The XLC: New Portable Paint Station


Turn any space into a hobby bench with this sturdy, portable paint station.

This paint station is made from a mix of pre-printed 6mm & 3mm MDF that’s not at all bendy, and the surface is easy to wipe splatter or spills off of. It has a lot of useful features: the center tray can be taken out and replaced with a cutting mat, the holes are cut so they accommodate multiple brush sizes, and it has a handy place for your water cup. It can hold 16 pots of paint, so you have easy access to the colors you need while you’re working on a mini.

It would be super easy to move this from your hobby desk to your dining room table, a TV tray, or anywhere you can set it on a solid surface – it has convenient handles built in so you can carry it with all of your supplies on it. The tray would also be easy to pack up and take to a painting meet up at your FLGS or a friend’s place, so you can stay organized wherever you go.

The tray is really easy to put together – it has 6 components and it’s obvious where everything goes. A few notes on construction:

  • Take the protective sheet off slowly and with control to be sure it separates from the print entirely – you’re not ripping off a bandaid here, take your time.
  • The fit between pieces is really snug – it may take a little muscle to get things to seat, but that’s a good thing in the long run. For this review I dry fitted the whole thing to test the fit on all of the components. I shook the tray with a good amount of force in all directions after putting it together, and the pieces didn’t budge. That said, I recommend using a bit of wood glue (not superglue) when you assemble yours for long term stability.

It’s easy to transport and it’ll hold up to use. If you like to change up where you paint, or you’re looking for an easy way to keep your workspace tidy and contained on your desk this is a worthwhile purchase.

The XLC Paint Station – £25.00



  • 13 inch removable section to allow flush fitment of a 13inch cutting mat.
  • Holds 16 paint pots.
  • Space for a water container.
  • Holds 34 brushes of different sizes.
  • Measurements 410 x 295mm.
  • It can be customised to display shop or club logos.

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