Mynock Squadron XXI: Interview – Nathan Eide & “The Dad”

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I am your Father’s Day! Nathan and his pops, Kevin are aboard as wisdom bombardiers dropping payloads of X-Wing and life truths.

Feel free to skip the Bragging Segment (Mynock California Regionals SWEEP) at the top of the show, to jump straight to the love of a father who begat one of THE premiere X-Wing Aces. (That’s Nathan’s swag pile in the pic above!) Kevin and Nathan share their X-Wing journey, dispensing advice on how to improve your play, as well as Advanced Dad pro tips.

00:00:00 – Pre Show Shout Outs
09:30:00 – Eide Introductions
20:00:00 – How did Nathan get so good and Advice for X-Wing Fathers
31:00:00 – Nathan’s lists and how he flew them
01:01:00 – Beginner and Advanced Tips

Ryan Farmer
Dee Yun
Dallas Parker

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