Kromlech: New Legionary Plasma Cannon & Lascannon

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Need to up-gun your marine army AND give it some style points? Kromlech has just the thing for you.

Legionary Plasma Cannon – 5,94 €

KRCB159 3D1

KRCB159 3D2

KRCB159 resin

Legionary Lascannon – 6,99 €

krcb161-3d1 krcb161-3d2 krcb161-resin


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~What do you think? Anything look like it could find a home in your army?

  • austinstorm02

    These seem expensive.

    • CMAngelos

      That’s because they are, you get 3 for €6.99 (or £5.93) so to outfit a 40k devi squad it’s €13.98 (or £11.87) and you end up with an extra gun maybe for a tac squad.

      Or for doing a full 30k Heavy Support Squad you need 4 packs at £27.96 or £23.74 and end up with 2 extras you can’t do much with for 30k, and that’s before shipping and any possible extra Taxes.

      Even ForgeWorlds weapons packs end up being flat cheaper. (And better looking, though that is totally up to personal taste!)

      • Emprah

        Nah these “cheap” knocoffs are ugly. At least buy from chinese recastars, have some class.

        • petrow84

          Their grav-cannon looks good, tho…

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Ehhhh the plasma cannon is okay, but the lascannon is blah.

    • Plasma Cannon would be better without that weird angled inset detail on the sides. The lascannon however, just looks…bad.

  • OolonColluphid

    Unless their wielding Heavy Bolters/Volkite, Devastators wielding their guns to the hip is just stupid and removes some cool points as well.

    • Koonitz

      Personal taste as, other than the missile launcher (for classical aesthetic reasons), I prefer the ‘big guns’ to be underslung like this over the shoulder mounted like GW’s Devastator kits. I’d much prefer an underslung plasma/lascannon. Whether this is a preferable option over Forge World’s is something I haven’t looked into, yet, but it is my taste.

      • OolonColluphid

        Forge World’s doesn’t look like they belong in another franchise though. Also more fluff accurate.

        • Diagoras

          Yeah… The lascannon is… okay, I guess. Boring, and I much prefer them with the power cables, but it does at least look like a lascannon.

          But the plasma cannon doesn’t even vaguely look look right. What’s with the Iron Man arc reactor on the side? If anything, it looks like some kind of space marine ion weapon.

          • CMAngelos

            Perhaps it could be a Blood Angels Baal Pattern Ionizing Hair Dryer?

          • Diagoras

            It’s so obvious now. If there isn’t the a Pretty Marines Hairstylist Squadron equipped with these within the month, we’re doing this wrong.

  • The fingers look like skeletons. And the guns… well… meh.

  • nurglitch

    The accelerator detail on the Plasma Cannon is neat. I still prefer rifle-style Lascannons to “from the hip” lascannons, regardless of the manufacturer.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    I think they are resin kits if memory serves. Than would explain the price

  • TheWanderingJewels