FFG: Holiday Sales Returns – Up to 90% OFF!


FFG just unveiled their annual Holiday Sale. There are INSANE discounts on stuff from the Grimdark, to Middle Earth, and more! GO FAST!

via FFG:

Happy Holidays, gamers! It’s that time of year again, when Fantasy Flight Games offers our consumers fantastic deals on some classic favorites during the Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale!

You can celebrate the holidays right by picking out a new favorite from among the hundreds of products featured on this year’s Holiday Sale. Whether you’re looking for a present for friends and family or just picking out an extra stocking stuffer for yourself, our 2016 Holiday Sale is the perfect place to complete your shopping with a single order. The sale begins at 12:00 P.M. CST on November 16th and lasts until November 28th, but many of the hottest items will sell out quickly, so be sure to head to our webstore and pick out your favorite games as soon as possible.

FFG Holiday Sale Store


Hmm, I’m seeing CRAZY discounts on anything GW related – like $59.99 40K RPG books going for $5.00!  Get the deals while you can.


~ Whatd’ya get? Whatd’ya get? Whatd’ya get?

  • Adrian

    Shame this is US only, and there isn’t a EU or UK options!

    • Norsed

      FFG will post to the EU and UK. It’s just that the shipping cost is absolutely horrendous 🙁

      • Adrian

        And you get charged VAT/Import duties….

        Which is my point, no EU or UK options to purchase in country at the cheaper price.

        Maybe the prices will drop at other vendors over here. One can hope!

        • Norsed

          VAT and import I’d already factored in. But they wanted $189 to ship one boardgame and a few books. I wouldn’t count on it I’m afraid!

  • georgelabour

    Pay attention to anything that’s getting a heavy discount.

    With FFG that’s usually a sign they’ll be dropping support for it within the next few months. Even if they’re still promising future releases and content.

    Of course they already did that with the warhammer stuff but it’s still a good rule of thumb.

  • zeno666

    FFG sure want to get rid of those GW related books.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Dream crushing c**ts absolutely disgusted. Quoted $120 dollars in shipping.

    • Norsed

      I got quoted $189 shipping and noped the funk out of there.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Zomg! lol.. if you play conquest now is the time to get what you are missing!

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Shipping kind of kills this unless you buy a bunch of stuff. :

  • Artyom Trityak

    Want to get some Dark heresy / arkham books but for 5$ books shipping is over 15$ :

  • frankelee

    I already bought everything I wanted last year. I’ll just have to wait till more games fail.

    • Richard Mitchell

      Well some of the games really didn’t…fail…someone just revoked their license with FFG because of…X-W….reasons.

      • georgelabour

        Actually they were pulling their support of certain games long before the announcement was made.

        Last year when they began offering 90% off on certain PDFs was a clue they were planning to do yet another grab and drop like they’ve done repeatedly in the past.

        And it’s not even anything new either. They’ve done it so often that anytime they have a ‘sale’ it’s a safe bet they’ll be dropping a product line within a few months.

  • Alpharius

    Don’t care about any of that garbage, discount the ships!

  • Admiral Raptor

    Loaded up a cart. Turns out the shipping charges were 150% higher than the price of the items. No thanks FFG.

  • Crevab

    Thanks, I got a bunch of Black Crusade, Death Watch and Dark Heresy books.