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Star Wars: That Time Boba Fett Was Replaced By A Lizard Person – The Bossk Breakdown

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Feb 15 2022

Perhaps the galaxy’s most famous Trandoshan, Bossk has started bounty hunting crews, hunted Wookiees, and taken on the galaxy’s best.

Bossk, or Bossk’wassak’Cradossk (y’know, because Star Wars) is another of the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunters. He is also one possibly the galaxy’s most well known Transdoshan.

The Origins of Bossk

The son of Cradossk, another bounty hunter, Bossk got his start pretty much immediately after hatching. His first action in life was to eat almost all of the other eggs in his clutch, and would go on to boast that he was the sole survivor among his siblings. In reality, one sister survived.

Bossk would quickly go on to learn the basics of the trade from his father. Skills like stealing speeders, bounty hunting, and to hate Wookiees. When he reached maturity he left home to make his own way as a bounty hunter, and like many of the other most well known hunters, he quickly made a name for himself. Once he obtained his YV-666 light freighter, the Hound’s Tooth, he could start transporting his bounties and really getting work done.

Courtesy of Disney

Bossk the Bounty Hunter

Like many of the bounty hunters we’re familiar with, Bossk worked alongside some big names during the Clone Wars. While working work Aurra Sing, Bossk helped train a young and orphaned Boba Fett. The two, along with Castas, tried to help Boba exact revenge on Mace Windu for his father’s death.

Despite trapping the Jedi in an explosion, this plan ultimately failed and eventually landed Bossk and Boba in a Republic prison. Here they met Cad Bane who offered to cut Bossk and his bounty hunting apprentice in on a job in exchange for starting a prison riot and allowing them to escape the detention center.

Krayt’s Claw

After this, Bossk traveled to Tatooine and formed a bounty hunting group called Krayt’s Claw. Krayt’s Claw would attract some bounty hunters of note. Based out of the Mos Eisley spaceport, they were able to take on anything from bounty hunting to escort jobs. Eventually former member, Asajj Ventress, would hire them to rescue Quinlan Vos from Count Dooku.


After the Clone Wars Krayt’s Claw disbanded and with Boba grown, Bossk was on his own once more. So he combined business with pleasure and spent years hunting down rebellions Wookiees and delivering them to the Empire. One such a mission resulted in his arm being torn completely off. But as a Trandoshan, he was able to regrow the missing limb.

Here he would form a rivalry with Chewbacca and a mysterious Wookiee liberator known as “Chainbreaker.” Chainbreaker would actually turn out to be Doshanalawook, the one sibling a baby Bossk didn’t manage to consume.

Bossk is perhaps most well known for being one of the bounty hunters hired by the Empire. But he’s also worked along side Ezra Bridger, and Doctor Aphra, because in bounty hunting a paycheck is a paycheck. He rose to prominence as one of the best in the business after Boba Fett was considered dead in the Sarlacc Pit.

What is your favorite Bossk moment? Which bounty hunter team up do you think is most memorable? Can you name a Trandoshan more famous than Bossk? Let us know in the comments!


May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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