Outside the Box 06-03-16


Hello again, skipped a week again so we have some catching up to do – Enjoy!

The next wave of Infinity releases is out:
13346753_10153829174263842_9016263423175216051_n 13346496_10153829174388842_6951920425677634182_n 13331122_10153829174908842_177717115804861524_n 13307367_10153829174793842_1278373081890661188_n 13346898_10153829174608842_3041621771983168082_n–> More Infinity News

And here is the matching terrain:
13244724_606208609543846_8164121747333318861_n 13237767_606208599543847_4842632787837200433_n–> More Customeeple News

Raging Heroes
A lot of new Toughest Girls of teh Galaxy previews!
316094418f2c1bc851099d4c374ee170_original 86ac9009def2f89cd4e0bff6d1083ced_original 938ea54586b0a664189f178360a438b2_original 7e299da1273a5d9b48a02284e967b011_original 57f101a96c671fd45e0de872f4b0916d_original 278cc6b1eb41e0ec396c7b059e0b0673_original 5092b5fdc001464d2c37eb6dda6be39a_original f5f9151addf89e3e22e76427ae005e63_original 26e1b8888fecc4d16f945c3f8df66e84_original d9a8ddc5ccadae483de5a41e7855888b_original 57a979415b4e4b4c62421e55ecdafa41_original 71c88e262ca506a50cd0c7cf98e1d8bd_original–> More Raging Heroes News

Demented Games
Demented Games presents two new Desert Guardians of Set:
13315681_1144803842218477_7983766613615707651_n 12871484_1144803772218484_2328935693784383848_n–> More Demented Games News

Wyrd Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures presents two new masters:
static1.squarespaces.com static1.squarespace.com–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Mantic Games
Deadzone 2nd edition, the Exham IV expansion and new faction sets for the Asterians are now available:
5036.1.368.368.FFFFFF.0 5048.1.368.368.FFFFFF.0–> More Mantic Games News

Anvil Industry
The Regiments range has been released:
13263959_1011527332261919_2773312098412389100_n –> More Anvil Industry News

GCT Studios
GCT Studios presents a new preview for Bushido:
xi-han_zoo_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Rubicon Models
New pictures of upcoming releases:
13321992_1720221478231213_8614478217710884295_n 13315598_1719392128314148_7272640040072587526_n13331051_1721182351468459_5674954968498142938_n
–> More Rubicon Models News

North Star Military Figures
The pre-order campaign for the newest Frostgrave expansion has started:
img8435And here is a new preview of the miniatures for Rogue Stars:
13310372_1284616008233965_7736571017338666970_n–> More North Star Military Figures News

Warlord Games
A whole range of plastic Churchills is in the making:
DareksChurchills-600x395And the Ghar got a new unit:
WGA-GAR-08-Ghar-Attack-Scutters-a-600x600–> More Warlord Games News

Titan Forge
More previews of the upcoming Fantasy Samurai range:
–> More Titan Forge News

Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games announced new expansions for Star Wars Armada and X-Wing:
swx56_layout swx55_layout swx54_layout swx53_layout–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

New 4Ground terrain is available:
13321889_1096741833730293_1599810183471312294_n 13268320_1096873517050458_7018441677865375235_o 13322178_1096873403717136_2747171576652339302_n–> More 4Ground News

Dream Pod 9
This time we got a previews of the plastic Caprice miniatures for Heavy Gear:
Final Plastic Test Pops Assembled Caprice Minis–> More Dream Pod 9 News

Perry Miniatures
Perry Miniatures expands their Egypt 1801 range:
13346789_891669804288460_2996006705385437799_n werd–> More Perry Miniatures News

And Bad Roll Games released Imperatrix Rabiosa:
IMG_3102–> More Bad Roll Games News

And a bunch of new Kickstarter campaigns:
Barbaric Splendor – Barbarian Characters
Dungeon Crawler – Behemoth 2016
Printable Scenery – Apocalypse Ruins
EMP Games – Boxer Rebellion 28mm Miniatures
LOAD – LOAD Boardgame
TerraForms Tabletop Wargame Terrain 10mm/12mm scale
Brigade Games – 28mm WW2 Soviets
Dicey Ventures Studios – Elemental Village

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

So much great stuff!
  • trn

    Those Titan Forge Samurai look absolutely incredible. Heck, its a good week all round, but those are something else.

    • ColonelFazackerley

      Indeed, the samurai riding lions are awesome.

  • Spacefrisian

    Those CG versions of toughest girls look nice, but i think the ability to decently take them in a case or something is not included.

    • zeno666

      They really do look awsome!

  • Sean

    This is the reason I look forward to fridays.

  • nurglitch

    Sweet, Caprice for the Heavy Gear Win!

    • Joe Dom GA

      very soon KS backers.

  • euansmith

    This here is a tip top pile of toys; the Samurai, the Malefaux minis, the Frostgrave Gnolls and those wonderful Opal trucks.


    I love the Copenhagen dip sign on the motor store. Made my day.