – Clan Lachesis Marines


Hello BoLS readers! We are back with some Iron Hands Marines like you’ve never seen.

I’m back with another army commission, this time some Iron Hands with a homebrew twist.  For part two let’s cover some of the Marines.  Very happy with this army’s assembly.  For a good looking army, assembly is a critical foundation, and for these lots of extra bits such as cybernetic heads, arms and legs were ordered to give it the flair the customer desired. Very happy with the result, and I knew I had something special when setting up for photography, every single Marine wanted to be up front, or even have their own photos.  Here’s a few of many!



“Get me closer!”



“I’m here to kick ass and add cybernetics, and I’m all out of flesh!”



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~Thanks, and until next time!

  • Froggars .

    Oh, Sons of Horus with wrong Markings – again

    • Zingbaby

      Probably per request of the client, but yeah weird.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Beautifully painted and constructed but they do have a rather confusing mix of iconography and paint scheme, Alpha legion blue/green with mainly Iron legion shoulders and cybernetics but also a few death guard shoulders, round shields and a twisted snake banner.

    Again excellently done but I can’t quite get my head around the rest of it even as a home-brew, just seems too much of a mishmash for me.

  • Zingbaby

    I still can’t believe GMM is a 1-man operation!!

    It’s taken me years to paint maybe a 3rd of that and doesn’t look half as good!

    Great work as always, I hope he does some speed painting tutorials, please please!

    • Randy Randalman

      Some people also have the luxury of doing this as their full-time job AND hobby. That’s how it gets done so fast.

      • Zingbaby

        True – but this guy is a machine! …and his quality never wavers.

        Buypainted for example is a sweat-shop of Polish kids in a basement cranking out armies. They can do VERY high quality stuff but Brandon is as good and does it all himself.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I like it. I’m used to the traditional colour scheme, but I don’t see why people shouldn’t express themselves with a different one, there is certainly room in the 30K fluff. Iron Hands do have some Celtic connections, look at the name of their first company.

  • Iron Father Stronos

    As an iron hands player, this kinda feels like an Alpha legion stand in, representing the infiltration of the shattered legions. Alpharius impersonated the Medusan at one point and this is what I imagine.

  • Shiwan8

    Very nice indeed.

  • Seamus McIntyre

    Was this exact post not on a few days ago?