GW: Products & Pricing – August 23rd


Another week and the new goodies are doing the rounds on the tubes. Here’s what to get your wallet ready for:


Spikey Bits reports on 8-23-2016:

“Multiple retailers have reported the following to us for September’s new releases.”

  • White Dwarf September 2016 $9

  • Grombrindal: The White Dwarf (Clam-Pack) $20

  • Warhammer 40k Kill Team (Core Set) $65

Yesterday GW put out the following teaser on their Facebook Page – which may explain some of this:



BoLS already have our subscription to White Dwarf ready to go – We are counting down the days till it hits the mailbox.

~ Much more as we get it!


  • ZeeLobby

    Ugh. I just wish I could do it. Gotta wait to pull the trigger.

  • TrollSlaya

    Kill Team Core Set? Intriguing.

    • Bryan Ruhe

      “Core Set” is indeed an interesting choice of words. Hm!

      • Bayne MacGregor

        Could they be planing multiple other faction sets like Stormcloud?

    • euansmith

      I wonder who the Marines will be fighting this time?

      • Sbehling


        • euansmith

          F’real? That would be fun.

          • Sbehling

            From what i gather, theres one space marine tactical squad, and one tau breacher team

          • euansmith

            Ooh, this sounds cool.

          • Sbehling

            Yeh. Im hoping they’ll release the rulebook as a free pdf / app with rules for other armies. My deathwatch are crying out to be used in a game like this

          • euansmith

            What? Death Watch being used in a game of small unit close quarters combat? I can’t see that working. 😉

          • Sbehling


      • zeno666

        Perhaps other marines.
        Or even other marines… with spikes!

        • euansmith

          Using the Spike Upgrade Sprue.

      • TrollSlaya

        Undoubtedly some foul enemies which haven’t been selling as much as GW hoped.

  • The teaser-image of this article shows various currencies. The article yet again only uses $.

    • Champildhir

      aaas always. As if the readers of BoLS were only in the US

  • An_Enemy

    Most exciting part of this is the likelihood of SM tactical squads showing up on ebay for cheap.

    Otherwise, it’s a really boring box. Not quite as bad as scouts and genestealers though.

  • Earl Tower

    Definitely desirable, but need to finish with the current army first.

    • euansmith

      You appear to have ended up with my portion of self control. Can I have it please?

  • jazeroth

    i’m probably going to get a sub this year as its only 12 copies not 52

  • euansmith

    “Victory OR Death? Why not both?”

    • Xodis

      Its harder to sell that as a goal lol

  • Xodis

    September’s WD is the new full month version right?

  • generic eric

    So is there a new White Dwarf App?