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How to Play Titans in Warhammer 40K

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Apr 24 2024
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Today let’s take a look at some basics of how to play and get started with Warhammer 40k Collegia Titanicus Titans in 10th Edition.

The Adeptus Titanicus are a faction of absolutely gigantic robot war machines. As one of the most powerful forces in the Imperium, the titans are only brought out in the direst need. On the tabletop, the Adeptus Titanicus can be joined to other Imperium forces or, theoretically, could be played on their own.

Below we offer some tips on how to play the “army” and get started with the “army”.

Who Are The Adeptus Titanicus?

The Collegia Titanica is the section of the Adeptus Mechanicus that includes the Imperial Titans, the colossal god-machines. The Collegia is also known as the “Adeptus Titanicus” (a contraction of “Adeptus Mechanicus Collegia Titanica”)


The Orders or Legions of the Divisio Militaris (or more simply the Military Orders) are the main military forces of the Collegia, and each, as self-sufficient units, includes its own Princeps and Moderati, ground combat troops and support staff in addition to its Titans.Each Legion is based on its own Forge World— most Forge Worlds having one (or in some cases several) Titan Legions. Legion detachments are stationed throughout the galaxy, guarding vulnerable locations across the Imperium. Many Legions are stationed near the Eye of Terror, ready to combat their Chaotic counterparts.

Legion strength is typically around fifty operational engines. Battle losses can take centuries to replace, as the construction of a new Titan is a long and laborious process. The Warlord is the most commonly found class while the Imperator is by far the most formidable but an increasingly rare sight on battlefields.

Every Titan Legion is divided into a number of Maniples, each of which is commanded by a Princeps Senioris and consists of around five Titans. There are countless Maniple variations, but the most common is known as the Axiom which consists of a Warlord Titan leader, a pair of Reavers for support, and a pack of two Warhounds for scouting. Each Maniple is further broken down into a number of Sub-Maniples.


Why Play Adeptus Titanicus

The Adeptus Titanicus are less an army of their own, and more of a roster of monumental support units for the Imperium. That said, playing these massive machines on their own is possible- though outside of a bespoke game, you’ll likely leave some points unspent.

Strengths of the ‘Army’

  • Impressively tough
  • Incredibly strong guns
  • Impeccable maneuverability and objective control

Weakness of the ‘Army’

  • Limited roster
  • Limited tactical options

warhound laser titan

Adeptus Titanicus Army Rules

  • Towering Example: Ignore the Detachment rules when selecting an army- you have no Leaders or Battleline. Elect one model as your Warlord- they get no additional enhancements.
  • Titanic Support: Any Imperium army may add one Adeptus Titanicus model.
  • Striding Colossus: This rule is on each unit dataslate, but is worth calling out here. Depending on which class, Stratagems cost 2-4 times as many CP when used on a Titans.

Adeptus Titanicus Units To Know

The ‘army’ has only four units in total. Let’s go ahead and glance at all of them.


Other Units

Warhound Scout Titan

The Warhound is the most playable of the Titan units, due to cost, model size, and point cost. It is the only Titan you’ll ever really see outside of an apocalyptic mega battle. In a very large, all-Titan force, the Warhound is a scout utilizing its Flank Speed rule.

Reaver Titan

The next one up, the Reaver is a proper-sized titan and terrorizer of the 3K game. Thanks to God-machine, the Reaver can Fall Back and still bring its D14 volcano cannon and fist to bear.

Nemesis Warbringer Titan

Theoretically a support unit thanks to its Titanic Fire Support rule, the Nemesis Warbringer brings broad new dimensions to the term. You can’t get much more supported than the three titanic Volcano Cannons available to this Titan.

Warlord Titan

Here we are – the really, really big one. One hundred wounds and more huge guns than seems at all reasonable, the Warlord will just squeak into a 3.5K game by itself. But it probably wouldn’t do too bad…

Sample Starter Warhammer 40k Adeptus Titanicus Army (2.5K)

Other Units

Warhound Scout Titan. One Model. Armed with two Warhound Plasma Blastguns.

Warhound Scout Titan. One Model. Armed with two Warhound Plasma Blastguns.


How to Play Adeptus Titanicus

If playing Titan on their own, it will be hard to control objectives. You have a good OC stat, but you’ll have two units max in most situations. Beyond that difficulty your main goal will be to remain out of combat and shooting the targets of your choice. While some of your combat profiles are decent, they pale in comparison to almost all of your shooting profiles. Blast things until they are gone, be cagey with your placement, and play bold- you will at least have fun!

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Author: Allen Campbell
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