TWG: Painting Heresy Imperial Fists & Iron Warriors


Today I share with you tutorials on how to paint two Horus Heresy Legions: Imperial Fists & Iron Warriors.

Betrayal at Calth provided an excellent oppurtunity for anybody looking to collect a Heresy Era force of Space Marines. With 18 Legions to choose from there is plenty of opportunity for trying out some new paint schemes. In my Horus Heresy video tutorial series I show you how to paint each of the Legions step by step and this time I will be covering the Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors.

How To Paint Horus Heresy Imperial Fists

How To Paint Horus Heresy Iron Warriors

Thanks for watching.

  • OldHat

    Well, no airbrushing here. This should satisfy a LOT of readers!

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Beautiful Imperial Fist. Will use that later for sure.

  • Krizzab

    man so awesome and easy to paint the xxxxing yellow.

  • Sparti67

    Is there such a thing as painting rage and flipping your paint table? Thanks for the Imperial Fists tutorial. Saved hours of painting. Don’t know why I never thought of this. Brilliant!