HOBBY: Painting Yellow Is Secretly Easy – TUTORIAL

nlp yellow how to paint airbrushing

Yo Dawg, Kenny Boucher hitting you up.  Today, we’re doing yellow. No Shortcuts, we’re going to nurture these up from the ground floor.

We’re going to be the Vallejo Game Color Series, no airbrush colors WHAT. SO. EVER.

This is advanced, you need to go back and go over the previous videos to catch up on your airbrushing skills.

Copy of nlp yellow


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Orange Fire
  • Gold Yellow
  • MoonYellow
  • White
  • Airbrush Flow Improver

In the video, you’ll notice I’m not trying to get full coverage right off the bat. I’m just trying to build up the color slowly. No exaggeration, FIVE thin coats to get to this point. In the video you’ll notice I point out some grey spots, so I go over it again.


Step 2.

Golden Yellow, We’re going to pop those highlights out on the big major panel that are going to remain yellow. A lot of the under carriage stuff is going to be grey. This is another 5 thing coats. The infinity line details are subtle, we need to go slow to make those details pop.


Pro-Tip: If I use two colors, I use the second brighter color to highlight.

Step 3:

Golden Yellow and Moon yellow, this is how we get those great transitions. The Golden yellow was the bright color but now it’s the dark color. We’re going back over the main highlights. Thin paint, full air, to avoid the build up.


Step 4:

Moon Yellow by itself on the highlights, each is a stage, you’re trying to narrow the focus and build off the previous highlight. We’re trying to highlight from the orange yellow to the yellow yellow.


Step 5:

Reinforce what we just did, get in tight and make it pop.


Step 6.

Add a bit of white and go over the highlights one more time. Go really tight and to the center.


Step 7.

Add in the FINAL bit of pure white in the tiniest little bits; to make this pop.



That’s it. It takes a lot of coats, dawg.

Painting Yellow is Secretly Easy – Airbrushing Hacks 

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  • Theik

    Yo dawg you don’t even need an airbrush, just build it up in several thin layers.But then I think Kenny would use an airbrush for screwing in a lightbulb, so eh.

  • Chad Underdonk


    Yellow is way easier than that.

    Paint it white.

    Then paint it with 937 Vallejo Transparent Yellow. If it has a lot of details hold it up in the sun to see if any of the white is showing through. If so do a second coat.

    Bright. Vibrant. Yellow. In just basecoat + one step!

    If you want to shade it just do a wash with Army Painter Strong or Dark Tone first. Or perhaps a Sepia shade. Then coat it with Transparent Yellow.

    Seriously. If you aren’t using Transparent Yellow you are doing it the hard way.

    • Kenny Boucher

      I said this is the hard way, but also i want more colors to interact than a pre-shade yellow can achieve. If you can achieve this result with strong tone and pre-shading my next video will be of me killing my self.

      • Frederic Madore

        Hey Kenny, great stuff man, you’re an inspiration man love the vibrant colors. You planning on releasing the rest of the model as a tutorial?

      • Chad Underdonk

        No slight on your paint job. Or your skills

        But it isn’t the easy way to achieve glorious bright yellow. Glorious bright yellow being the bugbear that folks cannot seem to achieve without five coats of paint and a decent amount of skills.

    • Panos

      He doesn’t paint Imperial Fists Marines to do half a job.
      Infinity miniatures have much much more detail that need proper care.

      • Chad Underdonk

        More detail than the Shaltari above?

        I paint infinity too…they are great sculpts but that doesn’t magically make the paint job harder or necessitate any techniques that you shouldn’t use on another mini.

    • Chad Underdonk

      I started this about 12 months ago and just never got back to it. I painted it white, and did one coat with Vallejo Transparent Yellow. You’ll note the white spot on the end where I was holding it and if you look closely a few white spots here and there where the details were holding air pockets that kept the yellow from getting into the cracks. One more coat and it would be perfectly golden yellow. With a little pre-work or post work in shading it could look damn good at a fraction of the effort.


  • Panos

    As usual great stuff 🙂

  • Yes, but how do I make it pop?

    • Kenny Boucher

      Just cut that video today. It will be up on patreon tonight.

  • blackbloodshaman

    Just freaking undercoat white, what is wrong with you people

  • SundaySilence

    Wish I could afford a decent airbrush 🙁

    I’ve started an Orruk army and I’m planning on doing them yellow.

    • Aezeal

      Ow no don’t do the terrible gw yellow scheme. Please think of the eyes of your opponents. Just do a nice green skin with metal armour (rusted if you got the skilllz)

  • Lone Lemming

    Well, those colors supposed to contain cadmium, at least based on their MSDS sheets. (See http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/security)

    Some of the bottles used to have a small “do not spray” sign, too.

  • DaveTycho

    Why is this article called “Painting yellow is secretly easy” when the article tells you that you have to use advanced painting techniques?

    • Aezeal

      I think the idea was to make he advanced stuff look easy. Except it was yellow so very hard to look at….. yellow on minis should be restricted to details or avoided.

  • OldHat

    Infinity absolutely suits your style, Kenny. This looks fantastic!

  • “Pro tip”: Clean the nozzle, so there won’t be bubbles in the pot… as seen in step #2

    • memitchell

      To mix colors he covers the nozzle and bubbles the bowl. Calls it Gangsta Gumbo.