Fritz’s Tabletop – 40K Exotic Unit Tactics

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The Small, the Mediocre & the Naked –  we continue our tactics series on winning at Warhammer 40K.

Continuing our tactical exploration of the 40K universe, this week we are going to explore winning with various units, how to use expensive points vs. small model count units, and how to pull off a naked deepstrike. Prepare for glory!


Some units in 40K are REALLY good- read auto-include, other are so bad they are better left on the shelf, while a few are neither good or bad- how do we use these?


Are you getting the most out of that small expensive point unit?

Deepstriking your units is a tactical options that you sometimes want to explore- let’s look at some ideas on dealing with the random of it and how to pull it off.

~See you on the table.



  • Malevengion

    The biggest advantage to using rare units, to me anyway, is that the other player is never really sure what they can or cannot do. They might have heard the unit was terrible so they never brushed up on it. In a game where both players have a total view of the field, any unknown variable can give you an edge.

  • OolonColluphid

    I pity the fool who plays Dark Angels and doesn’t use Deathwing with Plasma Cannons.

  • Andrew Thomas

    He missed that Chosen are armed to the teeth, and depending on how you switch out equipment, you can still have a gun on twin Claw guy.