Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp #86 “Campaigns & More”

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Join the Team at Behaviour for more a rundown on upcoming Quality-of-Life improvements & more!

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Brent Ellison, Katie Fleming, and Xavier Koubi recently gave a Production Update (Campaigns, World Map, Loadouts, Grav Cannon, Grav Pistol), and were later joined by Nathan Richardsson for Q&A/Giveaways!

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Production Update for episode #86!


Happy earily (or EERILY) Halloween from the Behaviour Crew!


Xavier Koubi, the UI Designer has been hard at work creating new and easier to understand loadout screens. Above is just a wire-frame of what the screens will look like.


Here is another mock-up for the load-out screen – this one has the color and textures added in.


The World Maps are getting some attention – they will allow you to zoom in a bit and you’ll be able to see what battles are happening.


Grav Weapons have a unique Visual FX and also slow players and vehicles that have been hit by them. They are still in need of some balance passes but they seem to be very different than the previous weapons.


The Grav Cannon slows vehicles even more than the Grav Gun.


This is just a place holder and if you look at the text and image it’s all wrong…because it’s just a mock-up.

The Quality-of-Life improvements are the small things the Devs tweak to the UI and menus that make the game better – they are that layer of polish that most folks don’t even notice. But that is kind of the point of them. You’re not supposed to notice these improvements because they are there to just make things easier and clearer to navigate. Ideally, when they get added players just think “Ya, that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

The Campaign info is interesting as well. Basically its a way to incentivise playing and winning with a faction even more. The long-and-short of it is that the more you personally win and the more your faction wins overall, the more rewards you get. It’s a bonus for participating and for winning.

Eternal Crusade continues to improve weekly. It has come a long way and still has a ways to go. The crew at Behaviour has been transparent through much the process and continues to push the game forward. I’m sure sometimes it feels like a Sisyphean task because the type of game they have created will never feel complete. They do have goals that they are hitting and it’s all about taking one more step forward toward those goals to get there eventually.

If you want to join the Crusade it’s out for PC via Steam:

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