GW: Next Week’s Products, Prices & Teaser – CONFIRMED


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It’s summertime so get your wallet ready the Grimdark to return!  Checkout the latest headed to your 40K tabletop:

After two weeks of Silver Tower, it’s back to the Grimdark!  This brings us the Armored Crates and two characters from the past – released as standalone minis:

Products & Prices


Armoured Containers WD 1

teaser image via Scanner

  • Broodlord $40 €33
  • Tech Priest $30 €23
  • Armored Crates $50 €40
  • Hunt for Vulkan – Beast Arises Novel $17.50 €15.95

The Teaser:



“Antonius, Where are you? Antoni… Arraaagggghhhhh!”

Hmm, it sounds like someone gets eaten, but it’s impossible to tell what universe it’s occurring in. According to Lexicanum, the only “Antonius” around in a GW universe is THIS GUY.

~Who’s buying what?

P.S. HOBBY CHALLENGE: +100 Internets to the first hobbyist who makes an 18-wheeler out of a Taurox and one of those armored containers. CONVOY!!!

  • gordon ashacker

    I am underwhelmed……

    • Zack Seiders

      Least we be able to get a broodlord easier. As for crates I could care less.

      • zeno666
        • William Bellamy

          I could care less, but it would be difficult.

          • wibbling

            Now you’re confusing yourself!

        • Zack Seiders

          Okay let me rephrase that last sentence. I do not care for the crates. They are nothing but new terrain pieces in my eyes.

      • manouel35

        huh ?
        sur ebay, you could have this brood lord for 20 euros !!!
        Why don’t sell the new from deathwatch….

      • wibbling

        You like them then?

        • Zack Seiders

          No, I do not care for them “just rephrased what I said after I got sent a video explaining why the phrase (I could care less) is not the best thing to say regarding something you do not care for”

  • Moik


    • Melchior

      And inside the boxes…SMALLER METAL BOXES!!!!

      • manouel35

        oh cool, I want to play russian dolls !

        • wibbling

          Matryoshka dolls?

    • Kevin Maloney

      The COWARDS, the FOOLS!!!!

  • Adam

    we got a great big convoy rockin through the night. We got a great big convoy, aint she a beautiful sight.


  • minowaman

    Anyone who actually pays money for any of this garbage is clearly defective. Damn that sounded way less judgemental in my head 😄

    • nurglitch

      I do have a problem, and the only palliative is more metal boxes.

    • wibbling

      That’s your choice, but there’s nothing wrong with other people choosing to spend their money this way.

      • Chris. K Cook


  • Keera Sapvi

    Containers can be use to decorate your base
    I Think

  • Shawn Pero

    The containers look like they make fun, cheap fortifications (or interesting objectives) with cheap models. I like how they look and would rather spend the 33 than spend time scratchbuilding all that stuff.

    • Admiral Raptor

      The crates are $50. The $33 turned out to just be a rumor.

      • Andrew Thomas

        $40 at my FLGS 😀

  • david

    How about a stretched chimera, with four track units.

  • Shiwan8

    Seems like just taurox without tracks or SW flyers without wings.

    • georgelabour

      Or a scaled down imperial starship.

      • Shiwan8

        Good point.

  • david

    Anyone interested there is 1/35 shipping containers due out from Trumpeter models.Also Italeri has brought out the M1120 HEMTT model which could easily convert to a Militarium transport. I have the M 977 version which I converted using spare from various kits.

    • georgelabour

      but do they come with gothic archs and pintle mounted guns that fire .75 caliber mass reactive rocket propelled shells?

    • Chris. K Cook

      Sure there are.Plenty of other companies make all sorts.

      Thing is these are made with the aesthetics of 40K in mind and some folks want that.

  • Fomorian

    The hints are for the Lost Patrol Boardgame, pre-orderable from 11th of June 😉 …

  • pokemastercube .

    codex inquisition being updated? or new models?

  • nurglitch

    Wait, you can win an internet?

  • J Mad
    • Chris. K Cook

      A sanitised cover of this is used to sell realestate down here…

  • Andrew Thomas

    Challenge accepted!