Blood Bowl: Launch Products Announced


Blood Bowl Fans get ready for a busy weekend – GW has a list of products to kick off the new release.

OK,  catching up – we have the initial product launch date of NOVEMBER 12:

via Games Workshop (Blood Bowl Facebook)


Here’s the launch products from GW:

“Following yesterday’s announcement of the pre-order date, we’re starting to see some details of what exactly the fans can look forward to ordering this Saturday.


The core game – unboxed here:


bb-launch-2 deathzone-toc

Deathzone: the first supplement arrives at launch (and here’s a peek at the Table of Contents)

bb-launch-3 bb-launch-4

Skaven and those wicked green warpstone dice.

That’s not all Fanatasy Football Fans – The Blood Bowl team also has a few extra teasers for the upcoming Skaven Team to show off:

With a natural disregard for all rules, an underhanded backstabbing nature and a murderous cunning, Skaven are right at home on the Blood Bowl pitch, and are always a fan-favourite to see.

– Jim


Also SpikeyBits is reporting that the retail price for the game will be $100.

Dakka’s Guru reports the following prices:

Blood Bowl Boxed Set: 85€ 
Death Zone Season 1 gaming supplement: 20€ 
Skaven Team (12 Players): 25€ 
Skaven Dice (Set of 10 Dice): 9€


~ The kickoff begins…

  • Ghaniman

    Wait, you need a supplement to get the rules for Leagues? Skills are optional rules? Wtf is going on?

    • IngenuityGap

      Optional League Rules Page 29

      Skills Page 30

      Two different entries.

      • Ghaniman

        Way to miss the point.
        You require the box set for the rules to play the game, but other half of the game, aka League play, Skills, Tournaments etc is an additional supplement that doesn’t come with the main rules.

        The existing rules for Blood Bowl are all in one 54 page PDF. That’s how to play, leagues, skills, teams the whole thing.

        So for GW to pull this additional charge, DLC like bullshittery for a tabletop miniatures game is cheeky as F***

        • IngenuityGap

          ¯_(ツ)_/¯ You mean GW puts different rules in different books in order to get you to buy more? I am shocked. Shocked, I say.

          Look, don’t be pissy because I pointed out Skills and Optional Rules were different categories. You still get to be mad about the “DLC like bullshittery”

          • Ghaniman

            Well you’re special. Did I say a thing about you pointing out they are in fact different sections?

          • IngenuityGap

            Yes. That would be why you posted about me missing the point.

            I find it funny you are raging about this without having seen the rules in the base set. Maybe skills are in there and these are extra skills for this expansion.

            More fun to be outraged, though.

          • IngenuityGap

            Aw, and you feel the need to edit after I reply. Classy.

          • LordRao

            Everyone remembers that this was the case with the first edition of BB as well, right? You know, the one we all know and love. It was even called the same, Deadzone, with very comparable content.

          • Ghaniman

            I was editing it as you replied. I realized I had commented on it before you posted, I just wasn’t quick enough. Anyway, its a dead point now.

        • Talos2

          One of the main reasons bloodbowl etc disappeared was the lack of after sales potential that they had. If this is going to make it work for both gw and us I think it’s something we will just have to accept.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Sweeet. Can’t wait to see the models for the Rotbringers!

  • Those are some excellent prices. 25€ for a full team? Count me in. At those prices I might buy them all.

    • kremmet

      Ehh, it’s more like 50€ for a full team as those sets only come with half the positionals you need.

  • Karru


    After seeing the content of the box from the video, I was expecting over 100€ for it. 85€ for the base game plus 25€ for the Skaven team is insane.

  • William Jameson

    Considering we received rules for using every single model/unit from the Silver Tower set in Age of Sigmar, I wonder if Blood Bowl will receive the same treatment? A fantasy sports team (and possibly cheerleaders if those models make a resurgence) waging war upon the world? Yes please ~

    • Xodis

      As cool as that would be, I dont see it happening. AoS is building a world of dread and terror, and adding this type of “comic relief” would probably destroy that.

      • William Jameson

        It may be building that up now, but I won’t soon forget the jokey legacy rules from last year when the game launched. Nothing new may have those (thank goodness) but at one time we were asked to compare beard length with our opponents. When you look at that, why not have a little harmless fun and have part of your army practice for the next big match?

        Also historically not unheard of. During World War 1 (at least in the diary year) it has been documented that soldiers brought footballs onto the battlefield to have a kick-about while advancing.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      But then we’ll have to accept a Stormcast team!

      • William Jameson

        I see no flaw in this. This would also mean we might get a Sylvaneth team.

  • Steve

    Is that really just 1 gutter runner, who runs less than 4… Admittedly that is working to the assumption rules are very similar to LRB

    Love the models and price though

    • DeCold

      The art on the box shows 2, still not enough, but much better.

    • Beorthulf Gudmundsoetir

      It will probably be 2 identical sprues of 6 models like the base game

  • Darksied

    a little disappointed that they’re doing all four elf teams in this supplement rather than going for a bit more diversity…

    • Darksied

      I am curious to see if the future supplements add the two teams originally exclusive to the video games; those being the Khorne team and the Bretonnian team.

      • Talos2

        All will depend on how well it sells I’d guess

  • NNextremNN

    Is this an American Fantasy Football thing we Europeans can’t understand or am I the only one that don’t get this Hype for Bloodbowl?

    • Nyyppä

      You are the only one.

      Greetings from a hockey centric country.

      • NNextremNN


        • Nyyppä

          Since when was Canada in Europe?

          • NNextremNN

            We have a hockey centric country in Europe ? Some Scandinavian? Enlighten me! And yes I’m serious I care very little for sports at all.

          • Nyyppä


          • NNextremNN

            Ok thx for the answer.

          • Nyyppä

            As an afterthought I think Canada is not really any different from Finland in this regard.

          • Admiral Raptor

            I can confirm that we are still totally hockey centric in Canada. Our national past time is freaking out every time there’s even the slightest possibility that we might not take home gold in an international hockey competition.

            On a related note, if someone ever makes a hockey version of bloodbowl I will actually die of excitement.

          • georgelabour


            There was also a football version, and an animated series that actually managed to run its full story arc before concluding. The latter was a rare occurence for 90s era cartoons.

          • Admiral Raptor

            Yes! I remember this! It wasn’t NHL 93-94 level quality, but it was still super fun 😀

            I think I may have seen the show as a kid a couple times. I might have to go on a binge watch when I get home tonight 😛

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            Some folks are trying to revive MLH. Really hope the can do it!

          • Xodis

            Dont feel too bad, Canadians always win the Stanley Cup, they just do it with an American paycheck sometimes lol

          • Admiral Raptor

            You’ve hit on our other past time: Complaining about Canadian based teams not winning the cup :P. I’m a leaf fan, so I’m just hoping I’ll see a cup win some time in my life span.

          • Xodis

            I’m in Texas so when our Stars won the cup I swear someone made a deal with the devil lol. Then again we had Ed Belfour, one of the greatest Canadian goalies so its like having a ringer lol

          • Admiral Raptor

            Eddie was great! He actually ended up with the leafs for a season or two a while after that and was pretty solid. I was in buffalo for a game recently, and I can tell you that the sabres fans still haven’t forgotten the Brett Hull foot in crease cup winner 😉

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            You’re immortal? 🙂

      • Xodis

        As a Hockey fan in a American Football world, I would TOTALLY be down for a Hockey styled Bloodbowl!

        • Nyyppä

          Hear hear!

    • Grasshopper

      I’m hyped because i know they will never do a Fantasy “Soccer” game (or as I call it “Fantasy Actual Football”) and Bloodbowl is the nearest thing we will ever get.

      • NNextremNN

        Then it must be because I don’t care about sports in general.

        • Theik

          I care nothing for sports, still hyped for bloodbowl. It is not a sport game, it is a strategy game with sport flavor.

          • NNextremNN

            But they are playing fetch when they could actually go out and kill each other. (I know they do anyway.)

      • SonoftheMountain

        if you’re looking for a tabletop soccer game the closest thing I’ve found is Guildball

        • Grasshopper

          Okay, i’ll check it out.

  • Maus

    Has there been any mention of the human & orc teams being available separately? I just want them to paint them.

  • Interesting that the designs for the boxes and rulebooks don’t include the GW logo anywhere; I wonder if they’re going to try to sell this via other channels/retailers and want to distance the product from their core line-up?

    • Severius_Tolluck

      It’s Labeled under specialist range of Forgeworld! So I am sure it will have citadel or GW somewhere, but yes I think they are selling it kind of it’s own thing.

  • benn grimm

    I spy Dark elves… yes please! 🙂

  • Adam Murray

    I guess wood elves are still easy mode

    • Admiral Raptor

      We have had very different experiences with Wood Elves :P. Winning is easy, living is harder.

      • Rob van der Velden

        Wood Elf play: Yay, I have won with 3-0! I lost 4 team-mates tho 😛

  • Ghaniman

    All the research I did since originally posting, points at the rules being exactly as the current BB Competition Rules set that’s available on the net for free. GW is repackaging rules that you can get for free and charging you multiple times.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the new Orc minis, pitches etc. But if the rules are 100% the same GW is being seriously cheeky by dribbling them out.

    Just an FYI. Didn’t know Deadzone was an expac from the original game. Was late to the game.

    • Horus84cmd

      So your pissed because your research on a unreleased product and subsequent assumptions about said unrelased product were wrong. Not quite seeing you how that anyone fault but your own.

      • Ghaniman

        Where am I wrong? I wasn’t making grossly wild assumptions.
        The image above from the Death Zone contents, and this link and all the other stuff I’ve seen; dice, throw rulers, unit cards, how to play vids, drill card PDFs etc. all point to the game being exactly the same as the version you can currently get for free.

        GW is re-releasing the exact same core rules and league rules separately, and then drip feeding team rules which you can already get as they remake the models.

        It simply comes down to why would I pay GW multiple times for something I already have.

      • Ghaniman

        Well my long winded reply to you was removed.

        Gist of it was, GW is just re-releasing the BB Comp rules you can still get legitimately free online, and the charging you multiple times to have it dripped fed to you.

        I was never wrong in what I said.

  • Kritarion

    No Lizardmen in the rules? But why?

    • dave long island

      Yeah! Where are the Lizard-tards??

    • Admiral Raptor

      Give it time. This is only the first release 🙂

  • James DeGrey

    No Chaos Team (Warriors/Beastmen). I thought they were pretty standard, not even rules for them?

    • Admiral Raptor

      They’ll come. Someone has to combine Block, Claw, and Mighty blow to absolutely wreck elven teams.

  • dave long island

    Too many damned Elf teams. Wood, High, Dark… But I’m excited about this release!! Hopefully we don’t have to paint any pink on them every October… lol

    • Admiral Raptor

      It’s the same as it was back in the day. They all play differently enough. I’m going to likely base my team colours off existing NFL teams, but I think I’ll skip the October pink 😛

  • dave long island

    The NFL fixes games!!! 🙂 Seriously, it does.

  • Admiral Raptor

    I am so happy about all of this! Well priced, good looking miniatures, and (hopefully) the same great rules! Way to go GW!

  • Xodis

    Wow, I was thinking of not getting this since my group doesn’t have too much interest….but at this price point I’m going to anyways!!! lol

    • Admiral Raptor

      You can show them how awesome it is. None of my friends are nearly as excited as I am, so my plan is to force them to play it until they love it. Whether they want to or not…

      • Xodis

        Yeah, I think that’s the approach I’m going to take too lol

  • Havik110

    Where are lizardmen rules?

    • Admiral Raptor

      Probably in an upcoming season expansion. I doubt they would ignore them completely. I’ll be looking forward to running my old Lustria Croakers team when they’re released.

  • I don’t see the goblin team listed. 🙁

    It’s the only team I own. Don’t really want to get a new team. 🙁

  • JPMcMillen

    Would it be safe to assume that the Elven Union Team is the generic elf team they had back in 2nd edition before they split them into high/wood/dark. Because I still have my metal team with 25+ years ago.