Tabletop Gallery “HOLY MOLY: Roughriders!”


Ask yourself – when is the last time you saw Astra Militarum Roughriders on the tabletop?  Seriously!!!

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  • Jennifer Burdoo

    Those are clearly intended to proxy Sentinels…

    • BT

      Yup, Rough Riders can’t have heavy weapons.

  • SilentPony

    Isn’t that how the Elcor in Mass Effect fight?

  • benn grimm

    1996? Looking forward to seeing some genestealer hybrid rough riders…)

  • Peter Utecht

    Are they SO rare these days? A buddy of mine uses them in most games and it´s funny everytime they actually do something.

    • BT

      The simple answer to your question is yes. Rough Riders use to have the same stat boost that Eldar Jetbikes had, with +1 Toughness and +1 Armor Save with a base 12″ move. Also, when they were last popular their lance negated armor saves (was considered a power weapon). I think this was 4th or maybe 5th Ed.

      The Cavalry rules suck (apparently Thunder Wolves get to use the old rules yet) and there are two better options in the fast attack slot; Flyers and Sentinels. Their weapon is only AP 3 now, so that makes them less than useful and they can get gunned down as fast as any other 10 man Guard squad. I still have them, but they definitely need some GW rule loven, ala Thunderwolf style.

      • CatachanCommissar

        I don’t see them anymore, only my 15 on the tabletop. I used ramshackle games and victoria lamb parts and they look really cool.

        Who wouldn’t want to lance someone from the back of a motorbike?

        • BT

          They are on horses… but whatever. I have seen/heard of people doing different things for Rough Riders… it was one of their charms because of the customization. I still think the original ones are the best though.

          What might make you sad is Guard use to have bikes… and jetbikes.

          • CatachanCommissar

            Such is life! I made mine motorcycles because they’re part of my mechanized company. My catachans will have cold ones when i get around to converting the ones I have.

            I think the horses look the best with tallarns personally.

  • OolonColluphid

    Never because there are better fast attack options. Where every other army gets to have bikes of some flavor.

  • Chad Underdonk

    Had mine on the table less than 2 months ago.