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MTG Spoilers: Here’s Everything We Know

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Aug 16 2023

As much fun as opening packs can be, sometimes you want to know what you’re looking for. Here’s the latest on the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set, Wilds of Eldraine.

Greetings Planeswalkers, Praetors, and purveyors of fine cardboard! One of the most exciting things about Magic: the Gathering is looking forward to the next set. Planning new decks, preparing for new bomb cards, and budgeting for chase pieces is super exciting. But you want to make sure the set is worth the money, right? Well, we’re here to help. We’ll be updating this guide regularly with each new set, so check below for the latest releases.

Why Spoilers?

Magic isn’t an expensive game, but it also isn’t a cheap one. This is especially true in the secondary market, where cards pulled from a $7 could be worth upwards of $50. You could always try your luck with boosters, but how do you know what cards you want? How will you know what to look for if you don’t know what’s in a set? The easy answer: spoilers.

Always hunting for the next big thing.

While leaks may appear at any time, official spoiler posts usually start springing up around one month before a set releases. After a brief “story” update, WotC starts to trickle out new cards, reprints, and special alternate versions of cards from the set. About a week before the official release (just in time for prerelease events), all the cards SHOULD be available on the Wizards or Gatherer sites. But in case you aren’t sure where to look before then…you found it.

Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers – August 2023

The next set on the horizon is the highly anticipated Wilds of Eldraine, the first foray back into the fan-favorite titular plane. In the wake of the Phyrexian invasion, the storybook realm of Eldraine is in turmoil.

While the first set focused on the nobility and knightly orders of Eldraine, the new set will venture into the wilderness outside the castle walls. A mysterious magical slumber has descended on the land, and a trio of warlocks from our fairy tales may be to blame. A young half-blood ventures out to try and end the curse, and a familiar faceless Planeswalker makes their triumphant return.

Intro Video

This video will give you the perfect look at the upcoming set, a few of the cards coming to your tabletop, and maybe a secret surprise or two…

Current Spoilers (8/16/23)

As of today, these are the cards we’ve seen, plus a few of the alternate art pieces available in Set and Collector Boosters

This guide will be updated with all the latest leaks and spoilers, so be sure to keep tuning in!


Author: Clint Lienau
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