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PRIMARCH NOVEL – Limited Edition Roboute Guilliman

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May 30



Come see the new one of 2500 Limited Edition Roboute Guilliman Primarch novel that’s the first of many!

The Limited Edition Roboute Guilliman novel has arrived at the Cat Command Center and we’re about to unwrap this thing in all it’s rich mahogany glory and Corinthian leather.

The box opens up to a really sleek tissue wrapping; I’ve never purchased anything of his caliber from Black Library and to me this is top shelf. You’re going to want this on your bookshelf. I don’t know what materials this is made of but it’s high quality.



The story itself is form the early part of his command, battling the Orks; I was only able to do a quick skim of it for the video but I was engrossed for whatever that’s worth to you as a gauge.




This beautiful book clocks in at about 175 pages. It’s a good size for reading. I was able to skim it, my friend actually owns this and is letting me borrow it. (In fact, he’s standing here next to me ready to whisk it away as soon as I’m done with the video.)



I would have bought this, but because it’s a novel, I didn’t value it as much as say a short history of Robute Guilliman.



The cover on this, the colors are just pooping off this thing. The pages are super high quality, it doesn’t stick, it’s a great thickness. Granted, my knowledge of books comes from reading comic books in the 80’s and 90’s so I’m not exactly a subject matter expert on this. The foil fills all this beautiful etching and continues on to each page. It’s got the ribbon built in for place marks. I’m honored just to have the opportunity to unbox this.


This thing is fantastic and if you’re like me and didn’t get one of the 2500 that where available you can still get it, which I am, in its hardback format in October when book two in the series releases for Leman Russ!

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