Mantic: Star Saga Kickstarter is Live


This one is hot –  $100,000 in less than two hours. Don’t miss out!



Star Saga –  the science fiction dungeon crawler features intergalactic trans-dimensional bounty hunter Blaine, and a host of minions and powerful alien bosses – is now available to back on Kickstarter.

star saga mantic parts

The game uses classic dungeon crawler mechanics that allow up to 5 players to move characters through board, revealing more as the game progresses. It can be played as a cooperative game with players battling aliens, or they can go solo using a card-based AI. It includes everything you need to play the minute you open the box – miniatures, tiles, terrain, and gaming components.

via Mantic:


Just in case you’ve been under a meteorite for the past few days, Star Saga, is the successor to our 2014 release, Dungeon Saga, and features exciting story-driven elements and immersive game scenarios. Set in the Warpath Universe, Star Saga will see players guide a team of mercenaries through a heavily guarded compound in an effort to retrieve a cache of stolen technology. Players will encounter powerful aliens, mutated monsters, and be forced to make fateful choices as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

You can download the Star Saga alpha rules, if you fancy taking them for a spin at home, or you can watch a full play through video of mission two (with proxy components, we hasten to add) over on the Mantic Blog… perhaps get a cup of tea ready for that one, as it’s an hour long.


After funding, we’re already working our way towards the first stretch goal, which is some fantastic 3D scenery, such as computer terminals and a containment tank, that will all be unlocked when we reach $130,000. All the Early Bird pledges have sold out but you can still get involved for $100, so make sure you take a look at the Kickstarter page and let’s start knocking down those stretch goals.


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  • Zingbaby

    Another “original” idea by Mantic.

    • Vicente Sampedro Burgos

      At the same time that we have the Siege of Citadel we get this one

    • ZeeLobby

      Eh. It’s options. As a consumer I’d rather have more than less.

      • Xodis

        Agreed, plus there isn’t really an original idea anymore. Even the best ideas are just a small twist to a classic trope.

        • ZeeLobby

          And sometimes there’s a reason certain concepts are returned to. I mean PP def borrowed many ideas for Warmachine and formed there own univers, but the aesthetic/world can be very off puting for people. Same with the anime world of Infinity. The bubbles of AoS, etc. Small innovations on the classic is good, but sometimes getting just the classic is good in itself.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Looking over the kickstarter it looks like this might be the product that 1)brings high quality minis to their line and 2) give the line something that separates Warpath from 40k.

    • Morat

      That was Deadzone 2 though. Parallels exist there with Necromunda (though not after one actually plays Deadzone).

      One who was determined to perpetuate the “Mantic copycat” trope (and dear God that’s a flogged dead horse by now), would insist that Star Saga is “just Space Crusade”.

      • With the existence of deadzone I struggle to figure out why they didn’t incorporate this into that instead of a completely new product

  • Lewis Everitt

    Solo play is always a great option to have at times in ones wargaming life. I’ll get in on this methinks, Mantic delivered really well when I backed Deadzone.

  • Gunsheeplol

    This will will be another debacle like the Warpath Kickstarter. I feel sorry for anyone who pledged as they will just be getting jerked around by Mantic as usual.

    • Andrew Thehobbyhabit

      There are many many returning Mantic backers and fans of Deadzone/Warpath/KoW/etc. I think Mantic does a good job working to build games people enjoy and correcting mistakes where they occur. I’m pretty forgiving to them as I love their accessible games, and customer/gamer focused company. Good peeps.

    • Lewis Everitt

      They delivered really well on the Deadzone for me. I knew someone who had some issues but Mantic went above and beyond to fix it. So I find this attitude surprising, you obviously had a different experience of them.

  • I’m glad they’re doing starship interior scenery, I know I’ll hate the material (if past is prologue) but it’ll be affordable and help flesh out my space hulk