Wrath of Kings: Goritsi Releases Unboxed


I’m back to unbox some more Wrath of Kings releases. This time I have the latest Goritsi models.


We’ll start with Character Box 3.


Anyone familiar with this type of plastic will be used to the sack of bits these models are packaged in.


We’ll start with Pack Master Kozakar. Despite the fact that he comes on an 80mm base, he and his Vildertosk hounds only count as a Rank 1 specialist.


Speaking of the Vildertosks, here is one of the beasts. While many people prefer polystyrene plastic to PVC minis like these (I myself have mixed feelings), this Vildertosk is a great example of the strengths of PVC. Here we have a model with 4 legs, a tail, and two tusks, but it is all cast in one piece. While PVC like this is usually more difficult to clean than polystyrene, you do save time in assembly. Cast in polystyrene this model would likely come in five or more separate pieces requiring more time to put together.


Here is the other side. I’m quite fond of these three little guys (even if there is only one sculpt for all three models). They’re a weird combination of pig, wolf, and… porcupine? Very characterful.


Here is our first look at Kozakar himself.


I love the antlers on this guy. And you can never have enough pouches.


Here are all the other bits that make up a Kozakar. Are the bones on his banner from anyone important or were any old random skulls good enough to go on there?


Gorbal the Rampager is our next model. This grotesque fellow is a Rank 2 Skorza Leader.


There’s an interesting story behind this creature’s gruesome appearance. Only a small percentage of Goritsi’s people receive “the gift” turning them into Vampires or Werewolves and granting them massively enhanced speed and strength. Goritsi’s military would be appreciably enhanced if every one of its citizens could be so transformed, so it should come as no surprise that the regent’s scientists conducted experiments to see if there was an artificial way to make the gift’s blessings manifest. Gorbal was the only subject to live through the process, though at first any enhancements to his physique were minor. The secret to his survival was made suddenly obvious one day, when the gift took hold of him naturally and he transformed into a full blown werewolf. The damage to his form was already done, and the terrible changes the experiments made to his appearance remain, as does his reliance on the chemicals injected into his system through the boiler on his back.


Gorbal’s head.


Here’s a close-up of his back, so you can see all the pipes and tubes they left stuck in this poor guy.


Let’s move on to the next kit. The Ravener Alpha is a Rank 2 Specialist.


Here’s another sack of bits.


The kit is relatively simple. There are only four pieces.


Here’s a close-up so you can get a good view of the musculature.


Most people will never see the bottom of one of these guys, but that didn’t stop the sculptor from giving this wolf a world-class set of abs.


Here are the rest of the bits.


Here’s the guy mostly assembled. Another thing I like about PVC plastic is that they are usually made with a series of pegs that help hold the model together. This means it isn’t necessary to glue every piece in place to paint it. In this picture, the wings are stuck where they are with a bit of removable mounting putty. This allows me to take them off and put them on again as needed as I paint. The same is true of the boiler on the back.


Gorbal was a slightly different matter. He had some gaps on his arms that had to be filled before I felt comfortable priming him, so they are glued tight. His back boiler can still be removed though. Unfortunately the picture is a little overexposed and you can’t really make out all the subtle detail in his skin’s texture. I hope to post some pictures of him when he’s painted though, which should show off just how much is going on there. Regardless you can see him a lot better if you click the picture and zoom in. While I have him on a 50mm base for now, when he is finished he will go an 80mm. He’s a big boy.


Here’s Kozakar. His swords are also held in place with some mounting putty so they don’t have to get in the way of painting.


Lastly, Kazakar’s friends the Vildertosks. They will go together with him on an 80mm base, but I think they will be easier to paint like this.

~Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Who else is enjoying the new Wrath of Kings Releases?

  • euansmith


    • Matthew Pomeroy

      concur, havent acquired yet, but only a matter of time 😀

  • ZeeLobby

    Models def look top notch. Good detail and posing.

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Lol, come on bro. The thing with the antlers hand looks silly

      • ZeeLobby

        To you maybe, it looks great to me. Especially painted at the top. It looks great.

      • Gentle_Ben

        Think of your favorite mini. I bet you there’s someone out there that doesn’t like it for some reason or other. Maybe not because it’s silly – maybe they think it’s boring or looks too much like some other model they don’t like. It’s mostly just opinions when it comes to this hobby.

  • Talos2

    I like those, especially the blue wolf guy, really nice. It could be said that it owes a large amount of its look to a few trollblood models but it is still a really nice wolf……man thing

    • euansmith

      I think that the Hordes minis and Wrath of Kings are both orbiting the shattered ruins of Planet Rackham.

    • Gentle_Ben

      It was actually sculpted by a guy who has done a lot of work for Privateer, including all three incarnations of the Dire Troll Mauler.

      His blog:


      • Talos2

        Well that’s that explained then

  • Frank

    I really like the new Goritsi minis. They convinced me to branch out from the small amount of Naiser stuff I have.

  • piglette

    Man, Wrath of Kings is so cool. Why can’t it get more popular? Thanks BoLS for showcasing WoK.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Me and my bud are going to split the two player set, the game looks cool as heck.