Konflikt ’47: M8 Grizzly Medium Assault Walker

452411001-Allied-M8-Grizzly-c This armored walker is ready to take charge of any battle that comes its way!

Allied Grizzly Medium Walker$45.00

via Warlord:

M8 Grizzly Medium Assault Walker the first truly practical walker designed using Rift technology; the Grizzly is a watchword in rugged and practical design. Armed with the proven 75mm gun and a .50 HMG, the Grizzly is versatile and adaptable.


More useful are perhaps the powerful arms that can smash tanks and clear obstacles. Well-liked by its crews, the Grizzly is considered a better infantry support option than the Sherman, particularly in urban environments where it can carry out improvised route clearance and help build defensive obstacles.


The 75mm gun was chosen ahead of the 76mm for its improved HE round, often the most heavily used ammunition in an engagement. Used by American and British forces the Grizzly is a perfect addition to all allied forces!

Full stats can be found in Konflikt’47 rule book page 158


If you think the Grizzly looks awesome, check out the rest of what the US Konflikt ’47 force has to offer. The starter set is available for pre-order!

Konflict 47 US Starter Set$112.00

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Who’s ready to enter Weird War II?

  • euansmith

    That Grizzly is such a cool mini. I think that the leather around the main cannon is a great touch.

  • Wayne Molina

    This looks like a cool looking game. Feel of WW2 but techy stuff and what could be enough “what if” to make more narrative battles instead of just refighting things.

  • Countdiscount

    I love the look of that Grizzly, but they’re falling into the same trap I feel Dust falls into where you have some cool looking models, that properly convey an alternate timeline aesthetic, next to other models that look run of the mill historically accurate grunts. It doesn’t work to me.

    Every model needs to have something to set them apart as a bit different from actual historical wars, or there’s no cohesion to the look of the game.

    • arkhanist

      While I see where you’re coming from, they’ve explicitly said they want to complement Bolt Action WW2 units, rather than outright replace them with better ‘rift tech’ upgrades. That means people can use their existing bolt action armies with an extra flavour unit or two that fill different roles, rather than start from scratch.

      e.g. the armoured walkers are superior for urban combat as they’re equally armoured all round and can even fight in close combat, but conventional tanks are still tougher with more firepower at range.

      Plus it represents the background; WW2 dragged on post-nuclear weapons as they don’t work the same way as they do in ‘our’ timeline, and breaking up the allies. Tank design changed a lot between the late 1930’s and the end of the war, but older tanks didn’t disappear from the battlefield because you used what you had.

  • ImperialFisted

    Called the ‘Grizzly’ by its allies and ‘Pinocchio’ by its enemies…

  • ImperialFisted

    Thank you for joining us today as we reveal the latest development in medium assault walkers, ‘Mechunicorn!’.
    Is that it’s main armament or it’s kickstand?
    Seriously though, I like its look but such a wee cannon on a hulking walker? Oh well, don’t judge a gun by its bore but by the recoil!