40K: Haemotrope Reactor Rules Spotted


Games Workshop’s latest fortification for Warhammer 40,000 has got the power your plasma needs – check it out!

We had an feeling that the Haemotrope Reactors would boost the effectiveness of the Void Shield Generators and the Plasma Obliterator, but now we know exactly what it does.

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Well Plasma junkies this fortification is for you! Let’s break this down really quick:


  • Plasma Weapons become a “Blast” size larger than they were before. (Check page 177 in the BRB to learn which weapons count) Plasma Guns and Pistols gain up to “Blast” and Plasma Cannons gain “Large Blast” which is kind of scary. Rapid Firing Blast Templates here we come!
  • Two Reactors (or 1 set of the fortifications) allows you to re-roll the dice when attempting to restore shields to a Void Shield Generator
  • Two Reactors (or 1 set of the fortifications) boosts the shots from the Plasma Obliterator up to 8
  • Only 40 points
  • T6 with 6 wounds and a +4 save
  • Grants cover to non-vehicle and non-monsterous creature models


  • Might cause a “power leak” attack when using the cover save
  • Auto hit in close combat
  • When destroyed causes the “power leak” attack to trigger on the nearest unit
  • Get’s Hot rolls on a 1 or 2.

Personally, I think this isn’t too bad of a trade-off. The increase in firepower should offset the danger. Think about it – a squad with two Plasma Guns that is next to this fortification can output as much damage as a Plasma Devestator Squad that’s not (although not at the same ranges). Sure they might fry themselves but that’s the fun of Plasma!

Keep in mind that if you combine this with a Void Shield, Plasma Obliterator and a Promethium Relay Pipe you get ALL of those advantages. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Something to consider next time you’re adding a VSG into your army list…paying 40 points just to get re-rolls on the shield regen seems like a bargain to me.

Haemotrope Reactor $40


Designed and deployed to provide additional power on the battlefield, the Haemotrope Reactor is an indispensable tool for armies wishing to unleash ever-more destructive waves of plasma upon their enemies. An imposing structure, understood fully by few, it is used to bolster the defensive capabilities of the Void Shield Generator – or amplify the already intimidating destructive capacity of the Plasma Obliterator. In a pinch, the Haemotrope Reactor can be used as cover; this can be a terrible decision however, as the cowering warrior opens himself up to the potential of horrific injuries resulting from power leaks…

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 Haemotrope Reactors. Compatible with the Promethium Relay pipes, they make the perfect centrepiece of a larger network of Warhammer 40,000 scenery, and the included rules mean your already-existing plasma scenery will be hugely bolstered!


What’s your take on Games Workshop’s latest fortification? Will this bring Plasma Tech back into your games?

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    Not worth it at all. The increased risk of Gets Hot negates the benefit of the increased blast area. If you could “Look Out, Sir!” Gets Hot wounds, then it would be a better deal.

    And, come to think of it, you SHOULD be able to “Look Out, Sir!” a Gets Hot wound, as it would just represent another model picking up the plasma weapon and finding it not completely destroyed, even though the soldier who had carried it before succumbed to the explosion.

    In a combat unit, if the heavy weapon gunner goes down, the rifleman gets promoted. You NEVER abandon your heavy weapons, you just swap in new gunners. “Look Out, Sir!” would represent that.

    • Jukka Vuorisalo

      Because in 40K every man knows how to operate weapon in seconds, right? What if Tyranid gets hold of bolter?

      • CthulhuDawg

        I get where he is coming from though. A space marine who is wielding a plasma gun goes down another space marine in that squad for sure not only knows how to use it but has trained with it before. Does a guardsman have the strength to heft a fallen space marine’s plasmacannon on the other hand, I think not.

      • Hendrik Booraem VI

        Uh, yes, actually. In any 40K squad, any one of the soldiers would know how to operate any of the weapons assigned to the squad. This would hold true for Marines, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Necrons, Orks, whoever.

        If a squad has a heavy/special weapon, it should be subject to “Look Out, Sir!” rules if it takes a wound.

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean a Space Marine definitely should. Cross training between pieces of equipment in a unit is a VERY common thing.

    • Matthew LeBlanc

      I will take the risk. Seems like fun.

      • Daniel Man

        fun? FUN?!
        This is 40k, sir!
        there is no room for “fun!”

        • CMAngelos

          Sad how true that statement can be sometimes.

      • orionburn

        Same here. Being a plasma loving DA player I’m giddy as can be. I love the over the top feel to it. Can’t wait to use this in a game.

      • Shawn

        I’ve already bought it. Aside from looking cool, it will be a great showcase for my own Forge World skitarii, and the plasma boost is fun. It’s not op, and I think that’s why most won’t touch it. Super charged weapons gain the blast special rule, but it doesn’t say anything about it losing the rapid fire. I could see several skitarii plasma calivers, each with three shots throwing out 9 3″ plasma templates to wreck havoc on the enemy.

    • Old zogwort

      Aren’t there a lot of units that just ignore gets hot ?

      • Erber

        None that I know of… Do you have any examples? I mean, sure, Tau have plasma weapons that simply doesn’t have the gets hot rule so you could argue they “ignore” gets hot, but I don’t believe that’s quite what you meant?

        • Diagoras

          Only example I know of is the Mechanicus War Convocation.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            And this piece of terrain has a giant mechanicus logo on it….

    • Hendrik Booraem VI

      Also, looking at the rules, it says “With the exception of vehicles and monstrous creatures, a model in cover behind a reactor has a 4+ cover save.”

      It’d be pretty hard to have a model partially concealed by one of these terrain pieces. They don’t look to constitute Area Terrain, so I’m not clear on what circumstances would offer a model (that wasn’t a vehicle or monstrous creature) a cover save, rather than the model just being out of Line of Sight…

      • Nyyppä

        Marine is taller than the pipe….for example.

        • Hendrik Booraem VI

          Ahh, well, that makes sense then. Disregard my previous uninformed comment. Thank you.

    • Haighus

      Not for plasma maybe. For the Void shield generators or the Plasma Obliterator it makes more sense. Or both, if you had all three there doesn’t seem to be anything saying the same two generators cannot power any number of Void shield generators/Plasma Obliterators within range/connection by pipes.

    • pokemastercube .

      tau or eldar plasma love the going to blasts

  • Burf

    White scars dev squad with 4 plasma cannons and a libby with hunter’s eye.

    • Djbz

      Nah, That Librarian will obviously join a unit of 12 Kataphron Destroyers…

      • Mr.Gold

        with the plasma cannons… that would be 24 large blast templates per turn: fear the wrath of the machine god!!!

        • Matthew LeBlanc

          Theirs a mech formation that ignores get hot roll. Think of the chaos.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Think of the ORDER!
            The chaos would swiftly be forgot but for dusty historical archives.

  • Old zogwort

    Wounds…. Is this a hint that AV will be no longer there soon ?

    • Walter Vining

      no. because like other terrain things (gun mounts etc) they have a toughness

    • orionburn

      Wondering the same. The one rumor article about 8th edition pointed to a move towards AoS type rules, so maybe.

  • Ben Raven

    What is with the toughness values? My Imperial Fists who are supposed to be siege experts have no advantage in taking these buildings out(+1 to armour pen which it doesn’t have) and yet Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors slice though this thing like it is made out of butter(can someone explain why poison effects these buildings???).

    I think they need to revisit the building/fortification rules.

    • Djbz

      I’m imagining a Hexrifle scoring a precision shot and then wounding it.
      (Ap4, instant death on precision shots Sniper weapon)

    • Old zogwort

      They might doing that in the new book. Would you want to bet that they all have T and Wounds ? :

    • Djbz

      Even worse, It makes the weapons that SHOULD blow the thing to pieces (I.e Lascannons/Railguns/Meltaguns) virtually useless against it.
      But Lasguns can feasibly hurt it….

      • Nyyppä

        This is pretty telling. Flashlights can hurt it but lascannons etc. don’t automatically one shot it -> lascs etc. are virtually useless. This is the game now.

        Just one more reason to stick to HH.

    • Eric Etheridge

      Well it’s full of blood so maybe that’s why?

    • Andreas Noche

      Maybe for the same reason that makes daemons vulnerable to poison. As for the revised rules: I´d think, your getting a first impression here (additional rules might be tied to the type, rather than the sheet)

    • Hendrik Booraem VI

      It’s not so much a building/fortification as it is a weapon enhancement? I dunno, it has stats similar to the Thunderfire Cannon. When we house-rule a Tyranid Spawn Pit entrance, we do something similar and give them a Toughness value and Wounds instead of AV and Hull Points.

      • Haighus

        It makes a lot more sense for Tyranids though, because they are actually alive. This thing isn’t. I think they are working towards removing AV and making buildings and vehicles into their own unit types with Toughness etc.

        • Shawn

          Agreed Haighus. One of the reasons a riptide should be regulated to walker, instead of being a monstrous creature, as the same for the GK’s Dreadknight.

  • Old zogwort

    Jup it is fed blood so this has to be a monster.

  • Nyyppä

    Ok, in single CAD or similar, how do you get this and, let’s say any other fortifications at all?

    • Haighus

      I am almost certain it will be available in a Fortifications network in the upcoming Planetary Onslaught supplement. Probably with something like 1-3 Haemotrope reactors, 1-5 Promethium pipelines, 1-3 Void Shield generators and 0-1 Plasma Obliterators in a single network. “Plasma node” or something.

      • Bayne MacGregor

        And if they re-release the obliterator (especially if they recut it to make it better to assemble and hook up to the promethium pipes) i’ll buy an obliterator and field that.

      • Nyyppä

        Possible. Dumb as hell but then again this is GW we are talking about.

  • georgelabour

    So a unit of skitarii with 3 plasma calivers..

    that’s 9 blast markers and they won’t get hot if taken in a war convocation.

    Though the downside is that you’d need to place the reactor close to the enemy or be content with using that unit as back field objective holder for most of a game.

    • petrow84

      Yeah, but it works vica versa. If an outflanking RW command squad with 5-6 TL Plasma talon will park up beside your reactor, your troops will be in for a surprise for sure…

      • georgelabour

        They’d have to end up within 2 inches of the reactor though.

  • Raven Jax

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re telling me that if I buy all of GW’s other Imperium terrain pieces I’ll get a huge boost? Shocking.

  • Dexter Kingsford

    So….if Tau and Kroot pulse weaponry was defined as Plasma weaponry with that whole Ulumeathi Plasma Syphon incident, does that mean that we’ll have fire warrior squads pumping out 10 S 5 blasts?

    • Djbz

      I’m sure GW undid that silliness.
      And where you getting 10 from?
      A fire warrior unit can fire waaaay more shots than that

      • Dexter Kingsford

        From 30″ was the unmentioned part. yeah, 20 within in RF range

      • Haighus

        Unfortunately they changed the FAQ to a ‘hard’ plasma ruling yes. The device made much more sense when it was ruled to affect all weapons that were described as using plasma in their fluff. Was actually worth the points marginally too, an Inquisitor so equipped could disrupt a Tau line quite well.

    • Matthew LeBlanc

      Or combin with ete and fire boss and get 40 shoots with blast at rapid fire range.

    • Andreas Noche

      You ignored the “as per the rulebook” part, didn´t you?

  • Matthew LeBlanc

    Fun fact. Tau pulse rifles are plasma weapons.

    • Perversor

      and so are eldar star and suncanons.. Funny times indeed

    • adamharry

      Not according to page 177 of the BRB…it’s in the article.

  • pokemastercube .

    if anyone is playing with these againt a tau army, be careful, they will want to get any battlesuit with a plasma rifle near enough to get the blast shot and laught moreat not having gets hot on them.

    hopeing in planatary assault there is a combined network of these, pipes and the plasma turret/void shield

    • Drannen

      What about the y’vahra’s phased plasma flamer? Helstorm template?

      • pokemastercube .

        as i have a tau army as use the y’vahra i wish, but rules mention nothing of flame templates sadly

  • Talos2

    It’s ability to reroll void shield generators is maybe its best effect imo

  • am1t

    So where do I get a Plasma Obliterator from then?

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Good question. They were limited edition and notoriously hard to assemble. I’m hoping for a fixed re-release.

  • Experiment26

    Is everyone ignoring how much fun are going to have with these, you know with no overheat or anything.

  • mike

    So I know it’s a stretch, but the faq for plasma siphon makes tau pulse rifles plasma?

  • Largie

    Sooooo….. if a riptide with an ion accelerator shot a mob of ork boys behind this, just in the shooting phase:
    Roll gets hot
    Roll scatter
    Roll to wound
    Roll to save
    Any 6’s roll again to see if it blows up
    Roll d6 hits against the unit
    Roll to wound
    Roll to save
    Roll for leadership
    *leadership failed
    Roll on mob chart
    Roll for d6 hits from mob chart
    Roll to wound
    Roll to save

    13 rolls just to kill some orks from 1 shot

    • ILikeToColourRed

      so; 4 rolls for shooting, 4 for the terrain, 1 for leadership. and 4 for being an ork

      seems consistent at least

  • Gian Carlo Peirce

    Tau plasma rifles with no gets hot for the win.

  • joetwocrows

    So, stealing from the (Dark) Eldar and getting it wrong. Sounds like the Imperium.