FW: Three New Cerastus Knight Heads


Forge World has three new Knight Heads up for Pre-order today – I hope you magnetized yours!

via Forge World

You can know choose a new look for your Cerastus Knights with three new Knight Heads available to order today!

Cerastus Knight Head I £12


The enlarged, multiple optics of this Cerastus Knight head speak of a pattern designed around enhanced Occular Augmetics.


Cerastus Knight Head II £12


The faceless visage of this Cerastus Knight head is akin to the featureless faceplates of the Legio Cybernetica’s Battle-automata.



Cerastus Knight Head III £12


With its extra optics and cabling, this Cerastus Knight head may have been retro-fitted with additional technologies many years after its initial construction.


All three of these heads are available for pre-order today. If you’re looking to do some head-swapping or if you have multiple Cerastus Knights and were looking for a cool way to make them unique Forge World has you covered. I think I like the Cerastus Knight Head II the best out of the bunch – the faceless place helps tie it back to the Battle-Automata which I like.

Hey – even if you don’t own a Knight Cerastus you could still use these for something cool like terrain or objective markers for an Ad Mech force. Each head is about the size of a infantry miniature so I’m sure creative hobbyists out there could figure out a cool base for a head. Shoot, I’d want to magnetize the base, too! Then you could pop the head off and swap it with your Knight…But I’m getting “ahead” of myself now. I still have to start an Ad Mech force before I go planning cool objective markers, right?!

Want to see the Rules for this Knight? Check the link below:

Mechanicum Cerastus Knights Atrapos Rules


Please don’t intentionally drop your Knights to disassemble them. I’m sure you can find a better way to remove the head.

  • CMAngelos

    These are pretty awesome I will say. But seriously I want my Stormbird already!

    • Andrew Thomas

      I want my Dominus conversion kit.

      • Bayne MacGregor

        Dominus conversion kit? Is that (quite reasonable) wishlisting or have they said they will make one?

        • Andrew Thomas

          At this point, wishlisting, but it’s so damn good, especially against Necrons, and it has stats and an existing chassis in the Crassus.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    Do these work with plastic knight kits, because I could be tempted to buy one and put the half-mask/resperator head on it

    • georgelabour

      They do not.

      FW did show off some heads for the questoris (the plastic kit) but they don’t look anything like these.

      They also don’t seem to be any rush to make the head for the Magaeros available for sale as a separate item. 🙁

  • Barty

    I await the Apeture Science themed Knight force that someone will make given we now have a GLaDOS head.

    • georgelabour

      Hrmm technically the knight Atrapos can open portals with its gun.

      Aperture Atrapos. Making black holes into burning lemons that kill xenos houses. For science.

  • generic eric

    What is the tyranid equvilant?

  • georgelabour

    I do like them but wish they were for the regular plastic knights instead.

    Maybe someday though I’ll be able to get a lancer and a second Atrapos. Someday.