Outside the Box 05-06-16


Here we go again, with news about Malifaux, Infinity, Bushido, Firestorm Armada and much more – Enjoy!

Wyrd Miniatures
The May releases for Malifaux have been announced:
WYR20628McTavish WYR20334-MobileToolkit WYR20127-Exorcist–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Spartan Games
The Syndicate returns to Firestorm Armada:
FAMP21 FAMP20–> More Spartan Games News

Corvus Belli announced an Inifinity Manga series:
95c31795d412352639962f20bbb40c6b–> More Infinity News

PlastCraft Games
The new Yu Jing terrain is now available:
yj-shopping-centre-salute-pre-order sushi-corner-pre-pedido-salute–> More PlastCraft Games News

Anvil Industry
This week Anvil Industry expanded their Fantasy range with new Fallen Dwarfs:
speardwarf-4up-400x400 dragon-breath-fireteam-front-400x400–> More Anvil Industry News

GCT Studios
The Cult of Yurei get new Kairai:
kairai_promokairai_promo2–> More GCT Studios News

Warlord Games
This week we got new releases for Bolt Action and Project Z:
WGB-WM-514-SdKfz-251-10-AusfD-b-600x600 DIRECT-WGB-015-tank-ace-rock-600x465 survivors-female-3-600x462 biker-boss-600x469–> More Warlord Games News

Outlaw Miniatures
The Iron Horse Blazer is now available:
13083233_856833104446000_6379671652645135012_n–> More Outlaw Miniatures News

Fantasy Flight Games
Reinforcements for the Resistance are on the way, as well as a new expansion for Imperial Assault:
swi24_sample–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Greebo Games
New previews of the Un-Renaissance range:
13124475_1423064874386202_1556926189928540229_n13062270_1423064881052868_8376217989254969786_n–> More Greebo Games News

Antenocitis Workshop
The Azure Dragon is making progress:
13091950_1006093246094983_3018603735953206290_n–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

Statuesque Miniatures
Statuesque Miniatures added Apophis to their range:
86260145–> More Statuesque Miniatures News

A new set of female dwarves has been released:
13062242_1185002964867068_623972963700167285_n–> More Kromlech News

Soda Pop Miniatures
Soda Pop Miniatures presents new miniatures for Relic Knights:
13100889_10154197647699459_8925514269832158460_n13087877_10154197647309459_1376766827751424486_n–> More Soad Pop Miniatures News

Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models announced a plastic BMW R75 motorcycle kit!
13051726_1708137339439627_3774403695118645054_n13179357_1711123932474301_1596556590937102305_n–> More Rubicon Models

And Stronghold Terrain presents a real Nobody:
13096267_1028087950617358_7129510538467108516_n13096338_1028087990617354_1912279843893394372_n–> More Stronghold Terrain News

And news from the crowdfunding front:
Rotten Factory Miniatures – Rise of the Dark Power on wspieram
Trenchworx – Tanks on the Western Front
Flags of War – New York Bop
Crossover Miniatures – Modular City Terrain
Sean O’Sullivan – Bizaza Guard, Ancient Frog People from the Future
Fantasy and History – 28mm White Metal Fantasy Miniatures
Soulspryte Studio – Bloodstone Frontier
Nocturna Models – The Quest
Crucible Crush – Flint and Feather

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Pretty stoked about the Rubicon BMW kit!
  • Erik Setzer

    Wonder how many people will immediately get the Nobody reference?

    So many awesome minis out there… I might actually start buying models just to paint.

    • Chad Underdonk

      Not even if he was being drug in a liter.

  • Xodis

    The FFG products are going to hit the wallet hard lol. Glad and sad I happen to play both of these games.

    WWX looks like they ran out of ideas and went the GW route of just adding more guns to it. Is there a rule when you fire move d6 inches backwards from all that recoil?

  • Manwiththedogs

    Whoah, an Infinity Manga? Awesome! Great world to set it in.
    Edit: Ah. Manga not Anime, well, still cool.

    • cudgel

      I AM HYPE !

  • euansmith

    I think it is a shame that McTavish doesn’t look more like the artwork; astride the croc.

    The Statuesque “Apophis” is nicely understated.

  • cudgel

    Finally see some female dwarves, get called house-wives……

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Looks at the Xwing stuff and sees Finn. Looks under him and sees Black One…thinks there is “interesting” card placing if I’ve ever seen it.

  • markdawg

    I am stoked for that Rubicon motorcycle!

  • Snord

    I wonder why Warlord thought it was necessary to devote a kit to this variant of the SdKfz 251? It was very uncommon to mount the Pak 36 on the Ausf D chassis, and it wasn’t with the full gun shield.

    Bigger news is that Warlord’s plastic Firefly is on pre-release.

    It will be interesting to see how Rubicon go about packaging their planned motorcycle kit. It’s too small to sell singly, so maybe they will provide more than one. It’s the figures that will really sell it, and Rubicon’s latest digitally designed figures are looking very promising.