D&D: Sneak Peek at Storm King’s Thunder

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Wizards of the Coast announces its 4th Extra Life event, its crew, and how you can join the fun for charity!

Over the past three years D&D players have raised over $200,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This year they’re aiming to raise another $50,000 – and you can help. Here’s how:

The 24-hour marathon starts at 8am PST on Friday, September 16th, and will feature 6 in-house teams throughout the weekend. Each four-hour game will be livestreamed on the D&D Twitch Channel, and will focus on one of the giant races featured in the newest storyline, Storm King’s Thunder, using the 5th edition D&D rules set. The game will conclude at 8am PST on Saturday, September 17th.

Donors can contribute to Dungeon Masters and players alike to grant them benefits before and during the game. Not only can donors change gameplay, but they can also win D&D swag and exclusive content! Prizes may include rare miniatures, signed TRPG books, and D&D-themed swag. Below is a play calendar, a full list of participating members, and some of their Extra Life pages.

Visit the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page for more information on the event, how to contribute, and what you can do to participate!


As a bonus they’re offering up a preview of Storm King’s Thunder as a rewards for meeting fundraising goals!

Two previews have been unlocked so far:

d100 table for Items in a Giant’s Bag

“In addition to treasure, giants often possess mundane items that they carry around in leather sacks or store in old chests. Items that are not giant-sized are sized for Small or Medium characters.”

Appendix A: Linked Adventures

“Wizards of the Coast has published other D&D adventures that can serve as springboards for Storm King’s Thunder, not only getting characters to 5th level but also directing the characters toward one of the three locations described in chapter 2.”

There are more pages to unlock…

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