War Zone Fenris: The Broken Crown Arrives



The Dark Angels firebomb a Space Wolves world while the Inquisition finds illumination.

We’ve all read Curse of the Wulfen and want to know how it ends.  The two part Tau series was separated by only 3 weeks, but GW/Black Library is taking the “scenic route” this year with the story.

The events that happen after Curse of the Wulfen are being written up as a series of EIGHT parts called:


Legacy or Russ (Subscription) $22.99

You will be able to buy each part individually, and the first part is free.  The entire series will be released from now until October, so we may have to wait a bit to see how it all turns out.  Here’s the latest volume just out:


the broken crown

Part 4: The Broken Crown $4.99

The Fenris system is under attack by armies of daemons, and though the Space Wolves fight with their customary courage and savagery, their enemies are beyond number. In an effort to quell the daemonic intrusion, Azrael orders the firebombing of the planet Midgardia, in callous disregard for the fate of its human inhabitants. And in the void, the Inquisition discover that while rumours of mutants among the Space Wolves are true, the reality of the situation is not clear cut as it could be – are the Wulfen friend or foe?

Written by Robbie MacNiven


Part 3: Lying in Flames $4.99

Daemons rampage across the planets and moons of the Fenris system, and the Space Wolves find themselves hard-pressed to contain the attackers, let alone hunt for their missing Chapter Master, Logan Grimnar. To add to their troubles, a crusade force led by Azrael of the Dark Angels, and backed up by the Inquisition, hangs in judgment above Midgardia. The Space Wolves stand accused of harbouring mutants among their ranks – a terrible crime in the eyes of the Imperium.

Written by Robbie MacNiven


Part 2: The Young Wolf’s Return $4.99

As the Fenris System is beset on all fronts by a vast daemonic incursion, the Space Wolves fight with redoubled savagery and heroism. A conflict of such magnitude cannot remain unnoticed by the wider Imperium however, and over a dozen other Space Marine Chapters, the Dark Angels foremost amongst them, stand ready to enforce the ultimate sanction against those planets drowning under the endless waves of warp-spawn. Worse, the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar, is still missing. Will salvation arrive in time for the Sons of Russ, or will their Chapter suffer a blow from which they might never recover?

Written by Robbie MacNiven



Part 1: The Lost King (FREE)


The Fenris system, home of the savage and feral Space Wolves Chapter, is overrun by the forces of Chaos. On planets and moons armies of daemons manifest to enact a campaign of slaughter, and the Wolves are forced to defend themselves on all fronts. As the fighting escalates, all contact with Logan Grimnar is lost. Can the Space Wolves find their missing Chapter Master, or is he dead, as the daemons claim? And if he has fallen, what will stand between the Space Wolves and absolute destruction?

Written by Robbie MacNiven



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So this series of Quick Reads wraps up in October. We may be waiting a while for part 2 of Warzone Fenris to hit for all of us tabletop gamers.

~ Anyone want to lay odds on Russ’ return before it’s all over?

  • SilentPony

    Spoilers: Nothing of note happens because this is GW and there’s no way they’re gonna kill off one of only 4 actually played armies.
    The Inq will call the whole thing off, the Dark Angels will glare at the Wolves, the Wolves will come under more scrutiny, and will be “greatly reduced in number” and then…I dunno, Orks or Nids will happen and everyone will forget about this.

    Just like they did the last 8 times the Imperium has invaded Fenris.

    • Mike Siegmund

      They may kill off a character but it will have no effect on the game like the other dead characters

      • SilentPony

        Ragnar may die. Or maybe some of the other no model Wolf Lords, but Grimnar, Njarl, Ulrik, Bjorn and Krom? The ones they just gave new models to?
        I highly doubt it

        • Canis may or may not make it at this rate.

        • Jonathan B.

          Remember they “killed” Lysander back in 4th edition, but he still had a model. Also, hasn’t Eldrad Ulthran been pushing up daisies too?

          • georgelabour

            He’s actually been a series of collectible ceramic items.

            Or was until that whole 13th black crusade thing stopped being a thing.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Didn’t you watch classic Dr Who?
            “Eldrad must live”
            “Eldrad MUST live”
            Eldrad must live”…

  • Frank O’Donnell

    The way GW are going is sad as they’ve no regard for the fluff the is already in place, we’re now going to have the Inq except the wolfen when anyone who knows anything about the way the imperium is knows that with all the mistrust & suspicion & lets face it the guys in powers wanting to keep it that it wouldn’t happen, the wolf’s should now be like the Souldrinkers.

    • The “Inquisition” hasn’t accepted anything yet.

      The one Inquisitor who makes contact with Ragnar in this story isn’t acting alongside the others, and is trying to satisfy a personal grudge and suspicion against the Dark Angels, who he considers the greater threat due to how they slaughter innocents for cover ups. And even he is wary of the Wulfen and said that he will reserve judgement until the bigger threat is dealt with.

      • Frank O’Donnell

        So with all you know about 40K what do you think should now happen with the Wolf’s ?

        • I’d rather wait and see what the official version ends up being than conjuring my own ideas yet.
          The Inquisitor here, for now, believes that the Wulfen are without warp taint. That bodes well for the Wolves, all things considered. The Canis Helix is part of the Emperor’s design, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the factions within the Inquisition will call it righteous and true just as much as heresy and mutation. And if the Imperium can tolerate abhumans like Ogryns or Ratlings in their ranks, the loyal Wolves will likely be able to make a case for themselves as well.
          The Dark Angels though? They have more to answer for, more innocent blood on their hands, even that of Inquisitors, other Chapters and regiments. They’re the bigger fish to fry.

          • Frank O’Donnell

            I don’t know if you remember but at one time DA & Wolfs fighting along side each other would have to have a little stand off before the game between the 2 HQ’s , all for this just add’s more bad blood, so at the very least I would want GW to change something in the game to reflect what has happened or what was the point of it if things are just the same at the end of it all.

    • georgelabour

      Anyone who knows anything about the Imperium’s history (and the printed lore we base our knowledge on ) would recall the Inquision likely already found out all of this millennia ago, and then had the records expunged so as to prevent any more civil wars.

      Final page of either the 3rd or 4th edition big core books if you need a reference.

      • Frank O’Donnell

        Easy to hide records not so easy to hide giant werewolf’s lol

        • georgelabour

          Canon says otherwise.

          Especially when the same people burning those records are the same ones hiding the werewolves.

  • I’ll say again that it isn’t worth buying the stories or subscription right now. It is a serialized novel, and will be for sale once they’re all out (the schedule of which is very unreliable) for less than they are either way. Wait, and get the full picture later.

  • Vepr

    Space Wolves and especially Wulfen are offensive to furries. The mature thing for GW to do is to remove the whole line. Maybe start a new primarch, Leonard Rust, a progressive avante garde primarch who cares.

    • euansmith

      Bronei von Clopper, primarch of the Rainbow Unicorns.

      “There are no ponies on Equestria!”

  • nurglitch

    By the cheese-knife of Russ!

  • Ronin

    I tried really hard to read the lore of the last campaign book, but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it because it was so dull and Mary sueish even beyond the heroics of Ultramarines. Anyone willing to do a quick recap of what happened?

    • georgelabour

      GW did things that you’ll later complain about on the internet even if you didn’t read it.

      The end.

  • Firemind

    Another tale of how the most Mary sue group of a bunch of Mary sues keeps being the biggest Mary sue, great, just what I wanted to read.