BFG Leviathan: Launching Soon!


Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan is launching next week and has a brand new trailer admirals!

First the basics everybody:

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan is the faithful digital version of the tabletop game for mobile and tablet, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This turn based strategy game takes place during the Shield of Baal campaign, as seen from a space-eye view of the action. The game will be available on iOS (mobile and tablet) in 2016. The price will be 5,99€ EU / 5,99$ US / 4,49£ UK.


This is a fairly faithful recreation of the original boardgame, on your mobile device.


Battlefleet Gothic Leviathan Launches next Thursday, 07/07/2016

Here are some screenshots to get you in the mood.

gothic-leviathan-screenshot3 gothic-leviathan-screenshot1 gothic-leviathan

~Get ready Admirals!

  • wibbling

    My concern here is it will be riddled with adverts making it unplayable.

    • My concern is more that it is unplayable without extensive grinding or paying with real money.

      • I find generally mobile games that cost $6 upfront don’t require IAP other than for new content (new missions, factions etc)

  • John Bower

    Think I’ll stick with the one currently on Steam, it has so far turned out to be awesome; and can’t wait till they bring in the other factions later on.

  • orionburn

    I’m old school and prefer turn based as opposed to real time. It looks good for being a replica of the board game. Since it’s a paid for game I doubt there will be ads like you see in Freeblade. I’m sure there will be the usual pay-to-upgrade nonsense, but as long as it isn’t as goofy as the crap in Freeblade that you can pay for it should be fine.

    I’m dying for them to relaunch the actual tabletop BFG so this will help pass the time until then. I’m excited to have this for mobile.

  • Ghaniman

    Shouldn’t they call it “Battlefleet ‘Whatever Sector Baal is in’ Leviathan”?

  • Jamie Thomson

    I don’t understand, I already have it downloaded on my iPad… I guess it must have fallen through the warp!

  • Crablezworth

    wishes bfg armada had turn based mode

  • ZeeLobby

    Android would have been nice. Was going to sell my iPad but am now sorely tempted to hold onto it again…

  • Timotheus

    Only iOS?? And bye…

    • carlisimo

      Turn-based games have done pretty poorly on Android, according to a lot of companies who’ve tried (e.g. Slitherine). The problem is that a lot of these games are designed for 10″ screens, and there just aren’t that many Android users with large tablets. Lots of 7″ tablets, but their owners apparently don’t spend a lot on apps. People with high-end Android phones do and those are probably on the small side.

  • Kevin Maloney

    At first I thought this was an official Tyranid DLC for BFG Armada. Sigh…