BtGoA: New Boromite Brood Mother

Pre-order the largest Gates of Antares model to date!

Terrify your foes on the tabletop with the newest addition to Boromite forces: the Matronite Brood Mother. It’s the first large creature to be added to the game – the model has a lot of detail, and packs some heavy duty firepower. Take a look…


Boromite Brood Mother – £75.00

via Warlord:

The Brood Mother – or Matronite to give the creature its proper name – is the largest and most extraordinary Lavan species of them all. Yet it begins life as a hatchling quite indistinguishable from its siblings, and it is only its extraordinary capacity for growth than comes to mark it out as a species of a vast and different kind.

These creatures are an extreme physical morph that evolved to live with in the Borom asteriod belt. With the ability to survive in harsher environments they make a perfect platform for heavy weapons, carving out fighting compartments within the beast’s stony hide to carry men and weapons. Normally a placid and gentle creature, suitably powerful neural implants are used to goad the Brood Mother into a savage killer.


More Weaponry!

The Brood Mother is a Humongous Beast unit and the crew’s role is simply to operate any weapons and direct the creature by means of neural implants much as if it were a vehicle. The stats are a mix of its crew’s abilities (Acc, Init and Co) and those of the creature itself. Full details can be found in Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook on page 188.



Humongous Beast Unit
Points Value: 258

Special: A force can only include a single Brood Mother

Unit: Brood Mother Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
1 x Matronite Brood Mother with 4 mag light support 5 5 10 15 7 9
0 x Lavamite Hatchling Swarms 5 7 7 7 7 5

Special Rules

MOD2: The Brood Mother is a multiple ­order dice unit with 2 order dice.

1 Attack SV4: In hand­-to-­hand fighting a Brood Mother makes one attack with a strike value (SV) of 4.

Slow: The Brood Mother is slow with a M of 2.5”.

Large: A Brood Mother is large. Yes, I know it is rather obvious, but it needs to be said none the less!


502412001-boromite-brood-mother-e 502412001-boromite-brood-mother-c




  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I saw this from one of their preview pictures when they first made the model. It looks so amazing painted! OMG!

  • Kritarion

    That sure is a busy looking model. A bot too much for my taste, but great concept.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I don’t see the busy-ness. Its a normal Lavamite (scaled up to gargantuan size) with guns and armor.

    • Skeksis

      Agreed. It’s a bit too Dino Riders for me. Lose all the bolted on crap and you’d be on to something.

      • Andrew

        Wait, looking like Dino Riders is a problem? 😉

  • John Robert Hurley

    Have not played this game though have some passing interest … but this model does absolutely nothing for me. Not dynamic, really busy, and the color scheme is pretty bland.

    • Frank Krifka

      its looks like a sack of walnuts holding a railgun.

    • Zethnar

      There’s not even a single skull on it. What were they thinking?!

  • Parthis

    Fear the Gun Potato.