Tyranid Freedom Fighters VS. The Oppressive Astartes



Lost Patrol Batrep! It’s the ultimate story of good versus evil with a bit of Get to the Choppa thrown in for good measure.

Robbie B, Annie Cat, and I are bringing in Lost Patrol. I’m playing the Nids, the true heroes of the Universe, the defenders of the life giving forest, and Robby B is bringing his Purple People Snacks.

Robbie B thinks this is very easy to play, the rule book is 4 pages front to back. You get everything you need in the box and I think it’s a nice little starter box.



So, the scouts start on a tile, the tiles are shuffled up face down and we just start laying out some Tiles.



It seems to be going well, because the ‘nids can’t jump out of curves.



The Scouts move out. But the ‘nids quickly catch up and start noshing on some Purple People Snacks. Nom Nom.

070516-LostPatrol-144 070516-LostPatrol-145



In the end, the Freedom fighters that the Genestealers conquer the Imperialist Invaders and the good guys win round 1!



Round 2, we go with some modifications. We made three separate tile stacks, we add the drop ship in one of the groups randomly. We roll for which tile stack we use to layout. This way, we don’t need to get to the very bottom in order to survive. We’re making it so that Genestealers can’t assault through terrain unless they have line of sight. The scouts bring more than just a couple of bullets, they shoot double the amount of shots.



In round two the tile gods are nice to Rob and the first stack is consumed in short order.



The Purple Snacks move out and try to escape the jungle of death. The ‘nids counter by spread out as well. Even with the extra shots, the scouts are still struggling. They do manage to kill a heroic rebel fighter.

Note: We still think with the extra shots the game is still tough but a little bit more fun.

The path shows itself but the Snack Packs find themselves in a rock and a hungry place.



The drop ship is reveled deep in the forest, but can the purple marines make it to the choppa!?!



Fortunate, the Snack Packs only spread their scent throughout the forest and attract even more Genestealers. Another win for the mighty defenders of the jungle!



For the FULL break down turn-by-turn check out the video. It’s got the MOSTEST funnies, so check it out.

  • Primarch Vulkan

    This game is almost impossible to win as the scouts.

    • Zingbaby

      White Dwarf had a list of modifications it called ‘easy mode’ to make it easier for the scouts – but default yeah, it looks near impossible.

    • Zingbaby

      My mistake, just re-read WD – it has 1 modification, just not allowing genestealers to be placed on dropship tile.

  • Zingbaby

    I gotta admit this looks fun!

  • zeno666

    So they didn’t even bother to update the art on the tiles?

  • GreyPanthers

    This is a game I’d play with someone I don’t like or want to scare away from other GW board games. It’s bad… so very very bad. No balance, no pacing, no tactics, nothing. You play as nids and Auto win. No two ways about it.

    • ZeeLobby

      Well, you can’t blame modern GW, it’s not like they designed it. They did release it though, which is a shame.

  • vonblinden22

    Did anyone else have a problem with the broken English in this batrep?