Genestealer Cult Loot Astra Militarum

gscult-1You heard that right, check out the latest info doing the rounds on the purple people eaters!

via dakka 9-19-2016



– 104 pages

– background about various Genestealer Cults across the Imperium

– full army list with rules for all units including elements from the Astra Militarum.

– 6 new Tactical Objectives

– 8 new Formations

– new wargear

– new psychic school “Broodmind” (7 new powers)

– Uniform Guide that shows colors and uniforms of a selection of cults.”


And that should get the speculation engines up and running. So which units do you think the Cult will be able to take.

Back in the ancient Rogue Trader Genestealer Cult army list, they could take 10-man units of Imperial Guardsmen, and a single Leman Russ. These days there iare lot more choices for the cultists to commander.

~What’s your best guess?


  • GrimTeef

    Looking forward to this. Do you suppose Scions will be able to be used with the Cults, as well as standard Guard? Would love to have a mix of the two. And i love the Scion models, but don’t play Guard…

    Also hoping that there’s a Cult upgrade sprue, with badges and hanging weapon icons that can be added to standard Guard and Scion units to make them fully absorbed by the Cult, and stand out as such.

    • vlad78

      I think a genestealer cult would convert local PDF regiments recruting from infected planets, not scions which are too precious to be stationed idly anywhere and are carefully monitored. imho

      • GrimTeef

        Sure, I agree with converting the local Planetary Defense Force, and if the drive is there I would get the Start Collecting Astra Militarum box to go with the Cult. But I could see a Commissar being infected or someone higher up than he getting infected, and calling in some bigger guns like the Scions. Not possible?

        • vlad78

          That would be entirely possible of course.

        • Neil Burns

          I feel like a Planetary Governor could. I specifically remember a Deathwatch codex, where a local Arbiter (Could be wrong on the person) head gets infected, and it works its way down the ranks.

        • Zack Seiders

          Now to sit here and wait for a chaos version of the imperial guard to be available to anyone NOT buying from forgeworld.

    • Neil Burns

      Scions are way too specialized IMO. Like, I feel like if some were infected, they’d be entirely aware of it, and report to their local commissar. But hey, anything could happen.

      • GrimTeef

        But like I theorized, what if the local Commissar is infected… In all honesty, I don’t know a lot about Guard or Scions, just trying to find a way to use those fantastic Scion models. Hoping it’s possible, but the Cadian Guard models are pretty good too.

        • Bayne MacGregor

          Hmm ‘report to the Commissar’ ends up a lot less lethal in one part of the army, morale in that company is at an all time high, efficiency has gone through the roof especially covert ops.

    • Oddiun

      If you don’t mind the cost (scions are more expensive $ wise I think?) you can still use em. I made an old KT using them as I liked the full mask heads to hide behind

      • GrimTeef

        That’s a pretty cool and creepy conversion there. Just the hand swap really changed the feel.

        I was looking at the Start Collecting Scions box, and I already have an unbuilt box of Scions to use. I don’t think I’d get any more than that. I feel I can’t use Scions as standard Guard troops, since they look too well equipped.

        • Oddiun

          Ah I honestly don’t play IG so didn’t really notice although I didn’t add any extra bits (all those ones I built are rocking the lasguns with a cord attached, which don’t look all that different to me. I was playing with the idea of trying to remake the command trench coat guy as a primus though

          • Ben_S

            Those are supposed to be hotshot lasguns.

        • Inquisitor Fulbright

          You could use them as guard vets with the grenadiers doctrine (carapace armour) then it’s just a case of changing up the lasgun they carry a bit to represent a normal lasgun. In the gaunt’s ghosts books there is a guard company in it that wears carapace and rocks hotshot lasguns and they are described as being a guard unit, not stormtroopers

          • GrimTeef

            Very interesting! Thanks, Fulbright. I suppose I could just use Scions as Guard Vets, assuming they are an option with GeneCult and Scions are not. I’m not even really wanting to use the rules for Scions or hotshot lasguns or anything, just don’t want to be too confusing on my usage of Scions models.

    • Moonsaves

      The backstory to Overkill was that a Scion team and an Inquisitor originally went missing. All that sweet gear had to go somewhere.

      • GrimTeef

        Ah, that’s right, I had only skimmed over that part. I think just about anything using Guard and Scions could be rationalized, I suppose. Just depends on what’s in the GeneCult codex.

  • Patriarch

    Worried about new psychic discipline. Just let us have the (good) rulebook ones please…

  • david

    This happened in the original version,the hybid human/stealers used the guardman body with stealer arms/shooters.

    • generic eric

      Somewhere someone posted some tau firewarriors(?) with stealers for fun. As long as the codex explains it well enough, via strength of vehicles and point costs, there should be room to adapt any army if you are playing against friends.

    • memitchell

      Other way around. Hybrid bodies, plastic hybrid/stealer arms and could use IG arms. Weapons sprues were Ork (when Orks were human size, and Chaos heavy weapons.

  • WellSpokenMan


    • Neil Burns

      A marbo styled Lictor would be the coolest.

  • Kolobius

    It makes sense. If you were a cult that was trying to stay hidden but also arm up I would wager that the AM has crates and crates of weapons and ammo just laying around that a “clerical” error could easily have go missing.

    • generic eric

      That is a great idea for a back story. Forgive me for asking how are those crates typically transported? On a truk?

      • Ben_S

        Apparently in shipping containers now that GW have released them.

        • generic eric

          What moves the crates?

          • Ben_S

            They go in bigger crates. Crates all the way down, as it were.

    • memitchell

      The old fluff had advanced Cults infiltrating planetary infrastructure, including PDF. And, infiltrating occupying or opposing Imperial Guard regiments. Followed by outright rebellion immediately preceding a Hive Fleet invasion. Timing is everything. The sweet spot was Tyranids supported by Cultist using IG vehicles.

      • SYSTem050

        One of the Cain HERO! Of the imperium had cultists infiltrate all the way up to the planetary governor

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Making for great kill-team games where cult kill-teams have to try and raid munitorum crates

  • generic eric

    If preorder is announced Saturday. When is the soonest I can expect to see my codex.

    • Statham

      Saturday the 1st. Friday the 30th occasionally if you order from a specialist store, given they get their stock early.

  • memitchell

    The last iterations of a GSC army that included IG made hybrids the least attractive element in the list. IG vehicles and cheap troops (Guardsmen and Brood Brothers) plus Genestealer broods was the best competitive combo. Not that it was a powerhouse. Hopefully, hybrids are still the key element.

  • BartTP

    We totally need three things: 1. some ordinary human cultists as meatshield; 2. light transport; 3. leman russ. Would be cool if ork hybrids were included, but those are partially covered by aberrations.

    • memitchell

      The Ork reproduce by spores thing kind of messes up Ork hybrids. Otherwise, there will be everything from snotling Hybrids to Great Gargant hybrids.

      • Moonsaves

        There is a history of ork hybrids, though. It could be easily rationalised by saying that the infection just doesn’t apply to certain orkoid species.

        • Benjamin E

          Humans are the easiest race for genestealer cults to nab.

          Ork-hybrids are very easily picked out by other orks as not being ‘orky enough,’ and they get promptly and bloodily ‘krumped.’

          Tau have incredible technology and bio-scanners, as well as some poorly-defined psychic-or-pheremone-control mechanisms by the Ethereals, I’m assuming that they’d catch on pretty quick. Additionally, Tau don’t just reproduce freely, I seem to remember them not being allowed to breed outside their caste, I assume there’s all kinds of social hangups and taboos that would restrict the free-wheeling kind of cult-impregnation Genestealers need to thrive. (Though I’m sure Kroot are easily genestealer’d, if you can catch them. But their innate DNA-reading abilities (by taste alone!) would mean it’s also really easy for them to root-out those who’ve been infected and those who havent)

          Eldar are all hella-psychic, and Tyranid organisms tend to stick out like a sore thumb. To say nothing of the ludicrously long gestation period of Eldar, and their apparent unwillingness to reproduce very much (like freaking Pandas, too lazy to make babies and save the species). And their evil cousins the Dark Eldar are all vat-grown anyways, save the super-royalty DE. Though a genestealer infestation among the slaves and escaped slaves of Commorragh would be a fun story.

          For the rest? Necrons are immune, Chaos is probably as susceptible as the Imperium, since they’re all just humans anyways.

      • georgelabour

        In the novel redemption corps we encounter a more ‘modern lore’ ork hybrid. Or at least an ork who’s been given the kiss.

        Though it’s never made clear if he’s a hybrid or just a weirdboy who was infected we do see one way that an ork waagh can be subverted to work alongside a genestealer cult.

      • Bayne MacGregor

        But there was a miniature and all! The rules were in one of the 3 1st-ed ork supplement books (i don’t recall if it was Ere We Go or Freebooterz, i think the latter.. and yes in 1st ed the Orks had 3 rulebooks!) where they said because ork reproduction wasn’t very compatible with Genestealer infection the brood was always trying to get off-world and away to better non-ork prospects.. so they could be hired fairly cheap as far as Teef costs goes!

        • memitchell

          I have a couple of those cherished Ork/hybrid miniatures. And the good ole Ork books. Those date back to the pre-Everything days when one fielded warbands, instead of armies. Those were gentler times, my friends. Orks were semi-civilized bon vivants instead of stupid brutes. They drank like Squats, mated like men, and fought like, well, Orks. Then, they became spore based. Lost any subtlety of purpose, and only the Gretchen have any personality. A Genestealer Cult would not and could not thrive amongst Orks. And, if you think about it from the Hive Mind point of view, would you rather invade a nice, densely populated Human World or bunder into an Ork Waaagh? Exactly.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Except that genestealers infect on a cellular level using a virus in their blood. (hybrids born without an ovipositor can infect using a syringe, thus there were syringes on those of the original miniatures that lacked the lolling tongues) An infected ork would then release genestealer hybrid spores and so it remains possible.

            And we know genestealers have sucessfully infested ork worlds because that’s what Kryptmann became a radical for, getting Genestealers onto an ork world to draw off the tyrnaids to fight orks instead which meant that that ork world had a thriving genestealer beacon so the Genestealers were successful there.

          • memitchell

            ANYTHING is possible. And, the mythos is mutable. If Genestealers can spawn like Orks, game over, man. No sense in even trying to contain the “infection.” Then again, in the modern breathless 40K mythos written by people who seem to be on the verge of being fired at any moment, EVERY threat to mankind is apocalyptic. Cause, why buy a box of Genestealers if they aren’t about to conquor the Universe? Right?

            Your imagery is current, but it does raise an issue I never considered. My adorable Ork hybrid models are OLD SKOOL. Metal, and not any larger than a sturdy human. Larger than the pint sized Space Ork Raiders, but think plastic Catachans. My Black Reach Orks are much larger, much more substantial. Extrapolating from miniatures (so, let’s assume size matters) and modern mythos, current Orks are pretty dang big brutes. The idea of a genestealer laying a Big Kiss on one seems ludicrous. The Ork’s mouth is larger, with longer teeth. It’s pretty much easy to believe that for Orks, “No” means NO. That mismatch might be a limiting factor in making Ork hybrids.

            Genetically encoded memo from Hive Fleet to Genestealer Cults: Don’t lure us into conflicts with frik’n races races that fight better than we do. Duh.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            But Genestealers hypnotize their prey for the ‘kiss’. And after all somehow the genestealers Kryptmann dropped off were able to be sucessful enough to lure a hive fleet tendril off course. And remember, the Tyranids ate 13 galaxies already and hardly any of them have entered this galaxy yet, the hive fleets here are just the vanguard and they are looking for a good fight to better adapt to local conditions. So like the Orcs the Tyranids are after and thrive on a tough fight.

  • Commissar Molotov

    The last official “get you by” list in the “Codex Army Lists” pamphlet from 1993 had Genestealers, Hybrids (not neophytes and acolytes – just ‘Hybrids’), Brood Brothers (same stats as IG), and looted vehicles: Land Raiders, Leman Russ tanks, Predators, Rhinos and Sentinels.

  • Sam Nolton

    Wonder if they’ll get “looted vehicle” rules like the Orks

  • euansmith

    Broodmind? C’thonan is coming?

  • denzark

    Back in Rogue Trader, Genestealers could NOT take a Leman Russ. Because as everyone knows, this model was not released until 2nd Ed.

    Just sayin’…

    • Simon Chatterley

      You must be a lot of fun at parties 😉

      • lorieth

        Every once in the while the genetic transcription goes awry between generations, and letters are encoded in the wrong order. Thus was born the Genestealer Parti-arch and his Cult Limo.

      • denzark

        only with a plethora of tartare sauce

  • EnTyme

    Cult Baneblades? A man/xeno hybrind can dream, can’t he?

    • memitchell

      I had one when Baneblades were affordable, and hybrids were dreamers.

  • DeCold

    At least now we know what they did instead of doing good chaos codex.

  • generic eric

    So, do I need an Astra Militarum codex now? Or is there reason to belive that the genestealer codex will be enough?

    • Statham

      If they’re going to adapt the units for the Cult, then the rules would likely change a bit, so I imagine they’ll be included if there are any AM units they can use.

  • Tox

    Well this is the final nail in the coffin on them upping Tyranid and Genestealers Cult alliance to battle brothers, and I’m fine with that.

    • Damistar

      I think it’s still possible they will be allies, but it would make for an interesting change in the meta.

  • Bayne MacGregor

    I wonder if we’ll see the return of Knight House Mortimer with their awfully suspicious Genestealer Cult symbol for their house logo!

  • nurglitch

    Tactical Objectives are a fantastic way of adding flavour to an army. The new Black Legion, for example, can score points for results on the Boon of Chaos table, and get a free roll every turn. I’m excited to see what the GC get.