40K BREAKING: Prospero Space Wolves Spotted!



First shots from the Battle for Prospero are here. Space Wolves fans NEED to see this!

Forgeworld’s Open Day is today and Garro is on the case for the community.

Take a look at the latest shots from the event floor 40K fans!

images via Garro (facebook)

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~Lots more from the show floor! Check back soon!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I need all of this in my life

  • Mira Bella

    They look quite bland. 🙁
    I really hoped for more fur mantles and leather facemasks.

    • OolonColluphid

      Those are pretty much exclusive to the Sons of Horus in 30k and Space Wolves officers before they became Space Furies.

      • Mira Bella

        Off topic…
        Is that you coffeegrunt? 🙂

    • Randy Randalman

      That wouldn’t fit the Space Wolves in 30k, really. Other than the officers.

      • PrimoFederalist

        Not according to the Horus Heresy novels.

      • An_Enemy

        Yeah? Try reading a book for once. Every SW had a leather mask. They were all covered in totems and furs to fend off the warp.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I like the celtic knot work. I always thought of them as becoming more “feral” over the millenia so it works for me.

    • Statham

      This. It makes sense they’d have some ornate and detailed elements, but I like the idea that once the Emperor ascends to the throne and Russ disappears, the Wolves are basically master-less.

  • OolonColluphid

    This is how you do Space Vikings. Games Workshop should take notes from them.

    • Statham

      I think 10,000 years of difference justifies the unruly, rune-clad, pelt-wearing nature of the 40K Wolves. I don’t think GW have that many notes to take.

      • OolonColluphid

        When they crap on decades of fluff they should. Like turning Bjorn into a psyker because reasons.

        • Statham

          Which is more background/fluff rather than aesthetics, and is not what you were commenting on in your original post. Also, GW determine FW’s fluff, so your argument is entirely invalid.

          • OolonColluphid

            No it isn’t. Your just using fanboy logic. FW does their own thing with little supervision from GW.
            Stop defending people who just make things up as they go along vs actual writers.
            This is pretty close to what SW looked like in Rogue Trader.

          • Statham

            Because ‘fanboy logic’ equals ‘common sense’ now? You’re nuts. You think GW don’t have complete control over FW’s fluff? And again, FLUFF/BACKGROUND WAS *NOT* YOUR ORIGINAL POINT. You were commenting on aesthetics. Stop backtracking.

          • OolonColluphid

            Nope there is no common sense in your argument. You made a claim and didn’t back it up. They even contradict Black Library’s current fluff. You lied and said that GW has total control over what FW does. Which we know isn’t true. Their separate divisions who do their own thing.

            So your lying right now and yes, you are engaging in fanboy logic. Space furry fanboys are just about as dumb as Eldar players. LOL.

          • Statham

            No, I’m really not, and there’s nothing to back up. It’s common sense that GW would control the fluff FW are putting out. They also have total control over FW – they are not a separate company, they’re a subdivision, hence why GW were able to retool them to include the new board games they’re making soon. They do not ‘do their own thing’, they’re just given a lot of leeway because their stuff sells. If anyone’s using fanboy logic, it’s you, bending over backwards to justify praise for FW.

          • OolonColluphid

            What common sense? Your just making things up kid. There is no corporation between teams. You have no idea how separate studios work. Both FW and BL are also their own companies.

            Nope, your just a space furry fanboy trying to justify his unverified statements.
            Because FW is where the real talent is. As GW just has interns designing its models at this point.
            Only a stupid kid would go out his way to justify GWs crappy designs.

          • Randy Randalman

            You have no idea what you are talking about.

            Also, admit you were wrong with your aesthetics comment. That’s where you started this pathetic argument; not the fluff.

          • templarsmonochromata

            I agree with your sentiment, but calling someone ‘Kid’ is ad-hom, even if they’re defending the actions that GW have taken to ‘kiddify’ their game.
            Tubby marines made me lit. rage quit.
            A centurion was once a dignified word.

          • Statham

            Hilarious because I’m actually thirty. Also, I’m not wrong. GW may have kiddified 40K (in addition to somehow making it more complicated than their target 14 year old audience would ever grasp), but I think people are kidding themselves if they think GW don’t have full control/approval over the FW output; it’s a more sophisticated/luxury product, sure, but seriously.

          • Randy Randalman

            @OolonColluphid: It’s GW’s fluff. It was their fluff first and always has been. FW and Black Library jumped into it, and under GW’s supervision. Also, 10,000 years without the Emperor or Lemun Russ is EXACTLY why the Wolves have become far more feral than they once were. Not because GW is just making things up.

            Anyway, answer Statham’s original point: You were talking about aesthetics first, not fluff. Stop deflecting the fact that you were wrong and answer him.

          • An_Enemy

            You guys are arguing about fluff and your basic premise is wrong. 40k Wolves AREN’T more feral than 30k Wolves. It’s the opposite.

            40k wolves are thin bloods. 30k Wolves wore leather masks to hide their mutated features from the other Legions.

            Again, read a book. Unless you want to contradict yourself and admit that GW doesn’t regulate what FW and BL do at all. Which is the truth. There is no Loremaster at GW tracking canon
            They break canon with every new publication.

          • SwervinNinja

            No need to feed the Neckbeard Trolls.

          • Statham

            Didn’t intend to. I fully acknowledge I rose to the nonsense there, but it’s not like I’m wrong.

          • Alpharius

            They don’t seem to have oversight over 30k writing, yes. Not for lack of authority, but lack of interests. Like with BL, there are rough guidelines but the individual authors are quite free to run with their own ideas. Another piece of evidence is how garbage 40K writing is and how good the 30K stuff is.

  • Barba Verde Parrot

    Yo también los quiero ya en mi coleccion…

    • Shawn

      Los Lobos de Horus Heresy muy bien, no?

  • Emprah

    Not enough furs, fangs, and runes. Not even a single WOLF!

    These are no true Space Wolves. Wolf!

    • georgelabour

      They’re the Valkyn Fenryka. Not space wolves.

      Which is what any of them would tell you, after punching you in the face for getting their name wrong. 😛

      • Luis Otero

        Actually, a son of Russ would also punch you in the face for getting “Vlka Fenryka” wrong. But you are correct, there are no wolves on Fenris. :oD

        • georgelabour

          As a Texan I’d be duty bound to try and punch him in the face for daring to tell me how to mispronounce words!

          Provided of course that I both survived the punch, and managed to locate a step stool before he gutted me. Fortunately they have a good sense of humor about these matters.

      • An_Enemy

        That’s not a name they gave to outsiders. To everyone else they were Space Wolves, the 6th Legion, or simply the Rout.(if it was a close ally)

  • Kyu

    So their aesthetic has clearly changed over the millenia. Have their tactics and combat style changed? We know that they’ve been made up of 13 great companies since the beginning and the canis helix is still a factor.

  • Dan Hermod Anderson

    Still not a single chain axe shown that were mentioned in ” a thousand sons” – nor any Huskarls…. im losing hope.

  • Sonic tooth

    space wolves are the cheesiest, cornyest thing gw ever created. i just cant stand them. this is a pointless, childish post so …sorry!

    • PrimoFederalist

      After 5th and the introduction of Thunderwolves, yes, but what was so terrible about them before Thunderwolves?

      • templarsmonochromata

        to put words in his mouth, Space wolves were ‘a bit silly’ in the same way that the whacky japes of space orks are slightly out of place in the grimdark, and only gw’s inherent pastiche had a chance of making it work. (I still think they de-sci-fi it).
        Space-vikings are… another step sillier than space-romans. Space romans are silly. Space vikings! Sheesh 😛

        • polyquaternium7

          followed by, space vampires, Space knights, space monks, space elves, space dwarfs, space undead, Space Deamons, space russians of WWII, space Germans of WW1, Space Cossacks, Space British empire era guard, Space USMC dress guard, Space Alexander the Great, Space Rambo, Space “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” Space ogres, space halflings. Space Kevin Spacey because he’s probably included somewhere. Actually tis a silly game, do not play it when sober.

      • Alpharius

        2nd edition Space Wolves were pretty insufferable. Marine+1 rules and first draft Tau-style goody goody fluff. They were Mary Sues. Now with FW and BL rolling them in the dirt a bit, they are almost a “proper” Legion as long as you ignore all the wolfwolfwolfwolfclawfangwolfwolf stuff.

  • Dan Wilson

    Those clectic knots are so awesome. Glad to see some in transfers although don’t see any that are dreadnought size…

    • Ghaniman

      They’ve used two or more cut in places for that Leviathan Dread in the pics.

  • BloodAngel

    I thought this was supposed to be an upcoming “boxed game” in the flavor of Betrayal at Calth. Are these Forgeworld addons to the range? Or is the info on there being a boxed game referring to something else.

  • jcdent

    If this means plastic MKIIs/MKIIIs down the line, I might drop some money of GW’s stuff.

    • Alpharius

      Plastic Mk2/3 would look terrible. Plastic can’t handle those knee joints.

      • An_Enemy

        This. Look at the plastic mark 4 studs and knee pads. They’re horrible. That’s CAD. Now imagine those distorted hot dog shaped studs all over your models.

  • ghettohamburglar

    so does this mean the rumors are wrong and its not a GW release but FW?