Kickstarter: Giant Monsters, Tanks, and Bionic Cowboys


Come check out these four Kickstarter campaigns currently competing for your money.

New tabletop Kickstarters appear every day, and it can be hard to keep up with them all. With that in mind, I decided to highlight four miniature campaigns that you guys and gals might find interesting. Whether you’re looking for models to expand your armies, or even a new game system to try, hopefully you’ll find something that catches your eye below. As an added benefit, three of these campaigns are by established companies with prior crowdfunding experience.

Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars Wave 2


Iron Wind Metals is back with another wave of factions for Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars game and miniatures line. This campaign is primarily about the Dwarf, Troglodyte, and Undead factions, but you can grab models from previous armies as well. There’s literally hundreds of miniatures to choose from here, with bundles to fit every army choice and budget under the sun. There’s only two pledge levels, both of which exist solely to allow you to buy add-ons. The $5 level does get you a vampire queen model in addition to your add-ons, though. If you’re looking for a ton of really old school fantasy miniatures then you may want to check this campaign out. The Kickstarter ends May 17th.


Darklands: Mighty Monsters


Mierce Miniatures regularly takes to Kickstarter to fund new sculpts for their signature Darklands fantasy game, and now they’re back with another horde of gigantic monsters. If you’ve never seen their miniatures before then prepare to be impressed, because Mierce makes, in my opinion, some of the coolest monstrous miniatures around, though they unfortunately often come with an equally monstrous price. There’s several pledge levels depending on the number and size of the monsters you want. They generally range from big to downright gargantuan, making them a worthy addition to your collect if you want a giant centerpiece model for your army or just something really impressive to paint. While you’re at it, you could always check out Darklands as well. You better hurry though, because this campaign ends on the 10th.


Tanks on the Western Front 28mm


Trenchworx has returned to Kickstarter once again with more resin 28mm tanks for your favorite WWII games. This campaign features 13 well-known armored vehicles of the Axis and Allies, including the M4A1(76) Sherman, M2A1 Halftrack, M10 Wolverine, Jagdtiger, Panzer IV, and SdKfz 251-1 Ausf C, with more to come if the stretch goals are met. A single model will cost you around $32, with bundles going all the way up to 20 tanks. All pledges include free shipping. You have almost an entire month before this campaign ends on June 2nd.

Bloodstone Frontier


Finally we have Bloodstone Frontier, a new “pioneer-punk” skirmish game by Soulspryte Studios. This card-driven miniatures game seems to take some ideas from Malifaux and Mercs. You have a standard-sized Poker deck and play cards from your hand to perform actions, with the suit used determining certain special rules and the number determining your chances of success. Instead of using a traditional tape measure though, you make measurements with your cards, similar to the card-driven movement system in Mercs. A starter box of four miniatures, the rulebook, and cards will cost you £65/$94. The campaign will run until the 27th.



Which of these campaigns interest you? Will anyone here be making some pledges?  


  • Randy Randalman

    And people claim GW’s stuff is expensive? These are far more expensive (and will go up once the Kickstarter is over), and really not even close to the same level of quality.

    • zeno666

      Perhaps. But they are not tiresome space marines. And they actually have some clean sculpts. Not full of brickabrack (skulls) just because it can be.
      And another positive thing is that they don’t have anything to do with Age of Sigmar 🙂

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, stylistically these are much more interesting.

      • Chris. K Cook

        There are GW minis other than Marines you know?

    • Azhrarn

      Mierce’ stuff is also not plastic though. It’s all resin and metal, manufactured in small runs. That makes them quite costly. Though in their defence, the models tend to be BIG. 🙂

  • Slaanesh Devotee

    The American wild west type stuff at the end was very well sculpted, but everything else is trash by GW standards.

    I mean, why would you want a crap Bloodthirster sculpt cast in resin, when you can just get an awesomely designed authentic plastic one..

  • euansmith

    I like the moss monsters in the Mierce Kickstarter and the Cowboys look pretty fun too.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Yeah rather than the ones Warlord isn’t already doing?

      • euansmith

        In plastic 😀

  • Tirelion

    No more kickstarters, they are universally terrible.

  • dave long island

    Damn they got everything but the kitchen sink!

  • Alexandre Comtois

    Lesse, we have a bunch of already-existing miniatures from the 90’s – thanks Ral Partha/Ironwind! And another Malifaux clone. Mierce’s stuff is nice and they could make a killing if they convinced people to actually play Darklands instead of using the figures for other games.

    • Dave Grimes

      I love mierce miniatures. Some of their sculpts are amazing. My only issue with mierce is that theyv given all the coolest parts of irish myths to other factions yet left the actual irish faction with crappy swamp monsters that dont exist in irish mythology. Sorry, pointless history nerd rant

  • Simon Chatterley

    “seems to take some ideas from Malifaux”

    In the same way that a forger takes some ideas from the artist he is forging??

    • DeadlyYellow

      Everything is derivative, what’s your point?