Warhammer Fest 2016: Leman Russ & More Transfers!


The Space Wolves Primarch has been spotted at Warhammer Fest along with a ton of transfers – Come check Leman Russ!

via Battlebunnies 5-14-2016



via Battlebunnies 5-14-2016

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Leman Russ is coming along VERY nicely! And all those transfer sheets look really well done, too. Forge World is knocking it out of the park this weekend.


More Pics and Info in the Lounge Thread Below:

Warhammer Fest 2016 Round-Up


Leman Russ demands Micro Sol & Mirco Set for all your transfers!

  • zeek203

    I don’t even know what those blackshield transfers are supposed to be but they look amazing!

    • Mr.Gold

      they are signifying the Space wolves alliegance to the Starks…

  • Guys, this is the xth article using the same mirror-flipped Leman Russ artwork from Prospero Burns. Please, just.. use the original artwork, or at least flip it back to how it should be?

  • eldanesh

    Anyone else disapointed in russ’s lack of fangs/canines

  • Secundum

    Russ looks awesome.