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wzatl-art-picWarzone: Atlanta is behind us and now it’s time to look towards next year. We talk about grand tournaments and more.

Hey all,

Two Finishing Moves segments in this episode!   We start the show with a Finishing Moves segment about script and scroll work on miniatures.  It is no where near as hard as it looks.  Please let us know if you try it. The first time may be a little crazy looking but it just takes practice.  If there are any finishing moves that you would like to hear about please let us know.

In part of the WZ: ATL recap we talk a bit about what made the event so successful.  It is in no small part due to our sponsors.  We will continue to talk about them and how that these sorts of things would not be possible and would not be as fun as they are – without the sponsors.   Please check out Sabol Designs and their Army Transports – the original army storage solutions.  I personally use these bags as well.

After the success of our event we’ve gotten a lot of questions and attention about the format.  If you are curious and haven’t checked it out yet please have a look in the Resource section of the Warzone: Atlanta website.


There are a lot of folks that think that No Holds Barred 40k is the end of all civility and wholesomeness.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The reason that people travel to events – any event – is to have a good time and to just be around people who feel the same way about the game as they do.  This is true for 99% of the people that you will encounter at things like these.  If you are hesitant to take the plunge, I hope these episodes help give you the last nudge you need.

The Finishing Moves segment is sponsored by Their Industrial Terrain set is great and they offer a product that is pre-painted. This, combined with their mats, is a great way to get playing with professional looking game boards fast.

The second Finishing Moves segment is all about painting for points.  A lot of the good tournament painting rubrics are objective in their scoring.  Meaning that they are not just ‘in the eye of the beholder’ to make sure you get all the points you can.  Painting points are some of the only points at an event that you can completely control.  We give a bit of advice on how to walk down the checklist of the events you plan to attend.




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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Paul Murphy – Host

Justin Troop – troopsmash
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Adam Abramowicz – Beyond the Brush Studios
Andrew Whittaker


OK, how to you assemble your Land Raider sponsons – forward or back?

  • I used to hit four or five GTs a year.

    I’m not really into traveling for tournaments anymore. Mainly because I’m no longer a tournament player and that doesn’t really do anything for me. Largely because I am not interested in chasing the meta.

    The armies I like tend to not be competitive and I’m not willing to chase the meta and play armies i don’t like just so I can have a good game.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I want to go to the LVO next year to play in the Bolt Action or Horus Heresy events.

    I don’t think I would travel out of state to play normal 40k. The game just is not balanced correctly for it to be worth it (outside of a fun event).

    Conversely, I probably wouldn’t go to a Warmahordes tourney because it would be too serious/balls-to-the-wall.

  • rtheom

    I don’t think it’s that people feel tournament play is the end of all civility. It’s more that we wish people would recognize the difference between casual play and tournament play and keep the two separate.

    I have no interest in participating in tournaments and have no desire to put the time into what’s needed to be competitive in them, but I couldn’t care less if others want to do that, as long as they’re having fun. Just don’t bring your graved out wraithknight list to my local hobby shop unless you have set up ahead of time that you’re trying to play tourney style/practicing for a tourney, in which case I will gladly bow out and let you play against another player that wants the same.

    The trouble comes when people claim they’re playing “casual” or “fluff” when they’re not. They’re min-maxing and think that “fluff” means “my grav space marines like these wraith knights because they’re buddies from a long time ago so it’s fluffy.”

    • That and Special character turning up to ever single game!

      • euansmith

        Tigurius, “Dudes, please, give me a break! I can’t turn up for every freakin’ bar fight you throw!”

        • NovaeVox

          Cassius: Hey! Where are you lot going?
          Tigurius: To the pub; watch the game.
          Cassius: Let me get my Crozius!
          Tigurius: –It’s kind of a Librarius thing… Besides ‘Nids never show up anymore.
          Cassius: You’ll be sorry if a flyra–
          Tigurius: We’ll be fine.

    • Walter Vining

      yet thunderwollf spam space wolf armies are not only fluffy, but competitive. as are eldar jet bike sam haim armies (even if you only include on WK). you can be both fluffy AND competitive at the same time. you also don’t need to “chase the meta” to be competitive. Sometimes a curve ball can throw even the highest level player for a loop. I took broadsides against someone who travels for all of the majors and he had no idea how they worked (I played that game poorly and lost)
      its not the list, its the player DRIVING that list. if you don’t know what you are doing you going to lose.

      • rtheom

        Yup… You just be sure to let me know what list you’re running before we play and I will gladly tell you to find another opponent. We will both be happy. 🙂

        • Walter Vining

          or I could just tell you that im playing space wolves or eldar, and know that when you say you wont play is that you have this preconceived image of how these armies are always built.