Spartan: New for Halo GC and Dystopian Wars


Check out Spartan’s releases for October HALOGround Command  and Dystopian fans!

Spartan is bringing in some armored vehicles for Halo: Ground Command this month for both UNSC and Covenant forces. There’s also some changes being made about how Dystopian Wars and Legions are going to be sold – and they’ll make it easier to get the products you want.

Let’s start with Ground Command…

UNSC Scorpion Tank – £29.00

spartan GC oct cov

The UNSC Scorpion is a tank known far and wide to Halo fans, and now you have the ability to bring this fabulous vehicle to your tabletop games of Halo: Ground Command. Stunningly sculpted to accurately reflect the original video game design, our boxed set brings you one Scorpion tank hull in all of its glory, but with TWO turret choices – one to make the standard Scorpion and another to create the stunning Sun Devil Anti-Aircraft variant.

Covenant Wraith Tank £29.00

halo GC oct spartan

The Covenant Wraith is a sleek armoured vehicle that glides effortlessly around the battle-field, engaging targets and destroying them with ease. Just like with the Scorpion Box, a single Wraith hull also comes with two weapon options: the standard Mortar turret and the Anti-Aircraft turret.
dystopian spartan

Changes in the Dystopian World

There are new rules and models in development, and some interesting changes coming up for players and retailers…

“Our stunning Victorian super-science fiction game is very important to us and to you, our customers, and we’ve been looking at how to make it even easier for new players to buy and start playing the game and for existing players to easily buy exactly what they want. This was reinforced by this year’s customer survey, with a large number of you citing your support of the game, and asking us for more support for the Dystopian World. You’ve seen the results of that with the recent blogs that we’ve published, and having spent time exploring different options, we’ve decided to make some changes that will mean the game is more accessible to both players and retailers alike.”

  • Emdee

    I’m so missing FSA right now. It has much more potential that Halo. I get that they got paid a huge sum of money to do it, but I feel like it has just sucked all the creative juices out FSA.

    • StingrayP226

      They are a small company that has “6” games: Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Halo Fleet Battles, and Halo Ground Command… That is not including their quick play rules for FSA or DW. they have had issues keeping Halo Ground Wars alone on track. They have simply over extented themselves to the point that some games are/will get neglected.

      Add in a CEO who has a mix of stubborness, miromanagement issues, and has game “ADD and you have a winning combination (he is also hates ANY sort of negitve feedback and prefers to surround himself with Yes Men). He also likes to make claims/promises his company doesn’t keep (likely due to his love for the new shiny instead of focusing on a single product.)

      This “exciting news” is terrible for anyone playing Dystopian Legions as this direct Web only was the first step they did to Uncharted Seas before they quietly killed that game while the CEO made claims they were considering bringing it back.

      Its not much better for Dystopian Wars as it means they are intentionally limiting stock that stores can normally buy.

      Honestly I would steer clear of any game Spartan Games makes that isn”t Halo. Halo is protected by 343 and Microsoft who want their IP protected.

      I used to be a Spartan Vanguard, but until I started seeing the ugly truth hidden behind pretty miniatures.

      • palaeomerus

        They have some kind of a Fantasy Naval game too don’t they ?

        • Gregory Heyes

          They did – official support for Uncharted Seas was dropped a couple of years ago. That said, the rulebook and models are still out there, and its not a bad game. Just don’t expect Man-O-War 2.0.

  • James Hall

    I really want a Scorpion.. and a Wraith, for that matter. But £29 each… ouch.

    • Gregory Heyes

      One of the more annoying things is that if you’re using the Battlegroup rules, an Armoured Battlegroup requires a minimum of 2 tanks (one standard, one AA variant) plus some light vehicles (Ghosts or ‘Hogs) to be legal. Alternatives are to add them to the standard infantry group, or just use “open” force selection.

    • Gregory Heyes

      Also, on the matter of price…how much is a Space Marine Predator these days?